Project CARS – Nordschleife Reality Check Video

DigiProst has put together another Project CARS reality check video, tackling the mother load this time: The Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Real-life footage has been taken from Marc Basseng’s record run in the Pagani Zonda R, the Project CARS footage shows the very same car in the simulation. Keep in mind that the Nordschleife trace in Project CARS is still very much in development.

Membership  at Project CARS starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, for more info on pricing and benefits of membership please check out the WMD website.

  • Márcio Oliveira

    rip that to rFactor 2 lol

  • Márcio Oliveira

    rip that to rFactor 2 lol

    • Ricoo

      I support strongly rFactor2, but promoting piracy is not the way to go.

      • Márcio Oliveira

        it was a joke >>>lol<<< and I don't see how that's promoting

  • Eric Zehnder

    Looking forward to seeing the same with Assetto Corsa. Hope that tech preview gets released soon!

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that Assetto Corsa is going to be the bench mark for all the other games and sims , especially when it comes to raw car handling.

      I’m sure all the other sims will be good and a progression from before but I just get the impression that AC is going to be one of those once in a decade type games.

      Mind you I think Pcars might set the benchmark for cross platform driving games and likely be a game that draws more people into sim-racing than any other title.

      • Eric Zehnder

        May be, we’ll just have to buy them all and see. Ditto Project CARS introducing your GT5/Forza crowd to the next level.

      • Anonymous

        And don’t forget the Burnout paradise crowd, has Tudor said. 🙂

      • Eric Zehnder

        I started on completely arcade games then moved to your middle of the road types, early Colin McRae, Dirt 1, then gave RBR a try but didn’t have the talent for it, F1 2010, rFactor, pCARS, iRacing, netKar Pro.

        Pretty much everyone starts on an arcade game at some point. I never cared for sims at first because they were so crappy in comparison to properly made games like a Codemasters product.

        Eventually I started to enjoy the driving experience more and more in sims and less in arcade games but always yearned for a game that could marry the two.

        Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and RRRE are all trying to do the same things – bring sims up to level (fun factor, presentation, game modes) of games that people like Codemasters offer but with proper physics. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Well I started with Test Drive 5 before going on to Nascar Thunder 2003 and 2004 the 04 version was really good and still one of the best oval track sims you can get your hands on though a tad dated. I had very much fun with Toca RD 3 (my first codemasters title) but would not consider it Sim. What really got me going to where I am now were GT Legends and GTR2 and I would say they were very proper as is the old EA ISI F1 series of titles or even Crammonds GP series. Yes everyone has their own tastes and some may restrict themselves to one game at a time. Me I like many titles and am openminded of their differences. Yes there are some I like better than others but have gotten enjoyment out of about 97% of them there are only a few I really cared nothing about

      • punkfest2000

        I started with Intellivision’s Auto Racing. Tried it at a friend’s house and got the console the next day.

      • Anonymous

        Nice! I used to play the crap out of that game. …paddles were quite the challenge.

      • punkfest2000

        It was a sim ahead of it’s time. I preferred the Red car, which was a reasonable balance of top speed vs cornering. You could actually drift around the corners with enough speed. Here’s some nostalgia for you:

      • Alan Dallas

        Thats the beauty of Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and RRRE, they will all be able to be configured as a strait up hard core sim or you can adjust it to the Simcade side of things if you want.
        Yup, Options area good thing. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        What I think is good that for the most part these titles won’t butt heads too much on release dates. I wish all of them succcessful sales numbers

    • Howard Motz

      Many of these studios have been been working on their physics for years. I read somewhere that A.C. was dumbing their physics down from the previous game. Anyone else read that?

      • Anonymous

        They are not “dumbing down the physics” they have an improved tire model and physics model from NKP they even use the physics in professional simulators.

        All they have done is expand on the assist options for drivers that are new. instead of having bland assists ( like what are available in RF1 and RF2 , Race 07 ) they are implementing a more dynamic and subtle assist system to ease new drivers in.

        You can turn all the assists off if you want to.

      • Howard Motz

        tomato, toma’to.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I hope Pcars tone down the saturation of the colours in later builds or have it as an option.

    That’s not based on this video but from playing Pcars.

    Obviously the real world recording in this video looks dull but that’s due to the limitations of contrast in video recording technology. However its still the case that in real life things are more muted than Pcars ( and many other games) present them as.

    I understand that the whole HDR high saturation high contrast vibrant colours look is appealing to the console market and a large market in general, but over time it just looks cheep like a Photoshop lens flair. Personally I think being more subtle gives the game a far more mature feel.

    There is the issue of everyone using different display technologies and screens set-ups differently. However I’m sure an in-game option that users can set would be a fantastic addition to the game.

    I seem to remember there being some post processing options in the menus as it is but nothing that lets you set the colours up just right.

    Many people probably would not know what to set so it would probably be best if there was a specific setting called “real view” or something.

    • Anonymous

      You can try turning off colorcube PP in the F1 menue for a bit less contrast and less saturated colors.

    • Anonymous

      Decided to try pCARS again yesterday. Same old story, graphics in cockpit view are not mind blowing like the hype suggests, nowhere near. Not sure what the fuss is about with it’s graphics at all, and they sure are over-saturated, too.

      Didn’t play for long so won’t comment on the handling this time, but needless to say it was an uninspiring experience.

    • sargentjack86

      I think we have learned by now that SMS do not do subtle. 🙂 Personally I do not like the graphics at all and I like the uninspiring gameplay even less.
      Sure the modelling and textures are nice but it looks inherently like a computer game not like real life. Way too overdone with the shinyness and saturation of evreything.
      I’ll take the RF 2 or Assetto Corsa approach anyday. ie. more realistic looking.

    • Eric Zehnder

      It’s very easy to turn off visual effects as you see fit. As far as realism goes, you should see the depth of discussion on lighting for each region of the world. The community is going a bit mental about making sure lighting, clouds, shadows, and the like are all as realistic as possible.

      I know we’re all used to netKar Pro and iRacing’s version of the world but it’s not generally very realistic. Flat textures and lighting are the current generation. Assetto Corsa, RRRE, and Project CARS have all stepped up the lighting and texture game but are now being called “console” or “arcade” for it. Seems odd.

      • Anonymous

        You missed out rfactor 2 there. It has dynamic lighting, weather, and track conditions (rubber, puddles, etc), and in cockpit view on triple screens it’s stunning to look at, to me it’s the best looking on triples with low FOV. Just wish the cockpits were as good as pCARS, can’t fault those.

      • Anonymous

        The general look of Pcars as it is right now is more in-lines with “hyper real” show off how shiny things are look, rather than graphical “realism”.

        Though the engine certainly has the technology to do ether final look , hence why I think they should just have an option so different players can chose the look they like.

        In the end the visual style is up to the developer and I think the “hyper real” thing will certainly appeal more to the console market. Just look how people react to HDR Tone mapped photographs, most people think of them as looking “amazing” when often times they just look cheep and over processed to people that look at allot or make allot of images.

        The same can be said about BF3 the lighting technology in that game is insane. But because of the colour processing, contrast and end look they have gone for the game makes me feel stick when I play it.

        Allot if not most players though like it as it gives them that hyper cinematic feel to the game, as I said just give players the choice games are not films and user have different displays and different preferences. That is why I always loved pc gaming you get to match the game up to how you want to play it 🙂

        Also this is the sort of thing a developer can do once the rest of the game is made so there is no rush.

  • Mike

    Every time I see that shaky air-conditioning, I’m torn between a laughter and a whole bit of sadness.

    • furiousgibbon

      yeah I wonder if they’re going to do anything more with the Zonda. The aircon vents were supposed to be fixed ages ago, and I bloody hope they fix the problem where the tach needle is still visible when the steering wheel is hidden. Drives me nuts seeing this phantom needle swinging around. Yes, I reported it on the forums but it seems only 1% of actual issue reports make it through to someone who cares.

      I played a bit of 306 on the weekend and it feels really good, but I’m still waiting for TrackIR support! Also some slower cars that aren’t the Caterham Classic would be good, can’t wait for some of the road cars like the Focus ST. Nordschleife looks great, the progress so far has been excellent.

      • Eric Zehnder

        Do you really think they care about fixing a tach needle or air con vents at this stage in the game? Those are all late Beta issues. They’ll be fixed, don’t worry.


      • pez2k .

        The art team are concentrating on getting more Fords and BMWs into the game as a first export before going back and doing a bugfixing pass on existing cars. There have been a couple of passes in the past where lots of art issues have been sorted in one go, so your report will have been noted, it’s just not top priority yet.

      • Anonymous

        Animation effects like this are magnified by the YouTube encoding process. Ingame, they are scarcely noticeable. Even when they are, the effect is subtle yet convincing, responding to bumps in the road and such.

      • punkfest2000

        For sure it will be fixed. It’s unfair to say they don’t care. It’s just about as low a priority as you can get.

    • Anonymous

      Pete peeve of mine :-))

      It’s not even shaking; it’s swaying. Seen on mirrors too. Of course none of that happens in real life. It ruins the general visual splendor, and hurts suspension of disbelief :p

      That said, as other have commented, it will be fixed in time.

  • Chima Madujibeya

    Track looks pretty accurate. Maybe someone else knows why the steering is totally different compared to the real version?

    • Anonymous

      The steering wheel mismatch is mostly issue with replay mode. On actual live gameplay the wheel matches to your input (excluding minor shake) if you calibrated the wheel properly. Of course not final functionality here.

      • Attila Kiss

        The lack of steering angle but even more so.. the lack of any kind of handling is evident once again.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if you refer only to the steering wheel, but there’s also some kind of filtering on the replay wheel, so it doesn’t move very fast, didn’t make that very clear on my first post.

        As far as the handling of the car, no comment. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The pCARS driver seems to be very good then, if handling is as bad as you think… It’s getting really old, it’s a PRE-ALPHA, dude.

      • hoodge1

        Ya you nailed it bang on with the differences between how the steering wheel moves so smooth left and right, where as when you drive in realtime, the wheel does get worked. I was thinking that after I made my post above.

        Lot’s of times when I video capture with fraps, I’ll do the round in real time at 30fps.. Not as smooth, but you get the major working of the wheel effect of what your inputs really are…So true.

    • Anonymous

      We have no idea what steering lock this particular driver is using, in comparison to the RL vehicle. Setups are fully adjustable, even at this stage.

  • speed1

    For a WIP and non laserscan is now already very impressive. Good work. Keep it on.

    • Anonymous

      Moreover, I tried it last week and it was nowhere near this… They’re working very fast on top of that !
      PS: I don’t even understand how people can give you negative points for that… Kids and trolls I guess.

      • Eric Zehnder

        The downvotes are because there are people who believe laser scanning is the one true way of creating a sim despite past, beloved sims not having this technology and not detracting from the experience in any way. We now have the ability to take satellite imagery, terrain data, and race car telemetry to recreate pretty much every bump but most still stick up their nose to that approach.

        This track is the most expensive track in the world to laser scan which is why no one has done it yet – not even Polyphony Digital.

      • hoodge1

        Polyphony took around 2 years to do it.. Laser scanning is not the only way to get accuracy… I believe SMS use CAD drawing provided to get their tracks accurate just as Simbin did for all their Race 07 series.. CAD is accurate, and this track done by SMS looks very very accurate…

        Funny how all these tracks through laser scanning cannot always be the same with the harsh winters some of these tracks see… But I do think iRacings laser scanned tracks are some of the best representations out there. Even then on the other hand it is dam expensive. I can enjoy this track modded on rFactor just as much as well..

        Your satellite comment is bang on.

      • Eric Zehnder

        I’m surprised that the people who own the Nurburgring haven’t taken really good laser scans of the track and just have it ready for racing games. They could make a ton of money by just doing it once themselves and giving it out to anyone willing to pay the fee.

      • Rodrigo Pires

        They already have it. All you have to do is pay the fee.

        ISI has it for rfactor pro.

      • Anonymous

        My understanding is that they’ve done just that (through a contractor), anyone with the cash can buy the scan data. Seems the issue, like many things involving the recent Ring owners, was a VERY high fee (as in, charging the same price to F1 teams as anyone else).

      • Anonymous

        I’m curious what method using satellites can capture “pretty much every bump”. As best I can tell, the best publicly available satellite imagery only has 50cm (~20in) resolution. Are you talking GPS tracing?

      • Eric Zehnder

        Satellite imagery gets you lengths, corner profiles, positions of all manner of trackside objects, etc. They can also use available telemetry data from racing teams that can give you a lot of surface detail. Beyond that you just look to comparison videos and real life experience and you’re there. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but at a resolution of no better than a foot and a half, I wouldn’t call that a very good replica. If a racer misses an apex by that much they’ve totally bothed the corner. I think that’s why the recent interview mentioned CAD, which has me thinking engineering drawings and surveying which would be much better.

        I would say it’s a bit of a stretch that JUST satellite imagery can get you a good track copy with all the bumps. As you said, additional reference material is needed, and at that point I think it’s going to be cheaper (how many man-hours does a mobile scan cost versus for a guy to scan onboard video?) and higher quality. I think unless you can’t get physical access to the track, there isn’t much benefit to not taking advantage of the most accurate data available. You can get believable without it, but not better or ‘just as good’.

      • Adam Špaček

        The thing is, 99% simracers won’t use simracing version of Nordschleife to practice for real life races. That means 100% real life (or accurate in centimetres, if you want) replica is not needed. For online racing purposes and offline racing will be sufficient roughly accurate version… I would rather invest money into vehicle physics simulation and technical data than in laserscanning.

        But that is just my opinion 😉

      • speed1

        I really don’t know what is wrong with my post. Fact is that it is a very good work for the possibilitys they have.

      • speed1

        Really don’t know what is wrong with my post.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed. You get voted down by the horde even for stating simple one liner facts. Pay no attention to it 🙂

      • speed1

        You are right. I don’t mind. You get down votes for supporting the fact. I can only lough about.

  • Roger

    WOW, the first few seconds of the video at 480p quality I was 100% not able to tell which was real and which was in-game… Impressive visuals!!

    That camera view is excellent for replays!

  • Pepe

    how many years pre alpha will continue?

    • Alan Dallas

      I think you mean Months. Should be into Beta by next Summer.

    • Howard Motz

      You must have been thinking of RF2 and iRacing.

  • Fabrizio Pascucci

    Time 3.07 something wrong on road profile

  • Anonymous

    Note: The track’s surface does not have any bump details yet. Also, it’s in very early development stages overall.

  • wakeup suckers

    SMS is improving the Nord every week. Only people who drive at Eifelwald
    with the same car at every new weekly build can feel that. Take the
    Racer v8 and from now on try the track at every new export and you’ll
    see the differences, or stop complaining.
    Game is an alpha and there
    isn’t a single aspect of the game that you can consider definitve.
    Nothing is in its final export, absolutely nothing. Not the tracks, not
    the cars, not the GUI, not the ffb, not the damage system, not the tyre
    model, nothing. How difficult is to understand that? So, what the hell
    are you complaining at?
    Funny thing is that many of the guys who
    complain about the game are people who don’t play the game costantly and
    for this reason can’t feel the small changes in a track between the
    I can tell you, for istance, that since the last week, the
    new Eifelwald export fixed a guard-rail bug in Aremberg and make that
    same corner more bumpy compared to the previous builds. Did you noticed
    that or you were too busy thinking of the saturation of the image and
    the differences with the reality?
    Saturation and contrast of the
    image are aspects that can be easily fixed even a few months near the
    release date. Remember that the game is still in development and SMS is
    waiting to see the final version of Assetto Corsa, Raceroom and GTR3
    before putting the word final near the word export.
    Instead of complaining here why don’t you go in the WMD forum and make them some suggestions to improve the game?

  • Anonymous

    This reality check vid, is good, I’ve seen more, but this one is tempting me to invest, but I’ll do the right thing, and wait for release, and reviews, from creditable sim racers, and sim sites, keep it up SMS, we Brits need a good sim racing developer, codies are not saying anything, and the developers of live for speed, seems to have given up.

    • Eric Zehnder

      10 pounds gets you monthly releases or if you really don’t like it you can get a refund after trying it. Won’t be out for quite a while so no reason not to give it a try, IMHO.

      I think I’ll be buying rFactor 2 when it comes out but I got a refund on the Beta because I didn’t like the current product (rather, my G27 didn’t). I have full faith in the modding community to make it an irresistible sim in time, though.

      To each his own. Happy gaming!

    • Steaven Heppener

      How are you Mel? Long time no see… you still play quake? 😛 Thunder

  • Alexander Boroday

    This comparison is so stupid. There are so many moments when in game “driver” not pushing hard to be in same timing as real zonda. It shows that in game you can go way much faster, wich means not so real physics this game has as people scream all around. And in real zonda you can feel trough the video that driver pushes zonda realy hard, but in game it looks like car going on rails. Don’t think I’am hater of “pcars” – I like the way guys do this game, and looking forward to see some great final product, but as for now it’s NFS Shift 3… (((

    • pez2k .

      The ingame video is a replay, which doesn’t yet show proper wheel rotation. I’m not sure how else you’re judging the physics from a video. Build 306 also has slightly more tyre grip at high speeds than usual as they’re in the process of transitioning to the new tyre model, which involves adjusting some things that also affect the old model.

      As for inferring it’s just Shift 3, you’re way wide of the mark mate. It didn’t drive like Shift way back in build 0071, and it certainly doesn’t now.

      • Alexander Boroday

        Mate I play pcars every weekly build. Overal physics and FFB changed very good in last builds. And I was judgig video buy wathcing speed and RPMs on wheel. Just concentrate on them during watching and you’ll see what am I talking about 😉

    • Howard Motz

      As it mentions some where. The attainable lap-times are very close.

  • Guest

    How’s it going Mel? Long time no see… do you still play quake? 😛

  • Arie Beuker, de

    That looks pretty damn impressive and immersive.

  • Bruce Garham

    it is so photo realistic –
    the video is so well done the comparison is great (trying not use to
    many cliches) this makes me
    want go drive around the not- Nordschleife – ^^ thanks

  • Marcus Caton

    Is the PCARS camera suspended in water or something?
    very odd, i couldn’t stand watching it.

    • Anonymous

      He probably has world movement set at 0.

  • Franklin Silva

    steering lock is very strange, never higher than 10-20 degrees… the real video shows driver turning more than 90 degrees

    • F1Racer

      yeah, thankfully it’s adjustable. I reckon just changing your wheels input range or the steering lock will alter how much the wheel moves.

      • Eric Zehnder

        It does. I have a 900 degree steering wheel but I pretty much only use around 360 degrees of rotation. I’ve found my gear-driven wheel doesn’t respond well to the type of inputs needed to do drifting, for instance (massive, quick swings back and forth).

  • Maciej Kosmalski

    One thing about graphics. They are definitely best on the market right now but they look to clear and sterile compared to real world. You can see it in this video and in spa video i saw somewhere couple days ago. For example check out kerbs, in real world they are used and dirty and in pCars are like brand new. Those are small details that doesnt need more processing power just different textures but can change overall feeling for better imo.

  • hoodge1

    That looks beautiful and I just love the drivers head bobbing like in the real. One negative you sorta see is how the real driver really has to work the wheel in that car. Also gotta realize how much G forces and getting banged around in the real car will make things look as well. But even tho that is the case, the Pcars drive by Digipost almost looked like a no stress drive in the mountains…

    Still a WIP and I do find myself driving the wheels off the Pagani testing Pcars and ramming the wheel around with the amazing FFB that is coming along.

  • jmoo

    hahaha….look at the wheel rotation 😀 😀 and you guys call this a sim 😀 😀 buhahahaha

  • Silvio

    The steering whell in the game does not turn almost nothing. This is not just a steering lock matter, but it shows to be more a physics one. There is not driver work in the game. Something needs to be improved. Graphics is not all. We expect a good simulator first.

    • Anonymous

      Its because in the current build you don’t have to “drive” the car , in fact if you try to react to the car you will just end up in a tank slapper and spin off but if you do nothing and just keep pointing in the same direction or at worse centre the wheel then the car will become stable by itself.

      As it is now you basically just drive under the grip limit and make sure you hit the corners at the right speed that’s why allot of people are so eager for them to implement the new physics that allow for proper driving other than match corner speed and turn left or right.

  • Ken Coughlin

    How come the pCars one the driver is barely turning the wheel compared to the real life one?

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