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Project CARS – Oulton Park Reality Check

DigiProst has made another one of his stunning Project CARS reality check comparison videos, taking a close look at Oulton Park.

DigiProst has made another one of his stunning Project CARS reality check comparison videos.

This time, he tackles Oulton Park as we get to see the BAC Mono on the British track, both in real life and in Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming WMD-powered title.

Oulton Park is one of Project CARS’ laser-scanned circuits for even more accuracy, an extra effort that pays off pretty well as you can see below.

Earlier reality check videos from DigiProst featured Brands Hatch & the Nürburgring Nordschleife, click here & here to check them out.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting November 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

  • Jovica Ilic

    Spot on!

  • Richard Tough

    Looks very impressive. The camera in the RL video has bad “jello” effect from insufficient dampening on the camera mount, which makes it look more bumpy than it actually is. Very impressed with how well the author got the weather/light conditions matched up.

    • todemanjack

      Looks like Digipost has the “world view movement” slider set to zero.

  • Marcos Sanz

    In 1:39 there is something like a Caterham that doesn’t appear in the project cars version, except from this (and maybe too much trees), looks absolutely perfect

    • Roy Rki

      Same on this vid. Only cars on track set apart otherwise the same vids

      • LogiForce

        And Nords is the one purely based on community effort of getting A LOT of reference material, and a very detailed eye and many comments to get all the details right.

        Sure some things might be off, but if there is one track that’s forever changing than it’s Nords. So getting every thing right… to what year/month/day/hour exactly? One moment the armcos are perfect on a stretch and the next track moment a driver is taking too much risk slams his precious car into the armco… leaving his mark on the track for a long time. Niki Lauda knows how it goes!
        So let’s face it… this track is a pain to get absolutely 100% accurate to a video, and impossible to do so with multiple real life videos. So hats off to everyone from SMS and WMD to get it this close with the resources they had.

  • TT1

    The PCars is more real than the real life :O

  • Blatant Abuse

    That looks pretty good. If the real video weren’t next to the pcars video, I might have mistake the pcars video for a real video!

  • uufoo

    Both cars reach the finish line at the same time, which obviously means that PCARS is the most advanced and complex simulator ever created. Even if this car isn’t finished, this is possibly more accurate than real life.

    SMS calculate dynamical elements that no other commercial racing game physics engine simulates right now. No modding team could possibly comprehend the complexity of this simulation. Which is good too, because those modding teams have only ever taken income from the license holders and nothing more.

    • pez2k

      Is this the point where someone starts a pointless argument about rF2 or iRacing or AC or something?

    • Francesco Kasta


    • Roger Wallentin

      Clearly more accurately simulated than real life!

    • F1Racer

      Both cars reaching the finish line at the same time can be due to video time manipulation. You do that to more accurately sync the video the the real life footage.

  • RichardHessels

    Did anyone notice the helmet is completely different?

  • Roger Wallentin

    I think this is the closest match between real video and any drivable software i have seen!

  • Markus Ott

    The gras in the real life version looks pretty much washed out and unsharp. There is also nothing to see in the mirrors, which let’s me guess the real life driver needs to upgrade his specs to run his version in full details.
    Unfortunately the intro to the video features some fancy sparks and smoke which makes everything very simcade.

  • Me

    Good Gawd, I thought you guys were kidding…the pCars version does look more “real” and more alive than the real life version! Very impressive!

    • Jaimy Mewe

      How does it look more “alive”? Head barely moves, camera is very static, and also the car itself seems more nervous irl then the one in pCARS.Overall it looks very good, but way too static to be anywhere close to “alive” imo.

      • ModernTimes2

        As Richard Tough point out below, there’s a dangling Jello Cam in the RL video, something that’ll make a lamp post seem like a lively disco dancer 🙂 The camera in the sim video is indeed static with a completely rigid mounting, and no jello cam. Those factors makes it look skewed. As for the degree of nervousness, that depends on so many factors, like the setup, the track condictions, the driver, the tyres etc.. The Mono in the game is quite lively.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Man, that is pretty impressive again.
    For a lay person this is tricky to interpretate at first.

  • Guest

    The pCARS tracks are laser scanned? looks extremely accurate.

    • ModernTimes2

      pCARS has 4 laser scanned tracks so far, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park. So this is one of the scanned ones.
      The rest of the tracks are very good too. BTW.

    • ModernTimes2

      pCARS has 4 laser scanned tracks so far, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park. So this is one of the scanned ones.
      The rest of the tracks are very good too. BTW.


        Love how it’s British tracks, sometimes these little gems don’t get a look in when it comes to sims.

      • ModernTimes2

        Yeah, I tend to love British tracks. There’s just something about them – don’t know exactly what… some organic quirkiness or something, perhaps, a bit like British hi-fi 🙂 (I’m not British, BTW) With those 4 tracks down it’s time to start dreaming of a scan of Donington, my all time favourite and simulation “home track”.

      • LukeMaple

        Maybe I am biased but I do love our quirky little tracks. They aren’t perfect but I think thats what makes them so good, they are usually very bumpy, hilly and a touch too narrow but it just makes them fun!

      • me67567

        For laser scanned track they have trees/ skyline silhouette very inaccurate . It spoils an impression a lot.

      • ModernTimes2

        It’s a WIP. Still a bit to go before this track is finished.

      • Almacca

        There seems to be a lot of ignorance about what laser scanning actually entails.

        All you get from a laser scan is a point cloud of a certain resolution at certain distances. You still need an artist to take that data and place the polygons over it. The track surface itself gets modeled to the highest possible fidelity, but even that won’t use every point as a vertice of a polygon.

        Everything else gets modeled with the minimum possible polygons by basically tracing over the point cloud. Trees will be assets from their library placed roughly where they show in the point cloud. Anything beyond a certain distance of the track will probably not be picked up in the scan at all, and the skyline definitely won’t.

        Laser scanning is not a matter of pointing a machine at a landscape and having it spit out a perfectly modeled representation. It’s survey data, nothing more. It merely replicates the same thing you do with a theodolite, except with far greater speed and accuracy.

  • Mario Strada

    I love this track, but I am disappointed pCARS has not made the “no chicanes” version available. It would be easy to add and it is a blast for the older cars.
    iRacing’s version is possibly my favorite track for the Lotus(s), Radical and any of the lower powered cars.
    The pCARS version is awesome but I’d love to be able to drive it without chicanes.

  • Skytrill

    Before pressing the play button I though real-life was on left. Love the details like pieces of turf missing in tight corners and old kerbs missing paints, makes the whole thing looking much more immersive. It’s also nice to see a comparison footage with exactly the same FOV.

  • Guy Moulton

    Wow, hard to tell which one is real…..

  • LukeMaple

    looks fantastic but clearly the car is more of a handful in real life! tbh i can’t think of a sim that you can recover getting that crossed up in! bad setup maybe?

    • Christopher Trees

      Ever play LFS?

      • LukeMaple

        actually yeah, LFS was my favourite sim for ages! thinking of it you could go pretty sideways in that! still love the feel of that one actually if only they expanded the content!

      • Christopher Trees

        As it’s an extremely small team that created it, lack of content is no surprise… Get mods for it instead

      • LukeMaple

        tbh when i looked in the past there were only really graphical mods about and certainly no new circuits which is what it lacks most! f you know of any I would appreciate links! thanks

  • LukeMaple

    can anyone recommend a good graphics card for under £200 capable of delivering these kind of visuals? My 5850 has had its day for modern sims!

    • Alan Dallas

      See if you can locate a GTX660Ti, I run PCARS on one with settings on high. Looks and performs well. Might find a used one for much less than a new one on eBay.

  • uufoo

    Just found the source video, this is actually heavily edited.

    • ModernTimes2


      BTW, that’s Oliver Webb driving – BAC test driver and pCARS handling consultant. He’s giving input on the pCARS BAC Mono.