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Project CARS vs. F1 2012 vs. Reality – Video

AdrianF1 has put together a very cool comparison video, showing off Formula One at Monza in two current titles.

AdrianF1 has put together a very cool comparison video, showing off Formula One at Monza in two current titles.

The video features real footage from the Italian Grand Pirx at Monza that is paired up with footage from F1 2012 and Project CARS.

While the F1 2012 footage uses the exact same car as in the video, Project CARS features the Formula A that is inspired by a 2011-spec Formula One car.

  • The Dark

    I dont like to say it but “Yaawn”. How many of these do we need to see?

  • Anonymous

    pcars car sounds needs serious help, too 80’s Atari

  • Mike Cantwell

    F1 2012 look quite close to the real track. CARS has too tall trees and other errors.

  • GT_Dave

    worth remembring that project cars is still in very early beta stage.

    track scenery is been updated/improved all the time, by the time it gets to final build the trackside scenery will almost certainly be closer to reality. the tracks that have been in the game the longest & have been finished all look very close to reality already, its the newer tracks that are off as there not finished yet.

    regardless to me its handling/physics which matter & how the overall driving experience is & pcars is very good in this area & still been improved. the recent tyre model update was a big step forwards.

    • hoodge1

      Trees are all wrong tho. Many of their tracks are wrong in background scenery and rumble strips. Example? Laguna and RD America. Rumble strips are flat not round at Mugello.

      • Sparky245

        Keep in mind they don’t have licences for many of these tracks. They change the details as well as the names. They’re just trees at the end of the day 🙂

      • hoodge1

        They will have everything licensed towards the end. Still no reason to go off course and recreate new scenery and add wrong rumble strip modelling. Thats where iRacing shines. Track design. Imean these guys did GTR2’s tracks and they were accurate

      • Kendra Jacobs

        IRacing has by farrr the most accurate tracks. Their cars also seem to get alot of attention in terms of each ones design, phsyics etc etc.

        That shows even more proof of how messed up their physics model is and how OVERRATED IRacing is, when the most accurate tracks in “supposedly” very accurate cars, are getting lapped like 6 seconds faster in the sim than in real life.

        Thats right not 2 or 3 seconds, but 6.

        They cant blame the track, cause they are so well done, they cant blame the cars design as they are all very detailed in terms of physics, dimensions, and alllll sorts of data.

        So if the cars are super detailed with tons of accurate data, and the tracks are almost perfect (in terms of physical layout, who knows how close, or not close the grip coefficient and characteristics of the surface actually are). Then you have only one thing left to blame, the core physics model itself.

      • hoodge1

        Is that why we dont see Dale erhnhart JR anymore much in the nascar series (actually PERIOD), cause him as a famous professional Nascar driver couldn’t compete barely and win any races against the iR aliens? Or why Gregger Huttu failed at coming even close to his Star Mazda series iR times in the real car?


    • Kendra Jacobs

      Very good? Lets get real here (no pun intended). Definetely improved, yes, but generally not very good still, unless your definition of very good means around, or slightly better in some ways than Forza 4/GranTurismo. I still play tons of RFactor 1 mods that destroy PCars (Im talking about pure driving point of view, not graphics or features or whatever). PCars is going to be an awesome game/game to sim converter, and definetely have even better physics when it comes out in a year or year and a half. Having said that, if you consider its current physics as already very good, than you must literally have an actual orgasm everytime you play Game Stock Car 2012, Netkar Pro, or RFactor 2.

      • hoodge1

        All those SIMS you listed are the ones iRacing needs to hire to do their physics and tyre models for. Know what their answer would be to iR’s offer? “No thanks.”

  • hoodge1

    Personally F1 2012 looks and sounds far more accurate with the real car and track. Sounds too. Cars Hair dryer sounds are way off. Anyone got some hair gel?

  • Kendra Jacobs

    PCars looks horrendous in that vid. The entire picture is just one big vaseline smudge of blur. WTF?? I know they up the blur to hide aliasing and other graphics anomolies in video games nowadays, but Jesus Christ, thats just going way overboard.

  • Anonymous

    I think these comparrison videos are starting to strike a nerve with some people and while I think some of the comments may be a little picky. I agree that maybe we have seen enough of these. Because the comments seem to suggest that they are not helping matters

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Ya they are stupid and dont tell you anything. They do give off the impression that the video maker is implying that a certain game is extremely life like, when neither are even close, besides in graphics, which any game company can do these days if they wanted to.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    F1 2012 looks and sounds better imo, and pCARS really need to work on the sounds.