Project CARS Now Available On Xbox Live Gold

There’s good news for sim racers with a Xbox Live Gold membership as Project CARS is now available for free.

Members of Xbox Live Gold can now access the WMD-powered title for free, Project CARS will stay available to be played for no additional charge until March 16, giving members a full month to explore the title’s features.

  • Bakkster

    Of note, this isn’t a free month trial. It’s a month where the price for XBL Gold subscribers can purchase it for free. As long as you grab it now, you can play it for free as long as you have your XBox Live account.

    • Leynad

      Just was typing the same message and even after an interruption of the membership it should be available when renewing it.

  • StuartBecktell

    Might want to change the article, this isn’t accurate at all. As has been said, people have the ability to buy Project Cars for free, it is not just available to play for the next month.

  • Steven Shears

    Oh the ironing. Damn “pure sim” website and bloody Master Race thinking they know everything and that them and their games are perfect. On the console websites its been reported properly. 😉

  • Patrik Marek

    that’s a cool skin on that Aston!

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