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Project CARS – New Junior Build + Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new Junior build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new Junior build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

The new build is available to all members, allowing Junior members to enjoy all the latest features & improvements that have been introduced during the past month.

Members with Team Member level and above enjoy daily builds, including those five that have been released during the past week:

Build 623 (06/12/13, Junior Member+) – 273.9 MB
* Turning off dampening by default for all non-gamepad controllers
* Adding ability in pit strategy to bypass fuel refill, tyre change, and tyre pressure change
* Changed the fuel level scalar to be the target range of fuel to be put in, between 0>1, not the amount/scale of ‘tank vacancy’ to be filled
* Set default fuel level scalar to 0.5
* Removed old ChampionshipSession and updated HRDF data
* Pagani Zonda R, Jaguar JPLM: New paddle animations
* Dubai (All Variants): New exports

Build 622 (06/12/13, Junior Member+) – 187.9MB
* PS4: Fixed PS4 linking
* Xbox One: Added first pass keyboard support
* Xbox One: Moved resource thread to core 3
* Xbox One: Added updated version of vsscanf
* PS4: Updates for memory management. Drawlists now come from a pool, so does garlic vertex scratch. Command buffers are now cached and garlic flush scratch is per context. This removes all run time vram/onion memory allocation from the low-level renderer.
* Xbox One: Always enable PIX profiling in debug builds + fix renderthreads at 4 for now.
Wii U:
* WiiU: Added Texture invalidate public function
* WiiU primtype fix against latest compiler
* Renderer’s distance scale applied to m_farZ, fix for sun flare disappearance in the center of the screen
* Fix for mp always being clear.
* Bumped version of all vehicles for stat reset.
* Type of scoring in Career/Seasons can now be set per-Round as an override to the series.
* Number of racers in Career/Seasons can now be set per-Round as an override to the series (for series where that number changes). Added check for max opponents over all rounds.
* Instance information (participantID) added to support multiple pit sequences.
* PitSequences are tied explicitly to a single animation script, sends messages directly to it and must explicitly Kill it
* The pit engineer only responds to player pit progress messages
* Disabled the disabling of per vehicle forces through FFB tweakers
* Removing redundant controller sensitivity toggle from controller configuration screen and inverting the default value for asymmetrical vehicle setup to avoid losing symmetrical loadouts.
* Adding ‘render on top’ to quads
* Hooked up ‘Gamepad Sensitivity Slider’ dampening from FE menu, to physics
* Track locations added as dropdown selection
* Setting track location targets camera and sets origin for animation
* Fixed bug with mouse wheel on the object list window with no scrollbar
* Hit test placement of actor on floor when playing anim
* Time based formatting of script optional via checkbox
* BMW Z4 GT3: Removed Panasonic livery/logos
* Formula A: Added Panasonic livery
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Brighter cockpit exposure for new model
* Racer V8/Racer L4: New paddle-shifter driver animations
* LMP RWD P30: Fixed manufacturer name and shape
* Asano LM11: Changed shape to Prototype
* Oulton Park: Tweaked textures, added details (not yet in-game)
* Multiple Tracks: Racelines from several circuits missing.
* Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: Raceline exported to replace the old that was in Reverse
* Dubai (all): Dynamic Objects change
* Badenring (Short, National, GP): Added green carpets on outer kerbs after turn 1 , Mobil turn, and S?dkurve, Fixed wrong kerb type at exit of turn 11, fixed grenn asphalt area in front of Mercedes tribune, fixed gantry standing on track, added second smaller kerb at exit of hairpin, recolored trackedge, recolorerd graveledges, added round kerbs on outside before last turn and left after hairpin corner.

Build 621 (05/12/13, Team Member+) – 333.7MB
* Adding gamepad sensitivity slider to the controller options screen. Not yet functioning. Paul to hook up to system now.
* Tidied up handling of unicode strings with the pit engineer script & interface
* Fixing font data for bad path names
* Mainmenu, OptionsScreen, Audio, Online, Splash Page, SetupScreen, Login screen all updated in preparation for UI upgrade
* AI pit strategy: Added PitStrategy reset function, Added SetPitStrategy to send AI Strategy events from AI to the pit manager, AI processes LivePitStrategy at checkpoint 2, LivePitStrategy processes pit strategy for AI (only fuel decisions so far)
* Instance information (participantID) added to support multiple pit sequences.
* Added a class to associate pit progress with a participant
* Allowing vehicle setup to be asymmetric. Ghost data will be destroyed by this change. Physics still to be updated.
* FFB: Un-disabled the slow speed steering spring on today’s new tweakers
* FFB: First batch of cars updated to use new topology
* BAC Mono: Revised setup based on Oliver Webb’s feedback.
* Caterham Classic, Caterham R500: New Evon flexi tire carcass for WMD testing. No changes to car setups.
* Dubai: Added distance marks, added signs in viewer
* Formula Gulf 1000: Reduced mirror vibration, revised FFB on Gulfsport feedback
* Formula C: Ultra detail mvhf added, fully textured, all LODs made
* BMW Z4 GT3: Added Panasonic livery

Known issues:
– Camera speed sensitivity slider wont show values after deleting the profile, once you save the profile and restart it will be fine.

Build 620 (04/12/13, Team Member+) – 312.9MB
* PS4: Compile error fixes
Wii U:
* Wii U: Moved resource thread to core 2 on WiiU
* Rolling back asymmetrical car setup changes temporarily
* Removing PreRaceSessionsAllowed for championship data as it handles them itself. Fix for how replay gets at the mode for Championships
* Sun flare visibility corrected for low GFX settings
* Turned off HUD rendering in the post race screen.
* Per-Round weather and Time changed to inline, with HRDF fixup (more background work)
* Azure Coast (Full,Reverse,Stage1) : Common export/azure coast rev/added new road marking along the boulevard, reworked sidewalks/pave where needed,added cobblestone around ped crossing areas,reworked walls/rails where needed, reworked trackedges where needed, deleted/fixed old stuff, fixed csm+ grass csm, removed mountain from islands+conformed trees, removed mountain from the skyring, updated sel sets
* Dubai: Change viewer objects position due to the new heights in the 3rd sector, new texture map

The new build is now exclusively available via Steam as the trusted Project CARS launcher has been retired.

To go along with the new build, a brand new Project CARS Community Gallery has been released, featuring a selection of stunning community-made screenshots.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    It seems it rains a lot in PCARS

    • Diromo

      “wet effects” sells screens, so – mainstream

      • Aleksander Turnsek

        Who wouldn’t show off a feature that is the most sophisticated in all racing games ever created.
        They would be right out stupid if they wouldn’t show off with it.

      • ipitydafool

        Don’t tell me this indie music mentality of “big is bad” is permeating games as well, jesus christ….

    • Anonymous

      British developer = British weather 🙂

      • Mario Strada

        That’s why assetto corsa is always sunny and it smells faintly of garlic and olive oil.

  • Anonymous

    pCars damage model is still the best out there!

  • Realkman666

    You can tell how bad the physics are even in screenshots.

    • Anonymous


    • Gulyás Tamás

      Physics are better and better … really

      • Helldriver

        For sure they are getting better, because it can´t be much worse.
        On a scale from zero to hundred they have reached now 20 or so…..just awesome!
        i gave my account away because the best graphics are useless, if the cars feel unrealistic like that.

      • Ross Siggers

        Isn’t that in breach of contract?

      • Gulyás Tamás

        The tire modell is different in case of different cars … so there are 50 or 60% cars but 20-30 too … I hope for release date gonna be good pack for audience. I also was thinking of selling my account, but I didn’t. I was right because the game getting better and better 🙂

      • Ross Siggers

        Way to edit your post, smooth.

      • Dylan H.

        Great, another ‘I sold my account yet I have an opinion about the current state of a game in development’ comment.

        Very relevant.

      • Realkman666

        I actually believe that. The thought is troubling.

    • Guest

      You know…

  • Mario Strada

    The one update that I would like to see soon is the setup screens in session instead of having to exit the session to make a slight adjustment.
    I know the menu is already there and each week I hope to find it activated. Does anyone know when that may happen?

    • Anonymous

      I believe the last estimate was ‘by March’, but I could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    LMP RWD P30 nice addition same engine sounds as the R18 i think
    Hope LM24 track will get finished by june for the real race. best night racing around with powerful lights ..physics and ffb getting better 🙂

    • T0MMY3688

      I thought the LMP RWD P30 still using the same physic with R18 for the moment?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the sounds and physics are placeholders for now. The plan is for it to run a single turbo flat-six, I believe a 2-litre petrol.

  • Rolands Svetins

    pCARS – it’s all about graphics.

    • Anonymous

      For a moment I thought it was an attack of acute dyslexia, then I realised that the spelling of “troll” may indeed start with an “R” and end with an “s” :-))

      • Rolands Svetins

        haha, good one! 🙂

  • Mark Quigley

    The people who, and I will put it lightly :D, are not too keen on pcars, might want to give it another shot, new ffb and tires on some cars. Setting up for the cars with the new bits is a bit different, i’m sure you will find the info. I recommend the supercharged Atom.
    I had an issue with the game pad filtering but I think that is fixed now, nearly broke my wrists and/or wheel, check it’s at 0 anyhow.
    A large leap in the right direction.

    • Realkman666

      As soon as there is a demo, I promise to give it a fair shot.

      • Anonymous

        How could someone downvote that, same here I’ll try it once there is a demo for all to try.

      • Realkman666

        Because if you don’t support unfinished products (and in this case, unavailable) for whatever reason, you are Hitler.

  • IAg Gai

    Question they list Next gen Fixes. Is the beta avaliable on PS4/XB1? if so how does one get it? I already have a PC account.