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Project CARS – SRT Playstation 4 First Look continues their special coverage from the E3 expo, taking a look at Project CARS on the Playstation 4. continues their special coverage from the E3 expo, taking a look at Project CARS on the Playstation 4.

Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered simulation was playable at the Sony booth, allowing the public to get hands on with the Playstation 4 version of the multi platform title.

The PS4 demo featured the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 on the laser-scanned Brands Hatch Circuit. The demo is obviously an alpha-build of Project CARS, flaws like the steering wheel movement seen in the video have already been addressed as the title moves forward to its November release.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting November 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

  • Deadlydeal

    When i play on PC game looks 3x better. Or am i wrong?

    • John Krisfalusci

      Listen, anything played with a quick enough PC will be better than console, period. No matter how fast consoles try to catch up, PC will always be one step ahead. I don’t care what people say, it’s always been this way and always will be.

      • SKID

        Yes but you need more money for making gaming PC from scratch or upgrade it than just to buy 400$ console instead only PC’s videocard.
        And you must hope that developers&publishers will want to make their game for PC & will make it properly. Your money will not help for FM5, Drive Club, GT7 possible on PC. And it’s no guarantee that GTA5 will run smoothly on most PCs.
        Best way is to have PC & consoles 🙂 On PC there are some cool exclusives too!!!

      • MrRollsRoyce 🙂

        Just read the reasons there for why PC is superior to consoles. For one thing, console games will always cost 60 bucks, while PC games pretty soon fall to 20, even 10 $/€. And then of course there is the vastly greater graphics capability (triple screens on PC, not possible on console), and MODS.

      • SKID

        You don’t have console, right?
        Console games are not always 60$, btw, there are some discounts of them periodically, but not often & not so much as on PC, yes.
        GT5&GT6 has support of triple screens.
        Mods…ok, if you like to be a beta-tester…install this pack, install that pack, play, test, fix problems, install 3rd pack, uninstall 1st pack, fix problems again. I liked that way earlier.
        Console games have more sales, more online community, more online features, they just work.
        And mainly the best games are only on consoles, not PC. But the question again is what the games do you prefer. The answer leads to which platform you chose for yourself.

      • Reapercore

        Got both myself, fortunately it seems the annoying “PC Master Race” elitists are just a very vocal minority, I guess they’re just proud they saved up enough to dump several grand into a PC and want to tell everyone, much the same way you’d tell everyone if you bought yourself an expensive new car.

        Would be interesting to see a proper sim racing game come to console though, as afaik there never have been any? (feel free to correct me)

      • SKID

        What is “proper” for you? PC racing games? Which of them? They are almost all still in development. OK, it’s your way. I prefer more ways for having fun and challenge – PC+consoles. “Proper” is in reality, games are just games. The most addictive and “proper” for me on consoles are Gran Turismo 5(6), Ferrari Challenge, Formula One Championship Edition. In some aspects some PC games are better, I feel it, but it’s not enough for me. AC and RRE are all of my hopes for PC )) other projects…boring or ever-beta-versions or non complex

      • Reapercore

        Well the main racing games I play on PC are pCars, rFactor1/2, GSCE, iRacing, RBR and RRE, with a bit of Nascar 2003 thrown in.

        I have all the Gran Turismos but I wasn’t amazed with 6, the AI is awful, only a few cars sound great and it’s still a bit simcadey (not that simcade is a bad thing).

        I’m not saying console racing games are bad, oh no, I enjoy playing them and there’s nothing wrong with arcadey racing games (looking at you here wipeout).

        I’m hoping that pCars being released on consoles isn’t going to dumb down anything for the PC release (which as it’s looking now, they haven’t).

      • SKID

        Hmm….do you prefer pCARS more than GT? For me tracks in pCARS are very inaccurate. I believe that you know about this problem because you see these tracks in other projects, where they are more similar between projects, “truth is out there”. And sliding in pCARS is everywhere, looks little similar to Shift 🙁
        GT has problems too, yes. AI is the reason that i prefer hotlapping ))

      • MrRollsRoyce

        To be sure fellows, I am not an “elitist’, to each there and those who want to play in their living rooms using consoles are welcome to.

        Of course consoles have their exclusives, just as PC has its. But I have always been a powerful-PC guy, and I love being able to use the mouse and keyboard, and the 10X CPU and GPU power my average PC has over the PS4 and Xbox One. I like my eye-candy, and in a racing sim, more realistic visuals make it, well, a more realistic simulator (all else, physics and sounds and force feedback being equal).

      • SKID

        Having more power is very good when you have things apply to such power. I like candy graphics but at 2nd side I have more big memories from PS3 games than from PCs graphic monsters Crysis, Battlefield etc.
        It’s cool to have appropriate platform for what you like!
        I could be happy to upgrade consoles for make them more powerful but it’s not possible sadly. And on PC i haven’t games for which i want more powerful PC than mine.
        PS. My brain says thanks to all of you for testing my knowledge of english language which is foreign for me )) Sorry for mistakes ))

      • MrRollsRoyce

        Well, exactly my points 🙂 Console are by nature impossible to upgrade. Also, the games that are available on console but not on PC is again by design, the console manufacturers make more money selling games (at their expensive prices) than the consoles (which are often sold at a loss). To protect their console business they try to ensure their games are not available on competing consoles or on the PC. Often a game may be available on all consoles but not on the PC. This is because the game publishers think they can also make more money from console sales, by the simple reason that console DVDs/blu-rays are more expensive than PC games.

        So its really not the PC’s fault that the console companies and publishers are greedy and want to get more money from consumers; sometimes when a game is ported to PC from console it is poorly ported with bad performance and controls. Thus we PC gamers feel like the publishers give us less importance, IN SPITE of the PC being VASTLY more powerful than consoles, upgradable, moddable games, etc, and this unfair treatment is the main reason why the pcmasterrace movement exists, and why we support developers of games such as Star Citizen and The Witcher series.

      • SKID

        Another big problems with “why not all games are ported to PC” are
        1. big fragmentation of hardware and software, each PC is almost unique, so (as marketing says) it’s hard boooring to optimize game for most PCs for little piece of money: it’s far easier to get this money from developing game just for 1-2 platforms
        2. PC’s soft piracy is everywhere! no comments needed
        So, consoles vs. PC is similar to iOS vs. Android in that aspects

      • MrRollsRoyce

        SKID, I will again refer you to read The “PC games are pirated” argument is moot, since studies have shown that whatever piracy happens DOES NOT harm the game’s sales. The pirates wouldn’t have purchased the games anyway. In an entirely different software area, operating systems, the CEO of Microsoft is on the record as stating that if pirates are pirating an OS, Microsoft is happier it is their OS rather than someone else’s.

        Check out CD Project Red and their DRM free policy. Yes their games are pirated as well, but they still make massive sales and in fact many gamers who would otherwise pirate games BUY CDPR games out of loyalty and feeling guilty for not paying the nominal amount (between $5 to $20, depending on the sale on Steam or for an awesome game developed by a company firmly supporting PC gamers.

        As for the hardware fragmentation, yes that leads to more time required to do quality assurance before releasing a game, but the actual development is not affected since all PCs run Windows and have a common API target (DirectX). As a matter of fact the development of games for the PS3 was far more difficult due to its rather unique architecture which emphasized heavy multiprocessing to get the most out of the Cell CPU.

      • SKID

        Pirating OS is good for MS because it leads to have more % on market for this OS, which leads to loyality of people.

        Football Manager dev said “only 1.74% of pirates would have bought the game if the crack didn’t exist, and that this adds up to a $3.7 million loss in net revenue”. FM2013 was pirated 10 million times, 1.74% of it is equal to 174k copies. Global sales are 1.08 million. 174k is 16% of it….Devs could get 116% of money from sales, but really got 100%.

        “actual development is not affected”…yes, but you really could not know how the game will run at your PC – may be with crashes, freezes, few fps, tearing etc; you need to experiment with graphic settings, read forums for “optimal settings”, install new GPU beta-drivers to have 1% of fps increase; you need to experiment with calibrating controllers – deadzones, linearity and sensitivity of X/Y/Z

        Battlefiled 4 sales for PS4/PC are 1.88/0.95 mil.
        CoD: Ghosts sales for PS4/PC are 2.29/0.56.
        FIFA14 – 2.07/0.29
        Watch dogs – 1.79/0.13

        PS4 sales are just 7 mil

        So, why developers must develop big games for PC and make many testings? Only for f2p Dota, Team Fortress 2 and for 50k iracers and for 1 million of Civilization 5 users?

        Why do I need to read this dull reddit-URL? I have own imho because of big experience with PC, more than with consoles ))

      • Deatroy

        I can pirate also every game on the consoles.
        OK MP wont work, but thats the same like on PC.
        Consoles Games are even earlier cracked than on PC as they got pre-released.
        Consoles have also a big market of pirates, just look on certain sites if u dont believe.

      • Patrik Marek

        GT is finished game, pCars isn’t .. so you can’t compare them on driving yet imo, and even the tracks are not all finished yet – so again, pointless to compare

        tracks that are close to be finished look very good( brands hatch, watkins glen, monza …. )

      • EZehnder

        Howdy, brother. Steam Summer Sale is on right now. Have you contributed to GabeN lately?

      • MrRollsRoyce

        No, brother, I have all the games I want(ed) to play already. In fact, I should stop buying Steam and GOG sales, I have played only 4% of the ones I have bought 🙂

        I find myself playing only RF2 and Bad Company 2 anyway; will finish The Witcher 2 ones of these days in time for The Witcher 3.

      • Reapercore

        Except a PS4 will set you back £350, and a PC capable of playing Project CARS maxed out with triple screens is near £2000.

        So far I’ve only paid £50 for one PS4 game, every other game has cost £20 or less, never more expensive than the same game on PC (boxed).

        Yes PCs are more capable but you pay a price premium, what they win on is the peripheral support (although DashMeter’s pricing is a bit steep).

      • Jos

        lol, triple screen on ps = buying 3 ps’s so thats 1050 bucks…

      • Keith Horner Jr

        “Your money will not help for FM5, Drive Club, GT7 possible on PC.”

        Those games are the reason i built a PC.

      • SKID

        Btw, Gran Turismo 5(6) is a very big project and it’s far more realistic & authentic than PC gamers think of it. As for me Assetto Corsa is comparable with GT but it’s a little project with few content and features. pCARS has very strange physics, not comparable with AC, GT or oldschool SimBin projects. pCARS is not comfortable for me…iRacing, AC, GT are far better.
        And my PC and consoles are not only for racing games, but for many genres around

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        You really miss the important advantage of a PC compared to a console. Hardware prices drop relatively fast and the performance of hardware increases wich makes the possibility of hardware upgrades the most important advantage. You will be able to buy a damn good PC for around 600 bucks wich will be performing much better than your console on the long run.

        Consoles have the higher price per performance value than PC’s. So if you want to enjoy your superior pricing for that short amount of time, go for it. On the long run you will always loose. Funny for how long console gamers had to play without basic stuff like AA, when today a gfx card for around 70 bucks gives better perfrormance (compared to last gen consoles). Not to mention all the flexibility and freedom that you sacrifice. That said, there are other factors like monthly fees for consoles that give extra costs and in general higher prices for the games, atleast at release.

        And last but not least: I only know very few people who only own a console and no PC. Most people I know own both and have the console only for their console exclusive titles. I just don’t know why you would buy Project Cars for the console, if you own a PC anyway.

        Patience is the key.

      • SKID

        That’s you really missed about me!!!

        I have own PC almost 17 years, and I’m advanced user of it, so I know advantages of PC….(and advantages of ZX-Spectrum :)) All my PCs were assembled by myself from boxed parts chosen by me, btw.
        My first console is PS3, bought it 5 years ago. And I didn’t play on PS1, PS2 (but earlier i played on friend’s SNES, Megadrive, 3DO)

        Gaming is not about counting money – losing here, discounts there… I decided to buy console just for playing very good games…even with only 720p, without AA they are better than their non-existence on PC…Having GTA5 on PS3 in 2013 is better than having it on PC in 2014…Having NHL, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Gran Turismo on PS3 is better than have nothing on PC with 1000$ GPU and triple screens…

        You compare 70$-GPU from 2014 with console hardware from 2007…”clever” move. Let’s remember which PC you needed for comfortable play at GTA4 on PC in 2008. Let’s try to play GTA4 on PC today with 70$-GPU or on 250$-PC (price of PS3 today).

        You as many here talk just about power of hardware. Counting pixels, AA, AF in Crysis or pCARS is all of what you can. Funny – let’s play in benchmarks again’n’again.
        Hardware is nothing without software!

        And I will not buy pCARS for console…and for PC too

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Quite arrogant to claim that gaming is not about counting money. If you have enough money to get most up to date hardware and consoles then good for you, so throw your money out of the window. Alot of people will try to safe a few bucks here and there and to make it efficient as possible. You came up with with the price comparison so I took you by the word. There aren’t benchmarks with price per GHz,GB etc without a reason. Only a fool would just waste his money. If that’s how you see gaming, then you haven’t learned that much in 17 years in gaming and “building” hardware, because you clearly are doing it wrong.

        And yes, I will compare that 2007 console to ever evolving PC hardware, because that is just the point, isn’t it? It is not a clever move, but simply a fact. What you get out of a PC is just more efficient on the long run.

        Comparing the console version of a game with the PC version of a game is quite senseless btw. It is not the same piece of software. Try to run PC version on the console and try how far you get, because that’s the real benchmark. Console games get dumbed down. Thatswhy you have crappy textures, crappy player counts, just crappy everything … in the long run. For a short moment you can have your fix for sure.

      • SKID

        I didn’t say that I have up to date hardware. In another comment at this thread I said that on PC i haven’t games for which i want more powerful PC than mine. And I never buy top hardware, for me it’s really wasting money. And I read hardware reviews only for make a one choice from similar products, not for choosing the best hardware. Btw, I change CPU+m/b+RAM only every 4,5-5 years, GPU – every 2-2,5 years.
        When I said above “Gaming is not about counting money” I meant that gaming is a hobby and buying games, hardware for it is normal, for saving money you must forget about hobbies. Every of us has own way – someone likes to buy 60$ games at release date for console, someone buys this game for 50$ for PC, someone buys games and hardware only some monthes or years later with discounts. It’s wrong to say that I throw my money out of the window when I buy 60$ game or 350$ videocard. If you like to play 2 years old games for 20$ only from Steam sales on PC with GPU for 70$, it’s your way, and I will not call you a fool.

        “crappy textures…crappy everything”…again about pixels and fps…mwahaha… you’re really a fool if you measure games only by graphics, animations etc. And you know that most games on PC are from past-gen consoles and they have the same textures, sounds, models etc. Having more resolution and AA on PC is really nothing…it’s just a waste of money for hardware for getting this features at big fps)) And only-PC games mainly don’t have superb graphics – they have same crappy (for you) textures, models etc. so you can save your money to not buy top hardware. As for racing games iRacing, AC, rf2 mainly look as GT5 just with AA at 1080p

        Before having console I was a PC geek mainly for gaming. I liked read many reviews, liked overclocking, benchmarking. Last some years my priorities were changed. That’s the reason of flooding here ))

        Let’s just play good games when you want it instead wasting time for counting pixels and cost of each fps, pixel, GHz, Mb

    • HardRock

      The gameplay you see in the video isn’t a direct feed, it was recorded with a camera. That said, yes, it will look better on a PC if you can run it with maxed graphics settings, although 3 times better is quite a bit of exaggeration.

    • Alan Dallas

      Here’s the Ironic part. I usually run pCARS at a mix of Medium to High settings so my frame rates stay maxed even though my rig is capable of pushing the Ultra settings.

  • Franklin Silva

    At least the IA seens not to be totally crazy, the last times I tried(months ago) it was impossibly to finish a 3 laps race with more than 2 or 3 of 10-12 IA cars.

  • Birddogg66

    A little tid bit pCARS does have some laser scanned tracks(possibly a handful) and Brands Hatch is one of those. So Darin was not off base to compare pCARS version of the track with iRacing’s.

    • Birddogg66


  • Arie Beuker, de

    One cannot race 100% with a gamepad, period. One does not have the fine control like a steeringwheel has.
    Unless one makes the stick on a gamepad longer using 3rd party options to increase “range”.
    Darin is forgiven.

    • Deatroy

      Hahaha serious. The guy who was driving on the video is really really bad.
      He is driving like he wouldnt have a analog stick, more like a digital button.
      You can drive very smooth with a gamepad, if you can setup your controller like you can with a wheel.
      The only downside is the ffb and countersteer if the rear want to spin.
      But as you dont own a controller, you cant speak about it as you havent experienced it. Period.

      • Birddogg66

        Hmmm maybe you can find a Gamepad Competition to win where the prize is a New Sim Wheel cause I agree with Arie Sim racing is meant to be done with a wheel.

      • Deatroy

        If you didnt noticed, Sir: On the consoles, atleast 70% will play with a ps4/xb1 controller when they are on the couch. Obv ALL games are played with gamepads on consoles even shooter. I could say also Shooter is meant to be done with keyboard and mouse only, but i dont.
        They wont build a driving rig with seat, wheel and pedals just to play a racing game on the console.
        and to be honest, i dont care about the prize in this video as you used it to attack me personally 🙂

        Anyway due the release on console, controller options are needed to get a smooth steering on pcars unlike in the video.

      • Arie Beuker, de

        I do own a controller and have lots of experience on consoles, hence my reply earlier 🙂
        I would not claim it if i had no hands-on experience.

      • Deatroy

        ok 😀
        Well then its ok, but its not impossible, you know it though 😉

    • Patrik Marek

      yes, if you have really good driver on wheel vs really good driver on pad, the wheel user will be faster,
      but the true is that many wheel users can’t drive as well, don’t know about race line etc. , so saying that gamepad user cannot race 100% yes, but that doesn’t mean that good gamepad driver can’t beat 50/60% of wheel users

      • Arie Beuker, de

        I use a gamepad as well every now and then, but only when i am lazy not to connect the wheel 🙂
        I agree with your reply.

    • Arie Beuker, de

      I do not hate controllers or consoles. I commented on Darin’s remark.
      I do stand by my reply about controllers and how they are best used.
      In rally sims/games the advantage of a wheel is not so evident to me, because a lot of times maximum motion is needed. It is a simple maximum left or right thing, a controller fits the bill so far there.
      But yeah, when it comes to finecontrol, a wheel/ joystick/ mouse will definately be better.
      On the consoles i did shooters at i seriously hated the aides needed to get a fix on a tango.

  • HammerX

    I’m wondering if you will be able to pit and control the car in the pit like rfactor and other older titles.

    • pez2k

      You can already switch to manual pit control with Ctrl-I, there’s just not a setting in the menus for it yet.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Wonder if the PS4/XB1 version will be any different from the PC version? The steering with a controller on a console, should be the same as on PC. But in the video of PS4 gameplay, the steering wheel doesn’t really move. Why?
    Do the PS4 version still have all the camara options like on PC?
    Is there anything ripped out of the PS4/XB1 version – or is it fully as on PC, with 900 degree in-game steering and blown tyres, 30+ camara angles etc.

    • LogiForce

      It doesn’t matter anymore as it has already been corrected. It simply was a bug/error/typo on the programming side.
      Also the way the gamepad response is being worked on right now, as the community wasn’t happy. Also to be fair, the community has focused too much on gameplay with the wheel and hardly ever picked up a controller. Even though a few forum participants due solely drive with a gamepad.

      Same camera options, etc. At least I am not aware of anything being cut from the game, other than that they lowered to the graphics to the point where they reach [email protected] fps.

  • LogiForce

    To anyone wondering who won against Darin in AI form on #5 on that leaderboard at 5:40 minutes in… it’s me. 😉

    First time I see my perk of having an AI named after me in action, and that at E3. ^_^

  • Moaimana

    Hardcore gamers can play all types of games with any control interface, on any platform. The amount of noobs in this world claiming to be some PC Master Race is staggering.


  • linkinstreet

    >PS4 game >NVIDIA ads

    • Alan Dallas

      what point are you trying to make exactly?

      • Joshua Healy

        Probably the fact that the PS4 (and Xbone for that matter) both use AMD processors… So the irony of having nVidia ads is kind of funny.

      • Alan Dallas

        nVidia is an SMS partner as well as Panasonic, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. Of course they’re going to have advertisements ingame. pCARS graphics engine is GPU neutral btw, we don’t use the “The way it’s meant to played” splash slogan because of that very reason.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Can anyone tell me if Project Cars, have the same “slow steering response” as Forza Motorsport? It’s impossible to make a quick steering input in FM5, because the steering speed is so slow – is PCARS more simulation at that particular point?
    I don’t know if the word is “counter steering” but you know what I mean. In a real car you can turn from left to right in a split second – but also in PCARS?

    • HardRock

      I haven’t played FM5 yet, so I don’t know how it handles steering, but in pCARS if you turn the wheel quickly the ingame motion of the wheel will be just as quick and the car will react appropriately as well. The steering lag is negligible although some graphics settings (like V-Sync and pre-rendered frames) affect the latter.