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Project CARS – Ruf License Announced

Slightly Mad Studios have announced the newest licensing deal for their Project CARS title as four Ruf sports cars are due to be added to the simulation.

Slightly Mad Studios have announced the newest licensing deal for their Project CARS title as four Ruf sports cars are due to be added to the simulation.

Ruf is the next manufacturer in line to join Project CARS following past licensing announcements regarding Classic Team Lotus, Mitsubishi, BMW, Ford, Ginetta, Formula Gulf, Ariel, Caterham and Briggs Automotive Company.

Founded by Alois Ruf Sr. In 1939, Ruf has become one of Germany’s most prestigious manufacturers of sports cars.

Ruf uses Porsche bodies as base for their vehicles, adding their own engineering and design to create something unique, making the company a registered manufacturer instead of just a tuner of performance vehicles.

Included Cars:

1987 RUF CTR “Yellowbird”

Based on the Porsche 911 3.2, the 1987 CTR „Yellowbird“ is one of Ruf’s most iconic models.

The CTR is powered a 3.4 liter twin-turbocharged flat six engine providing 469hp. The engine uses two large turbo chargers & intercoolers and had been equipped with a new Bosch Motronic as well as an ignition setup originally designed for Porsche’s 962 Group C race car.

Thanks to extensive weight saving measures such as usage of fiberglass and aluminum, the CTR weighs just 1150 kilograms, resulting in a very impressive performance.

The two-door coupe sprints from 0-60 miles in just 3.7 seconds, topping out at speeds of no less than 211 miles per hour.

To keep the raw power under control, the CTR relies on a Brembo braking system and Dunlop Denloc tires.

2012 RUF CTR 3

20 years later, Ruf continued their famous CTR range with a new model as the third-generation CTR was unveiled in Bahrain in 2007.

Unlike its two predecessors, the CTR 3 uses a mid-engine design with a larger wheel base, providing both an excellent balance and better driving stability at high speeds.

The base ingredients have not changed from the original CTR concept though as the car is once again based on the principle of weight saving and pure power.

Uniquely-designed and using a shell made of Kevlar-carbon composite, the car weighs just around 1500 kilograms despite featuring Ruf’s famous Integrated Roll Cage for improved passenger safety.

Just like the original CTR, the CTR 3 relies on a twin-turbocharged engine as the 3.8 liter flat six provides no less than 750hp, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 2,1 kilograms per HP.

The CTR3 is equipped with sophisticated racing technology, featuring a sequential six-speed gearbox, slip differential and a sport suspension.

2012 RUF Rt 12R

The Rt 12R is based on Porsche’s 997 platform as Ruf once again cut no corners to create a stunning driving machine.

Powered by a twinturbo-charged 3.8 liter flat six engine, the RT 12R boasts 730hp of power, making it a sensible decision that the Rt 12R uses all-wheel drive even though a rear-wheel version is available on customer request.

The car features Ruf-designed bodywork for increased downforce and higher stability, including a racing-style rear wing. Ruf also added cross-drilled brakes and a self-developed suspension system.

The Rt 12R ranges among the fastest production cars in the world, sprinting from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds and topping out at a breathtaking 230+ miles per hour.

2012 RUF RGT-8

While Ruf has always extensively developed their cars to differ from Porsche’s base designs, the RGT-8 takes the company’s engineering efforts to a whole new level.

Based on the brand new Porsche 991 model, the RGT-8 will be the first Porsche 911 body car to not be powered by the traditional flat six engine.

Instead, Ruf has opted to install a self-developed 4.5 liter V8 in the back of the RGT-8, ending a long-running tradition for many Porsche enthusiasts. Buyers will have to make no compromise in terms of performance though as the V8 provides 550hp and 500 Nm of torque.

Of course, the car also features Ruf-developed bodywork and the famed Integrated Roll Cage, the RGT-8 uses ceramic brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires for traction.

The four cars will be added car by car to the development builds of Project CARS, WMD members are able to follow the development process of each car in the WMD forum and be the first in line to take the machines for a test drive.

Membership on Project CARS starts with a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior membership, for more info on pricing and benefits, please check out the WMD website.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “Ruf has become one of Germany’s most prestigious manufacturers of sports cars.” In my country that’s called a garage which modifies cars but Germans are funny anyway I can officially call myself a prestigious manufacturer of sports cars by German standards as I tune and modify my own sport cars.
    Back on topic pCARS seems to be topping any license iRacing goes after great job by SMS.

    • Timpie Claessens

      And the germans are a bit more correct than that 😛 It’s like what Alpina is to BMW.

      • Big Ron

        And Carlsson is to Mercedes

      • MatzeLoCal

        No, RUF is much more than Alpina to BMW. Although Mr. Bovensiepen get’s pretty pissed when you call Alpina a “BMW Tuner” or just a garage, in my eyes Alpina does nothing more than refine BMWs.
        Ruf on the other hand does also tuning to porsches, but as they make their own supercar (with a few porsche Parts on it), build their very own V8 for the 997 and 991 and have been the very first to build a electrical powered 911 … they do that completely independently so for me RUF ist much more than just “a garage”.

      • Timpie Claessens

        My point was more that an Alpina car has it’s own chassis nummer, it’s not an official BMW chassis nr hence they’re a seperate manufacturer. But ye, RUF does do a bit more 🙂

      • MatzeLoCal

        Maybe I’m wrong but IIRC than german law requires that. Anyway, for me Alpina does nothing else than take a stock BMW and refines that, which is nevertheless a huge amount of work…

    • Anonymous

      Well, you don’t necessarily use iRacing because you want a billion cars to choose from…

      I’m glad both will have the Rt 12R, means we can make 1:1 comparisons 😉

    • Ricoo

      Where have you seen you are prestigious? lol ,-)

  • Andrew Tiltman

    Shame Project Cars offers no kind of actual handling or force feedback experience to be able to enjoy the car… let alone any car in their current catalog, waste of money :/

    • david187

      That’s a load of crap of I’ve ever heard it. It’s not even a full game yet !!

    • Alessio

      Some cars have no feeling to them, they are not complete. Other cars though, they feel fantastic. The force feedback, the way they handle; it’s fairly realistic. Not ISI or Kunos, but still very nice to drive, especially the Caterhams.

      Really, it is a major competitor to rFactor 2, and even (I think) better than rF2-they are both in beta, but I enjoy pCars more than I do rF2..higher graphics, better FPS, larger range of cars and tracks, FFB that won’t rip the wheel off your mount and a growing number of features.
      Again, on physics terms, the game might not be ISI or Kunos but it’s definitely still got the feeling to it to make it a Sim. Much more realistic than NFS Shift2, F1 2011 and SimBin’s Race series (which are advertised as Sims).

      • Ricoo

        pPCARS have become very good but for FPS I disagree, I have a lot more with rF2…

    • hoodge1

      to bad it still a wip. your comment holds no weight..

    • C4

      Waste of money judging by sim standards. Next year it will be up against Grid 2, Formula 1 2014 and maybe Forza 5 on consoles / multiplatform. It likely won’t look much worse then the former 2.

  • Michael Mueller

    Who is this Andrew Tiltman guy. I can’t stand fanboys getting on this stuff and blindly bashing games they know nothing about. How old are you man, 12? As a member of Enduracers and long time Sim racer, I can say PCARS is incredibly good.

    Had some online races last night in the Lotus 78 Cosworth that were just awesome. This car feels brilliant now in the latest build. If they keep this up, this game could be epic.

    • Kyle Williams

      You let him have it Mike!

    • hoodge1

      Agreed…Haters like I used to be (shame on me), can now stop calling it a simcade and mentioning the Shift series now…

      I do see SMS wanting to go back to their epic sim like roots with this title more and more every build, like back in the GTL/GTR2 days. We know they have the talent to do it.

      And after trying out the new Seta tyre model that destroys the feel and grip levels of iPaying’s F1, the F1 in cars feels and drives like a champ, but still gives you the challenge of stepping out on you like in the real if you cook a curb or corner too hard… If only good ol Dave (math student) Kameer could get up to this kinda speed with his iSkating (now iPad game lol’s), iSkating would be respectable in my eyes.

      Just goes to show within 1 yr of Cars being worked on and where we are at right now, I see a ton of promise for this running alongside rF2/AC/GSC2012/ & simbins project extremely well when it comes to feel and physics. iPaying is sliding backwards.

      I remember when I got started with iRacing at the beginning of 2010, all the talk about how to get started was centered around the use of a steering wheel. Now that idea is thrown out the window with racers being able to drive with an iPad.. Wow I can see some nasty accidents happening and protests pouring through the roof with people using that. Imagine iRacing going from promoting wheel use to this. That’s what I call going backwards.

      Tire model is a beta for years in process..Good thing my membership runs out in March of 2013. Another hardcore simracer saying goodbye to the hype called iSkating.

      • F1Racer

        You calling it iPaying, iSkating or other silly names is only going to atagonise iRacing fans. If you don’t like it then fine, but it’s really unecessary to post in a way that you know is going to irk those that don’t share your opinion.

      • hoodge1

        ya your right F1. Just frustrated with the direction its going. I apologize

      • F1Racer

        I know the feeling and it’s frustrating. iRacing does seem to be a pretty charged area, going by the comments in here.

        Thankfully, despite that, most people seem to be keeping it civil which I’m impressed with. Respect.

      • F1Racer

        I know the feeling and it’s frustrating. iRacing does seem to be a pretty charged area, going by the comments in here.

        Thankfully, despite that, most people seem to be keeping it civil which I’m impressed with. Respect.

      • F1Racer

        I know the feeling and it’s frustrating. iRacing does seem to be a pretty charged area, going by the comments in here.

        Thankfully, despite that, most people seem to be keeping it civil which I’m impressed with. Respect.

      • hoodge1

        You can tell tho that Im still an iR fan. But no sim is perfect. So im a straight forward individual. I give praise where praise is due and I can be critical also. I still enjoy iR in the end. I own them all for the passion of the hobby.

      • Eric Zehnder

        May I also add Rethuglicans, Tea Baggers, Dumbocrats, Myth Robme and Paul Lyin, Comrad Obama, etc.

        #politics 🙁

      • F1Racer

        No you may not !

  • Markus Ott

    I can’t hear all the haters anymore over the sound of how awesome pCARS licenses are.
    On a serious note it’s only a shame they didn’t license the RUF RGT RR of 2007, a real race car. Would have been a blast to take it around the Nordschleife, just like the real one once did.

    • hoodge1

      Cause Cars IS truly moving forward. And its a lesson for all of us not to put the final stamp of our predictions on any WIP project till towards the end. That goes for all the prophets calling down rF2’s doom as well. In the end, having to eat crow cause you were to quick to bury the hatchet on a sim can taste bad.
      I was one of those hatchet guys on Cars. Never again.

  • Michael Müller
  • hoodge1

    Great news.. Makes me laugh tho how prestigious a manufacturer like Porsche will cater to their cars being represented in Borza Motorsports, and NOW the new 911 is in a virtual Burnout Paradise game called NFS The wanted, but Kick ass software such as Cars, iRacing, AC, and rF2, they won’t even consider’s…So we get Ruf.. No complaints there.. Actually Ruf is a modified Porsche so oh well.

    I guess when it comes to the huge money pockets MS and EA have, money talks. Still would be nice to be able to license the Porsche GT Cup car series for these sims tho… We’ll see what the modders can do before Automaniax steps in to quash it..

  • Robert Every

    Interesting to note this after the Porsche story a few months ago, as everyone knows this is just a way to have Porsches in the game anyway! Wonder what they all make of it?

    • Anonymous

      Fortuately there wont be any problems with Porsche suing because: ” RUF installs many of their own-made parts instead of simply badge engineering, the company is recognized as a manufacturer by the German government. ” It is an actual manufacturer, unlike for example AMG which is still Mercedes, RUF is not a Porsche.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      It’s not really just a way to have “Porsche in the game” IMO, these cars have way too much power for their own good, don’t get me wrong, I love that they do, but.. it’s just a way to get the “Porsche silhouette” in the game. For me there is a big difference, it’s not really the same. Porsche and their partners have nothing to worry about I don’t think personally.

  • Roger

    It will be AWESOME to have these stunning road cars in pCars!!

    The RGT-8 is one of the ultimate drivers cars ever made! 550hp flat crank naturally aspirated 9k RPM V8 rear/mid mounted in a 991 RWD chassie, awesome!

    pCars has now started to transform from very rough physics and handling to in some cars very drivable and enjoyable, in combination with the always and ever improving visuals this will be THE sim to beat in 2013! (this is comming from a hard critic of the pCars handling just a few weeks ago!)

    Before you complain about pCars handling in the latest builds, try this:
    1. Start pCars with new seta tire model (“pcars.exe -seta”)
    2. Car: BMW Z4 GT3 (Zonda R is also very good)
    3. Track: Your favorite, I love Nordschleife (Eifelwand) at 06.00 AM sunny weather to see the sunrise
    4. Get surprised and impressed! 😀

    Cant wait until they have implemented the seta model as the new standard to all cars and tires!! It makes a HUGE difference to the car handling!