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Project CARS – New WIP Sound Showcase Video

BenBuja has put together a new Project CARS video, showcasing some of the recent sound work that has been done to various cars.

BenBuja has put together a new video of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS, showcasing some of the recent sound work that has been done to various cars.

The video features the Ford Zakspeed Capri Group 5, the BMW Z4 GT3 as well as the Pagani Zonda R – Three cars that have received the latest bells & whistles from the Project CARS audio department.

Despite the fact that these cars are using the latest audio tech, these sounds are just a teaser of what to expect  as new audio features are still due to be introduced in the months to come.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Markus Ott


  • Dani .

    Sounds are very good now, to be a beta. The lack of a good sound procesing it’s a fact in almost all games or sims. For expamle doppler effect or very quick rev changes, can be done really much better taking avantage of soundcard processors, to avoid strange high pitching and do i’t in realtime without buffer loss. A car passing in actual sims, sounds like the car dissapears for intervaled seconds from the game.

    One of the best sound engines in a game are the battlefield series, don’t know how they do it to process that in realtime without ASIO drivers.

    • Anonymous

      Since Windows 7 it’s not possible/allowed anymore to take advantage of the soundprocessing available on the soundcard. All processing has to be handled by the CPU. To make sure sound handling is the same on any system. Modern CPU’s have no problem to do very complicated signal processing.

      • Anonymous

        “Since Windows 7 it’s not possible/allowed anymore to take advantage of the soundprocessing available on the soundcard.”

        I’m an IT Engineer specializing in Microsoft products and this would be news to me. It would be especially interesting given every motherboard has audio chips built in to handle all the features of sound effects and routing to various inputs/outputs. Realtek, for example, rules the market.

      • Dani .

        Actually, you can use hardware acceleration in windows 7. Just use OpenAl for example. Wasapi and WaveRT it’s a good option in terms of latency, but i don’t know which features can handle, and the future of windows audio in terms of games.

      • Anonymous

        Yes Realtek is the most common on board sound chip this is why I buy sound cards that support EAX to enhance my music.

      • Dani .

        They only thing windows 7 hasn’t it’s directsound3d. It has better audio hardware api processing. But nobody seems to use it.

  • Anonymous

    One word: Buzzsaw.

  • Anonymous

    well at least when AC comes out someone can port these sounds over in a mod and then these awesome sounds can be matched up with good physics.

    • Ross Siggers

      You complimented an aspect of pCars, do you need to confess your sins now or something?

      • Anonymous

        you say that, implying that i am some sort of ‘hater’ of pCars. If there was objectively anything good to say about pCars, i would happily say so…but there hasn’t been until now.

        i played a build of it about 3 months ago and the cars still drove like jelly.

      • Anonymous

        So that’s your excuse for your intention to steal pCars sound for AC?
        Edit: oh you seems don’t have the knowledge to steal it yourself and hope someone will steal it for you

      • Anonymous

        In no way to be combative with you with efforts to be as unbiased as possible. What I see is a Racing Game that may very well likely easily have the best ever features for a racing game. I find every car enjoyable to drive with some I would consider very excellent examples of the car they portray. I find realistic challenges within the driving model where I really have to get a good grip on the handling of the car from car to car to register a decent laptime at my level of ability. There are some areas that will get some more focus as time goes on to make this one of the greatest Sim Race titles of all time. For me It may end up being the greatest but I would like to reserve enough to respect the opinions of others that may end up liking some other title better. That’s on you and I don’t think that I have any power to change that or is my right to try to do so but it is my right to say that I see the evidence that this will truly be a great game and only have hopes that as many others as possible may enjoy it as much as I have as well. Now take care.

    • LogiForce

      Nice going supporting theft of intellectual property. =/

      Also 3 months is a long time when it comes to a game in full development. Get back up to speed with the latest build, else please stop the prejudice about how the cars handle as it doesn’t make you look any better in the online world.

  • Anonymous

    Bit synth sounding, and the wobble sounds weird too. Overall, getting better.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the wobble sounds baked into the sample. Much better than not having it though imo. The sound dev just has to be careful not to make it too obviously faked, and more convincing it’s coming from the game engine dynamically. Which is actually very easy to do providing you have enough random samples. The methodology is straightforward too, just make more wobble examples and use them randomly (and trans-whine too).

      • Anonymous

        It is currently generated by the transmission model, they’re just working on the accuracy of that too. It also needs variables set up for each gear to control how much wobble there should be etc. – this is a first pass.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds pretty damn great to me!!

    Check out the real deal below..some rare in car footage.

  • Giovanni Scala

    Top quality sounds, reality is VERY close, very well done sound guy. I’m in love with R sound!

  • Guest

    It is still going to get even better than this. It’s still work in progress.

  • Besada

    It will get better than this. It’s still work in progress.

  • Anonymous

    The BMW Z4 GT3 is epic!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, I like the fake transmission flex effect!

    • Jshort

      What is transmission flex? LOL

      • Anonymous

        RPMs bouncing after a gear change due to the internal oscillation and flex of the components of the powertrain.

        In the video is reproduced only the audio, not the phisical effecet.

        too hard to google it, right? LOL

      • Jshort

        Oh you mean drivetrain flex? I think it’s you who might want to use google or google translate. LOL. NIce try.

      • Anonymous

        smart guy!

      • Ross Siggers

        At least this is more interesting than the sim racing arguements! 😀

  • John Krisfalusci

    Oh GOD my ears! Warning to those headphone users!! =(

  • Daxchunjae99

    Rest In Peace Gran Turismo 6.. Heh heh!

  • Alan Dallas

    With todays update this video is already outdated. 🙂

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