Project CARS – Introducing pCARS Rank

Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title has recently been equipped with a brand new feature – pCARS rank.

Inspired by the community icons GPLRank & GTR2 Rank, pCARS rank allows players to determine their performance against their peers as a ranking number is calculated based on the lap times set on various car & track combinations.

Following WMD’s true community spirit, pCARS rank was not just designed in a community brainstorm but also developed by a member of the WMD forum, Kai Lochbaum.

The new ranking feature is used extensively with the Car Physics Focus Testing (or CPFT for short) in which a car that is currently in the focus of physics development gets thoroughly tested by as many members as possible.

To maximize feedback from CPFT and allow for quick changes to be tested, all members are currently receiving daily builds of Project CARS, regardless of their membership rank.

WMD members can now get ranked by setting times in the CPFT events using the in-game “Events” button. And those who didn’t sign up in time before funding was closed can take a peek at the rankings here.

Alternatively, there’s a great new Project CARS video trailer made by Ronny302, showing lots of slow-motion footage from the latest development builds.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Car Waltz vid! Really shows the chassis flex and suspension/tire physics when going over the curbs.

    Looks like I need to start putting in some hot laps.

  • Anonymous

    So, a subset of content to do a standard +/- time trial aggregate rank? Interesting.

    With smart selections of the pairings it could be very interesting, without being so tedious as the leaderboards in Forza for example where you needed to run every single track layout in each class to get an accurate ranking.

  • Marcel Offermans

    The “peek at the rankings” link does not work.

  • GamerMuscle

    “in which a car that is currently in the focus of physics development gets thoroughly tested by as many members as possible.”

    I was unaware that realistic physics are a democratic process.

    • Big Ron

      That´s why most developers are professionals with enough knowledge to filter guesstimates and usefull feedback.

      The reason behind thee focus testing is to sort out bugs and exploits (like you said) and test settings and development by developers and how it feels for players.

      And who said that the fundamental physics aren´t working? Isn´t it all a case of putting everything together?

      Let´s just see how this will end. From my point of view it´s a nice step to speed up the development.

      • GamerMuscle

        “And who said that the fundamental physics aren´t working? Isn´t it all a case of putting everything together?”

        Well last time I played it the physics were all over the place outside of if a car matches up with a specifc real world car , just things like how the car generally communicates grip or what happens when you go over the limit or how the cars generally move on the road.

        For example If I have a real life road car and puncture a tire its still very consistent in allot of ways , or if I have a car and I drive with one wheel off even though the car is broken its still again consistent in many regards.

        I will download it again next week and see how things are going, I do hope the game gets proper physics though, I’m just not going to “believe” it until I see it.

      • Big Ron

        If you test the latest build, you could test the cars being in focus ATM. The Z4 GT3 got a pretty good overhaul last week and drives quite well now.

        I agree, that there are some inconsistencies existing in the physics, still. But nothing that disturbs the feeling to an undriveable level, at least for my system (I´ve read the oppisite from other players). Also, it could be that some cars will get worse again due to changes of the focussed cars, probably unbalancing cars of the same class not being focussed on ATM.

        My favorites ATM are the Z4 GT3, M3 GT, Gumpert Apollo and the Ariel Atom Mugen (from what I´ve driven the last time). Also the Mitsubishi feels quite nice.

      • Anonymous


        You keep using that word but I don’t think you know what it means.

        You say there are physics issues and then talk about grip levels. A physics engine not handling gravity simulation or the ability to simulate physical components of a car like suspension would be a physics engine issue. An issue like too much grip or a tire that doesn’t behave properly is an issue with numbers and the tire carcass model.

        They have a community willing and dedicated to testing out all numbers of setup and handling tweaks to see what is working and what isn’t. Whenever I hear people bitching about the physics engine I just shake my head.

    • Anonymous

      I think the finding of bugs and glitches (hence ‘thoroughly tested’) is exactly what they intend to find. It’s a much faster, thorough, and less expensive way to get those tested. You see the same thing every week 13 in iRacing, give the community a day on the updates and they’ve already found most of the bugs that found their way through internal testing. That’s just how game testing goes, it’s a time-intensive process so the more testers putting in time the better.

  • Anonymous

    all these features and more have been with netkar pro for ages, via

    why is no one playing what is the best sim currently, all with servers ready to play.
    it could not be easier to jump in and play.
    come on everyone play netkar pro.

    • Big Ron

      I guess it´s because of marketing-reasons which makes the game more an insider tip and because netkar pro is a niche product, which satisfies the sim-clientel, but that´s it.

      I think Assetto Corsa will do a way better job in reaching a wider audience and satify the sim-crowd, but also the players which are just looking for a nice racing game.

    • Realkman666

      Lack of tracks. Love of spending iMoney. I don’t know.

    • Anonymous

      Because there’s generally between 0-3 people playing netKar Pro at any given time…

      I agree on the physics and FFB side but the game is ghost town.

      • Anonymous

        …which is my point. I dont get why theres no one playing it.

      • Anonymous

        Tipping point. Nobody wants to join in and race there because it’s abandoned. Need to get enough drivers in the first place to attract others.

        Same thing you see in some of the less populated iRacing series, only hardcore enthusiasts of the specific car join the series because other locations have a lower barrier to entry.

      • Anonymous

        Seems most lobbies are empty people are tired of getting wrecked on purpose. So AI is a great alternative

    • F1Racer

      Maybe some of us want to move on and be a part of the future and not remain stagnant for too long. Thats not to say NKPro is bad but no AI, no-one on the servers, lack of content…

      • Anonymous

        Move on? nothing has moved on in terms of physics since NKP.
        Graphics? You call RF2 moving on regarding graphics?

        Menu system? I’d argue the user interface in NKP is actually easier than RF2’s shambolic effort.

        No AI? So? this isn’t 1998. Why would i want to be playing against AI? Since 2002 most people have had decent internet connections. (although there are people here that want AI, for what reason I will simply never know, the AI is hardly at a level where it could be even remotely enjoyable to play against. It was acceptable about 15 years ago when I was playing Grand prix 2 and had a 56k modem……..)

        Lack of content? i don’t care how much cars a game has. I dont play simgames to collect all the cars and pay $300 for the privilege. I am happy with 6-7 varied cars which are all excellent…which is exactly what NKP has. Content really does not matter if the focus is on jump in and play multiplayer racing.

        conclusion: still cannot see any logical reason why people wont play it. its such a shame. That web interface makes it so easy, you can even click on the track and it’ll take you to the download link immediately.

      • F1Racer

        This isn’t just about you though 🙂 I don’t play NKPro any more because there’s always something better to play, especially when in NKPro its a hotlapper now.

      • GamerMuscle

        Common even the best AI is universally awful to race against , it always has the same problems.

        -Slows down to much for tight corners
        -Cannot cope with multiple cars
        -does not defend in a realistic way
        -Forms strange convoys
        -Absurdly slow off the start
        -Takes strange lines that don’t make sense

        sure in principle AI would be fantastic but it never works properly and its incomparable to playing against real people.

        I guess for people of low to moderate skill its a good way to learn how to be consistent and get used to driving around other cars and it can be fun starting at the back of a grid and seeing how many AI you can overtake in x number of laps.

      • F1Racer

        Common=Come on – (Someone talked to me about this grammatical error today which is why I picked up on it. 🙂 )

        AI is not perfect we know that but MP doesn’t work for me. Been there, done that. And I’m not joining leagues (been there, done that too).
        I don’t want to go into any long drawn out explanations as to why I race against AI now and again, but I get by. But this is only one of the reasons I don’t play NKPro any more.

        Anyway this isn’t about me or AI. It’s about why people don’t play NKPro and I have given my reasons.

        Some play MP only. Good luck to them. But I’m happy the way things are because its what I’m used to.

        And let me tell you, I have seen AI that outsmarts a lot of human players. Too many wreckers and idiots out there and not enough unlocked servers. And the ones that are unlocked are empty. Don’t have the time to be messing with that.

      • Anonymous

        “-Slows down to much for tight corners
        -Cannot cope with multiple cars
        -does not defend in a realistic way
        -Forms strange convoys
        -Absurdly slow off the start
        -Takes strange lines that don’t make sense”
        That sound like the drivers you might bump into on any random online race. Except that the AI won’t divebomb you, drive the wrong way round the track, park in the middle of the track, badmouth you in the chat etc.. :-p
        AI has it’s relevance for many (most!) people, including me. The AI in pCARS is also highly adjustable, and I’ve had some pretty good races against them. Thank to developers and users caring about it, there will be advances in the state of the art – if there’s one thing the future will bring, it’s steadily better AI.

      • Andrew McP

        iRacing is my only venture into online racing, and it’ll probably be my last. The AI in rF2 are more polite, and don’t get angry when I screw up, so I can relax and enjoy my hobby rather than get stressed over it. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have no problems with NKP I have always thought it is very good and enjoy FVA as well. Fact is Kunos agree that NKP lacked some features and thus are working them into AC.

  • John Krisfalusci

    Why can’t they have collision physics like BeamNG’s Torque3d engine? I don’t understand.. the collisions just look so awful and can be improved by so much. =(

    • Anonymous

      Because BeamNG takes up tons of processing power (it’s still in tech demo stages with no actual game built around it), and would not be allowed to be used with licensed cars.

      • John Krisfalusci

        You’re saying today’s processing power can’t handle it? People have monster setups with 3770k/4770k Gtx 670/770 and you’re saying it’s still not capable of handling it? I find that hard to believe.. and why not be able to use licensed cars when other car games out there that’s not Triple A titles that have licensed cars with crappy physics? Explain that.

      • Anonymous

        Manufacturers don’t allow the passenger compartment to be deformed because they don’t want their cars to look unsafe. That’s why Burnout has never used licensed cars, and the damage was toned down heavily when they started to use the engine for NFS games.

        As for the processing power, running pCARS maxed out at 1920×1080 or higher already needs a pretty beefy PC, a full soft-body physics engine on top of that would be some serious load and have no chance of running smoothly on the PS3, 360 and Wii U, and perhaps not even the PS4 or XB1.

      • John Krisfalusci

        Don’t the manufacturers understand that the deformity caused by the collision physics is only a game?

        Doesn’t makes sense.. if you have ever seen the BeamNG torque 3d engine and how much the realism improved via crashes and collisions, it’s just amazing really. It’s a shame that they wouldn’t want to incorporate this in any car title. Sometimes I can’t understand why some people want technology to remain stagnant…

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