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Project CARS vs Assetto Cora – Video Comparison

AdrianF1ESP has posted an interesting new comparison, pairing up the two-most discussed sim racing titles at the moment.

AdrianF1ESP has posted an interesting new comparison, pairing up the two-most discussed sim racing titles at the moment.

The video shows a lap around Silverstone in both Project CARS and Assetto Corsa, using the Pagani Zonda R.

Which sim does it better, the upcoming multi-platform racing title or the PC-based modding simulation? Watch below and decide for yourself!

  • HardRock

    Both of them look amazing. I much prefer the audio in pCARS though. Not necessarily because of how the car sounds, but due to how the positional audio provides different sounds from different camera angles.

    • Marcio

      +1 but remember! AC will remake all audio from the company that makes the sound for forza 5, driveclub ( FMod). I hope that will bring a new level to AC.

      • joso

        Sure it will

      • HardRock

        Cool, didn’t know that as I wasn’t following AC’s development too closely. I’m looking forward to it.

      • melanieuk1

        And don’t forget the graphics upgrade AC will be getting, I own AC but sure will be purchasing Pcars as well, these two racing simulators are just pure progression for the pc sim racing market, why should it only be console racing games that lead the way, I have high hopes for Kunos and SMS.
        They both look & sound awesome in the video comparison.

      • Bakkster

        FMod doesn’t really ‘make’ the audio for those other titles, it’s just a sound mixing engine. A very good one, but its results are only as good as the sound engineer designing them.

        iRacing tried to rewrite their audio code for FMOD, but they ended up abandoning it because it wasn’t really meant to be added late in the process. So it had performance issues and they scrapped it in favor of revamping their internal engine.

  • joso

    This video again(excluding sound) show nothing what really matters in sim title. Is it feel believable? Is experience laggy? FFB? How car react with car setup changes, is this believable? The feel of the car when is on the edge, feel of car weight and weight transfer, braking, procedural over/understeering, the ability to rescue oversteering car in natural and believable way. Will physics “collapse” within driver strange move and so on. AC win in almost every important aspect, of course in my opinion.

    • HardRock

      And how would you present these in video format in a way that would be believable? For most of these you’d have to try the sim for yourself.

      • joso

        Exactly. What bothers me in these videos is, they not show even a half a picture, what really matters and unintentional represent video and audio as most important aspect. This is very true because there is very big amount of people arguing about this two aspects, rather than play and be honest to theyself.

      • HardRock

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with videos like this. I feel that graphics and sounds were ignored for a really long time in hardcore sims and I’m really glad that’s not the case anymore (definitely not in the case of AC and pCARS). Are these the most important part of a sim? Probably not, but they still matter a lot (at least to me) and I like seeing comparisons like this. As long as people realize that they can’t show off every (or even most) aspects of a sim I think they can serve a useful purpose.

    • todemanjack

      In my opinion pCars wins the handling. AC falls apart when trying to drive over the edge. I posted this video on AC forum to show how oversteer cannot realistically be corrected in AC. At the request of the community, pCar devs worked long and hard to make it happen. Getting rid of Lazy Slide Syndrome. A condition that plagues all other Sims. It’s a very important part of driving. Because if while cornering, your car spins out every time you take a corner a little to fast. You can’t push the limits. And that’s what makes racing fun in RL!

    • BackMarker

      Agreed! I predict AC will have slightly more realistic physics over pCARS. I will still buy pCARS.

  • Mark Quigley

    Just like boobs, you need to get a hold of them before you can tell how real they are 😀

    • HardRock

      The only difference is that people don’t debate the awesomeness of different boobs, unlike the qualities of sims. Or maybe I’m visiting the wrong forums. 🙂

    • Marco Hooghuis

      There are many ways to tell wether boobs are fake 😉

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Is the gravel “sticky” in PCars?

  • robxb

    PCars is way better looking and sounding in the exterior shots.. They’re both pretty solid looking on the interior though. I’ve never driven this car IRL (obviously), but I wonder which interior sounds best.. In AC you hear the turbo’s whine much more.

    • kkacper

      Just a little correction, this V12 is naturally aspirated, the whine you’re hearing is actually the horrendously loud straight cut gearbox you find on race cars. You can also hear it in the M3 GT2. It seems to be a common thing for BMWs though to have it worse than anyone though, especially in their M3 cars. I’ve seen a few videos of onboards of E46 GT cars etc. and it always has a whine which is deafening and ear piercing!

  • Kabonfaiba

    I think AC needs pCars’ external sounds and pCars’ needs AC’s internal sounds. Shame they can’t work together on this ^_^

  • Trux

    AC runs great for me 70 – 90fps but I can’t get more than 20fps in pCars even by reducing settings for some reason 🙁

    • todemanjack

      I was trying to race AI on AC last night. That 95% occupancy warning kept coming on, and the frame rate kept dropping from 60+ to the teens. When that happened. Do you know what causes that? Seems like AC doesn’t properly utilize multiple core cpus. Some background program switches on for a few seconds and hinders AC.

  • Steve Shears

    AC is so like NFS Shift. Oh hang on.

    • HardRock

      Great point, you almost convinced me.

  • Justin Schmidt

    theres a curb missing @29sec in pcars

    • The Dark

      or one extra in ac

      • HardRock

        Nah, that curb is definitely there on the real track.

      • Deatroy

        laserscanned lel.

  • blastx

    AC graphics are similar to GT. Simple FX’s and yet good looking enviroments and cars.

    pCars is full of FX stuff. Enviroments dont look that good as in AC. But the cars shading is amazing in replay mode. I think even better than Forza. The rain is also sweet!

    But after watching Drive Club weather…man SMS have some serious work to do!

    • Deatroy

      Drive Club doesnt have a heavy physic’s calculation.
      They can put all effort into graphics, not into realistic handling.
      Same goes with console racers ala forza and gt.