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Project CARS – Nordschleife Reality Check Video

iTubeDevon has put together a very interesting reality check video, pairing up a real life video with Project CARS.

iTubeDevon has put together a very interesting reality check video, pairing up a real life video with Project CARS.

The video shows a lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the Renault Megane RS both in real-life and the simulation.

Despite the fact that the Nordschleife in pCARS (like everything else) is still very much in pre-alpha stage, the track already matches up rather well with the real-life counterpart.

  • Everett Martell J

    I just had to comment. This is just amazing on what these guys can do with their graphics engine. You ave to double look sometime s to verify it is a game. Hope the physics side is good though.

    • Dave Smith

      The physics are quite good already as tire models are evolving quickly. FFB is a bit lacking but that will be focused on once the tire models are sorted.

  • Me

    Wow. Lookin’ great.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    I think pCars is cearly in beta now. This is not how alpha version of a product looks like.

    • Anonymous

      By definition, a Beta product is when everything is feature complete and they’re doing bug fixing and polishing. As this isn’t feature complete it’s still Alpha (though not Pre-Alpha as they continue to say).

      • Tomas Beha

        Source on Alpha vs. Beta definition ? 😛

      • Anonymous
      • Tomas Beha

        Exactly, so those definitions are ‘by definition’ rendered useless – modern software products are often undergoing continuous progress, therefore neither alpha, beta of final as such…

      • Anonymous

        Where you are in a software development lifecycle is extremely important in terms of hiring and firing talent/contractors, when to start displaying content to the world/sponsors/investors, when to start demos or beta periods, how testing flows, etc.

        There is grey area but it’s definitely not rendered useless.

  • Markus Ott

    They have too look for the unnatural head shaking frequency and there is less steering wheel movement going on in reality. Make the car more planted to be real or change the default setup. Track surface looks a little bit to clean atm for the Nordschleife.
    Nevertheless quality as usual from SMS.

  • matador

    real life is more bumpy. game needs work on surface

    • Anonymous

      Since that video was uploaded there have been around 20 changes just on the track surface regarding bumps and such. More depending on what build that was taken on. It gets better every week.

  • Leigh Ferguson

    That was mesmerizing. More Please!

  • Levi McIntyre

    Way too much grip in Project Cars, not much fun. Like trying to drive every car with traction control and stability control which cannot be switched off. Would love the game if