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Project CARS – New Lighting System Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released new previews of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, showing off upcoming improvements to the title’s lighting system.

Slightly Mad Studios have released new previews of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, showing off upcoming improvements to the title’s lighting system.

The previews show off mid-afternoon sunny conditions at Watkins Glen, the new lighting system will allow fully dynamic day to night transitions that will also be combined with a powerful weather engine.

Development builds of Project CARS can be instantly tried by becoming a Project CARS member, membership starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, including access to the busy WMD forum where members can talk to the development team and help shape Project CARS.

For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me very much of iR(and very much Papyrus games), however being dynamic it can only be better! It looks bright but not bloomy.

    This is to say ‘Great! Nice shots and good to see that it’s coming!’ for those who continuously misinterpret my posts here.

  • Richard Hessels

    Indeed looks very iR like, in colour and lighting.

    But that is a good thing, as iR track colours are calibrated to resemble the real deal.
    Only iR lights ain’t dynamic and any other weather than dry afternoon or middle of the night is not present at all.

    They for sure have some wizzards there have at SMS.
    Putting out minor and major updates and many bugfixes every week.
    I guess it’s a very motivated crew without many family ties.

    • pez2k .

      I agree, the colour palette has always been the highlight of iRacing’s graphics for me and it’s great to see that other developers can match and surpass it. It’s going to be fascinating to see just how far sim graphics can be pushed without console restrictions or a small team’s focus on physics first / only.

      SMS manage to get a lot of work done because they’re spread around the globe, so while some staff sleep the others are doing their day’s tasks. When the Caterham was first readied for ingame, there was something crazy like 36 hours straight of work done on it due to some clever managing of staff timezones.

  • Anonymous

    It does look very good.  Can’t wait until we get time of day control in the UI. 

  • noro ardanto

    F%&[email protected]! amazing! IR colour tone with much better textures and dynamic weather! can’t wait to see the final results

  • General Rush Hour

    Looks incredible.

  • Big Ron

    Very impressive work, looks so good. Again I prevent me from using the s-word and f-word for my astonishment.

    SMS is working on screaming out to the sim-community: “Hey look, even sim racing games can look impressive.”

  • Jorge Araujo

    Sweet lord, it looks like a render from 3ds max. Amazing piece of work. Now I need to fork the 25 euros for that.

    • Anonymous

      3DMax or any other top 3D package 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I need a new machine. This looks gorgeous, but I bet not on my PC, lol.

    I agree, fantastic lighting, and basically like iRacing if it had dynamic lighting. Very nice!

  • Anonymous

    The more I drive this sim and witness its evolution the more I enjoy it! By the time it goes public it will be a must have for any true sim racer I’m sure!

  • Kyle Williams

    Huge Physics and FFB overhaul in last weeks build and now a huge lighting overhaul, SMS are spoiling us 🙂

  • Rolands Svetins

    Mother of God! GT5 and FM4 is dying slowly somewhere there…

    • mike mansor

      You have to consider that developers for Forza and GT have to work entirely within the constraint of the console specs which is over half a decade old (the 360 and PS3 came out in 2006/2007).  It would be interesting to see if SMS will release CARS for the current console and if they do what the “game” will end up being.  

      One thing SMS can’t do is to have an extensive car list- one that isn’t race car based and is entirely mainstream.  It’s nice to drive a GT3 or LMP race cars but most people prefer to drive (and collect) obtainable cars or even their own cars.  It’s the reason why GT has been successful in the past- the fact that you drive a Honda Civic on the Nordschleife just like you would in real life.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I was having the exact same thoughts regarding the console versions. It’s pretty stupid to think it wouldn’t be scaled back to 30fps capped and some other details will be lost in translation. Pcars is DX11 right? Consoles don’t do DX11… unless I’m completely out if the loop.

        The Bloom (I think) is slightly overdone in forza 4 (IMO) in some places though, and so far this is looking more natural. That said, forza 4 looked fine too until I got it home and started playing.

  • Wim Bries

    Cool ,  Looks like iRacing now.  I Like it.

    • jono

       Looks nothing like iracing. Iracing looks worse then this. iracing doesnt even look any better then forza/gt5.

      PCARS is the CRYSIS of racing games

      • Kyle Williams

        Only unlike Crysis it doesn’t require a supercomputer to run!

      • Anonymous

        I think people are generally speaking about coloration and contrast. It isn’t oversaturated and full of bloom like GT5/Forza. In other words, it looks natural instead of artificial.

      • mike mansor

        GT5 doesn’t have bloom and look quite different from Forza.  One thing you do need to do with console game is turn OFF any built in enhancement on your TV (like Samsung’s Hyper Real Engine) and play with saturation and contrast/brightness.  And remember it’s always better to reduce colour than it is to add.

      • Anonymous

        No bloom, but it does have neon grass and no real road texture to speak of. Looks weird and oversaturated even in screenshots.

        Never said they loked the same, just both are ‘hyper-realistic’ which is off-putting.

      • Wim Bries

        A bit of a extreme fanboy useless answer in my opinion. Focus please, whe are talking lighting here. 
        I have no interest in a ” who´s the best ” discussion.  Just saying that the lighting looks !Racing style now. And thats a good thing.

      • Anonymous

        Depends on your preferences. I don’t like all the overdone effects like bloom, blur, high contrasts etc. Therefore I think iRacing looks better (more realistic) in a way.

  • Philip Antonia

    Nice natural colours :).

    Pity the last monthly build works so badly on my system after it had worked well b4 :(. Hoping the next build will fix that!!

  • Ben Lee

     It looks rather good. Though if I was being ultra-critical, I would say things look a touch too “hot”. Though it looks really good.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they are even factoring in climate change. 🙂

  • Ricoo

     Nice! I am very eager to see the dynamic weather. 🙂

  • Shane Bundy

    I’ve been wanting to get myself into the pCars scene since it went public but I couldn’t afford to. Now that my birthday’s coming up and getting ready to contribute this just steals it for me. 😀

  • Anonymous

    This video was uploaded on the 26 Feb 2012

    • Shane Bundy

      I was waiting for that to come. 🙂

  • Todd

    Have silly question. How do turn the cars lights on.