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Project CARS – Rain Ripples Preview Video

Another new feature is being added to Project CARS dynamic weather engine as a new preview shows.

Slighlty Mad Studios have released a new little preview video on Project CARS’ official Facebook page, showing off yet another feature that is being added to the title’s dynamic weather engine.

The video below shows a new rain ripples effect in action, further improving the title’s dynamic weather feature.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting November 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

  • Jovica Ilic


  • Christopher Trees

    Waits for John Krisfalusci to say the rain is terrible and that, that “free” drive club “launch” game for ps4 has better rain.

    “Free” regarding you still have to buy it, or pay for ps plus so not exactly free.
    “Launch” because almost one year on and it still isn’t ready.

    • John Krisfalusci

      Wow… just wow. I am actually impressed. I am very, VERY impressed.

      But just one thing, I don’t want to spoil the good fun here but now showcase this rain while in motion and get those ‘streaking’ effect going on and I’ll keep my mouth shut for good! =)

      • Guest

        Okay. Here…latest build as of writing.

      • David Hughes

        The ripples video is impressive. This one isn’t though.

      • John Krisfalusci

        This isn’t bad at all. But there’s something about DriveClub’s weather effects system that makes it seem ‘much more real’ than this. I don’t know if it’s the real time weather updates, or the lush background graphics, or the way the reflection of the sky is visible through streamline rain puddles as you drive along the mountainside, or maybe just the tracks themselves with more ‘clutter’ if that makes any sense.

        Now, physics wise I don’t know, I’m sure Project Cars have that down more than the ‘arcade-y’ DriveClub and keep in mind I’m not bashing Project Cars at this point, in fact I will always love PC over Console, it’s just I’ve never been so moved by a footage like that before. Maybe things will change as things move from Alpha to Beta to Final.

      • HardRock

        I agree, DriveClub looks absolutely gorgeous. However, it’s worth noting that it runs at 30 FPS in order to achieve that.

  • Mark Quigley

    Being an expert (Scottish) Yep, that looks like rain.

  • Ghoults

    Yay another ad for pcars.

    • HardRock

      I’m curious, what’s the difference between advertisement and news reporting in your opinion?

    • Chris Wright

      You know what, if I was as unhappy with Virtual R’s editorial policy as you appear to be I wouldn’t bother reading it.

      How on earth is this an advert?

      • F1Racer

        Comments like Ghoults are at an end now. Enough’s enough. They’ll just get deleted now as it’s blatant trolling.

      • vrasuk

        good to hear. i hope you will be able to clean up this mess. at least i’m looking forward to it.

      • F1Racer

        No worries.

  • Nicolas Grignon


  • dd101

    These guys got a perfect taste (and work hard to please it).

  • MVV

    its Russians pilots!!!

  • Roy Rki

    What’s more impressive is the MOCAPed pit crew characters posted on FB. Unreal stuff from SMS…

  • Lachlan Salter

    I don’t mean to be offensive, but I can’t see what the difference is, what am I supposed to look at?

    • RangaTanga

      As a showcase for dynamic weather the video projects it rather poorly, I am to perplexed by the video since it doesn’t have a clear statement.
      No grief over the graphics/game, just that the video seems a bit vague in terms of it’s supposed context. If it were ripples on the windscreen of the car it would make more sense.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        look at the floor guys

      • EZehnder

        LOL. Indeed, it’s showing realistic looking rain drops. A before/after video would have been a bit better, even for someone who’s played the game often like myself.

      • HardRock

        IIRC previously there were no ripples at all, it’s as simple as that. 🙂

      • EZehnder

        I’m sure that’s what it is as well. I’m saying as far as demo vids go, especially for people who don’t have the game, showing what it was like a few builds ago vs. now would be helpful.

      • HardRock

        Right, definitely no arguments there.

      • Chris Wright


      • ModernTimes2

        Uhm… The video is called “ripplels” and the article is titled “Rain Ripples Preview Video”. How could it be much clearer? :-))

  • wajdi nujeidat

    Looks really great. Visually Pcars is so damn good.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Just as people start talking about “beautiful rain in DriveClub” – SMS response like this! AWESOME! Great job!

    • Steve Shears

      Its gotta be said, as of the current build Driveclub looks amazing. Nothing else touches it.

  • JorgeDeeeeeaz

    I wish the raindrops on my GoPro lense would disappear as magically as they do in pCars. Unfortunatly they stick to the lense like glue, even at 4kph 🙂

    • vrasuk

      just try driving 200kph, like in that video. maybe you’ll feel the “magic” then…

      • JorgeDeeeeeaz

        Late reply, but maybe at 200 they would disappear, however, they would “run” over the lense, not magically leave existence 😉

  • Danny Oliveira

    This sim is looking so good. 🙂

  • Birddogg66

    It’s a good thing SMS Rain looks more real than this money!

    • kahel grahf

      Not much worse than Euros to me…

  • Steve Shears
    • EZehnder

      That video doesn’t say what settings were used. Demo vids are always at Ultra for everything in a fairly beefy rig.

      • Jos

        looks pretty meh.

      • Birddogg66

        As compared to what? Real Life?

      • Jos

        yes, lol, but i think youtube compression is blurring my vision.

      • Steve Shears

        1080p, MSAA, 8xAS. Everything on High apart from Cars (Ultra FWIW). Grass and other visual shiz turned off. Theres still time for more to be done.

    • Shaddix

      on the windshield its not so impressive. There is nearly no rain and the wiper seems to be useless like this. When you chose other views, its looking definitely better to me.

      • Guest

        1080p, MSAA, 8xAS. Everything on High apart from Cars (Ultra FWIW).

      • Steve Shears

        Not as useless as the lights at night. Which is pretty much like real life in heavy rain.

  • Professional Operator

    Cool but the rain would clean the dirty from the car. 🙂

    • Petros Dialektakis

      If that were true, I would never have to wash my car 😉

  • Roger Wallentin

    The stationary view with the P1 looks absolutely stunning, but when driving (see video with Z4 below) it does not look nearly as good.

    Havent tried pCars for a month or so, I’ll give it another go tonight!

    Any specific car and track I should try that is particularly good in the latest build?

    • HardRock

      For cars I recommend that you visit the “Physics Releases” sticky thread in the physics sub-forum. In the first post there you’ll find a link to the physics tracker that documents the current progress of all cars.

      • Roger Wallentin

        Great stuff, thanks for the tip! Will check and give it a go now!

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    During the night driving in the clip, with the headlights on it makes the the road look a lot direr than what it actually is.

    Surely the headlights should be reflecting off the surface water on the track when it’s dark.

  • Adrian Herrera

    To those complaining that this doesn’t look real enough. THIS is what my first racing game looked like. I learned to drive by playing this game, I am grateful for how far we’ve come and I wish kids would appreciate how mind blowing today’s graphics are.

    • Mario Strada

      Good for you. Some of us are so spoiled sometimes. If my 15yo self could have been put in a modern driving or flying simulator I probably would have had a heart attack right there and then from pure amazement.

      You would have needed the jaws of life to get me out of that cockpit.

      Now instead we complain that this car doesn’t drive exactly like the RL version and that the raindrops don’t move realistically.

      Back in the late 70’s if I had Simbin’s GTR2 I would have worshipped it like a deity and given it burnt offerings twice a day. And I was an atheist even back then.

      • RichardHessels

        In the 70’s you would have needed the combined force of all computers in the world just to be able to render pCARS in about 5 FPS.

      • Mario Strada

        Well, yes, but the time machine to bring pCARS there would have been even more unlikely.

  • Silvio

    no… iRacing’s rain looks better

    • Nicolas Grignon


  • Roger Wallentin

    For those like me who havent driven pCars for about a month or more you really need to give it another go now!

    For the first time since i signed up for the alpha/beta 2 years ago I had a solid and enjoyable couple of hours where each car I drove feelt solid and realistic. It does not feel like the “highest fidelity hardcore physics” but not far from it very and enjoyable as a “sim”. Visuals as we know are great and sounds are comming along well to.

    I was especially impressed by the race cars, RUF RGT-8 GT3 feelt very much like i would expect the real car to do and very different from the road car version.

    Test recommendation:
    1. Set “Camera” & “World Movement” = 100 (otherwise the camera does not follow the car)
    2. Select time 18.00 for some nice shadows and sun effects
    3. Track (SPA new or classic, Nordschleife, Bathurst etc)
    4. Car (GT Ford Capri, BMW 1M, Ariel 300, BMW M1, Ruf RGT-8 and GT3)

    I had a blast, need to try some more cars and tracks now! 🙂

    • The Dark

      i would like to know your setup for the RUF cars because i found them the worst cars of the ones i tried. pivoty and the rear end coming out with hardly any effort from the throttle.
      the other cars you mention are fine but the RUFs just seem to be in early stages for physics to me.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I didnt touch the setup. I think the desire to spin around comes a lot from the rear engine layout.

        I drive a Porsche 997 Turbo IRL and it does like to go a bit more sideways under turning and power than any other car I’ve driven. It requires a different driving style when it comes to managing oversteer. Once you do manage that though it is extremely fast and rewarding, but the limit is quite narrow! 🙂

      • The Dark

        i would hate to think that the real RUFs drive like the ones in pcars at this stage. i understand what youre saying but i even tried to account for this when driving it.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I will give it another go today, when I drove it yesterday I had the stupid “World Movement” thing to 0 so visual feedback from the car wasnt very good when I drove the RGT-8.

        It didnt feel all that bad too me though (especially compared to earlier builds!), if anything it felt like it understeered a lot more than my 997.

        Have you driven the RUF’s in iRacing? They have a really good implementation of various variants there and the sounds are one of the best in sim racing! Clearly better at this point than pCars from a physics perspective.

      • The Dark

        i would kill for some understeer in the RUFs 🙂
        i have not tried it in iracing because i let my membership expire a while ago and have not been interested to renew.
        also i do have world movement at 0 because i found it more realistic for the world to be still and the car move than the other way around.
        but yes you said then the cameras dont follow the car. you must mean the replays. so i am interested to put it to 100 and see if that fixes the problem.
        i dont know if I can get used to the world moving though, that doesnt seem right that the world behaviour is revolving around the car as if the car is the centre of the universe 🙂

      • HardRock

        Couple of things, first a question: do you guys drive your cars with TC in real life? If so, you should enable the real assists in-game. Not the individual assists, but the real driving aids in the gameplay options. The former options are part of the global and more uniform assist system, while the latter tries to mimic how the assists would behave in the real car, assuming it has one. Both RGT-8’s do and I believe in GT3 series drivers are allowed to use them.

        I just did a few laps at Besos GP (Catalunya) with both cars using the default setup and with the real assist they actually understeer under power and oversteer while you’re braking. Not something I like but maybe this is the behavior you guys are looking for.

        Also, regardless of how the cars behave with the default setup I’m sure you can set them up to suit you. One setup will never satisfy everyone anyway. 🙂

        Finally, the default setup for the RUFs may be very different in iRacing, which could explain most of the differences between the two sims.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I drive with all aids off, both IRL and in sims. That is the only way to really feel the chassie balance.

        That said some cars will be faster with properly tuned aids, but I enjoy driving more without them.

        I think the key differences between pCars and iRacing is in the tire and physics models. On a high level the behavior is quite similar now between iRacing and pCars RUF. That said its not the same car, iRacing has the actual 997 GT3 with flat six and pCars has the RUF tuned v8. But they both have similar spec, geometry, weight and weight distribution.

      • The Dark

        i am driving also with all aids off in game and my car does not have TC but it is FWD and not RWD.

      • The Dark

        it turns out the I did have world movement on 100% after all.
        also i tried the RUF cars again today and the oversteer i had before was gone. i dont know what was different to before unless i had some setting wrong on my wheel maybe.
        the ctr RUF was just a bit sensitive to throttle and i found it a bit wavey in a straight line. the other one was ok after all.

      • Roger Wallentin

        The “World Movement” setting is really a make or break for the feel of the cars!

        I also turned the “G force” effects on the camera to 0 so the camera reacts 100% in line with the actual car movements without any “padding”, for me it made a huge difference in visual feedback.

        The McLaren F1 does not have a final setup yet and isnt perfect but its quite drivable and very enjoyable already as well, what a beast!! 🙂

      • The Dark

        thanks i will play with the g-force setting too.
        lately i have been trying the Mclaren P1. i dont know how advanced its physics are but i did like it.

        i did notice that it says on the P1 info that it is 500+ hp but isn’t it 720+ with 916 total with the extra 189 hp from the electric engine?

      • Roger Wallentin

        I just had a go and drove the RGT-8 (road) from full to empty tank on SPA. Apparently I set the fastest lap in this build so far with a 2.36.7 but that lap was far from clean, there are a good couple of seconds to shave from that. SPA has some really tricky courners that you can loose or gain significant time, Eu Rouge is one of them.

        I think the balance between under and oversteer as well as transition on braking etc is quite realistic, even with the default setup. You need to be carefull with braking and turning hard and especially in chikanes to minimize the pendelum effect. I feel like the power oversteer is quite realistic and if you minimize chassie movement and use smooth steering input and throttle its very managable. If you dont it will spinn out quickly 🙂

        I think there are still improvements to be made but i dont feel that there is a single significant flaw at the moment in the way the car behaves that makes it unrealistic. If anything the default brake bias seams to be a bit too much forwards as the front wheels locks up early under hard braking.

        The physics status indicates both chassis, geometry and setup as release candidate and I would not object to that.

        I am driving in “PRO” mode with all aids turned off

    • James Robertson

      I hadn’t played Project Cars in a few weeks and was shocked (in a good way) at their progress when I loaded it up last night. The latest updates are immense both graphically and physics wise. Some cars are better than others though, really enjoying the Lotus 98T

  • RichardHessels

    I like pCars a lot more lately.. only i find their UI really awful.