Project CARS – Interactive Panorama Preview

WMD member David Lansade has put together a stunning interactive panorama preview of Project CARS.

The preview dosen’t just allow to move around in 360 degrees using the mouse, it also allows to check out Project CARS’ time of day system by clicking the clocks at the bottom to see the lighting conditions change.

Simply click the picture below to get to the full size preview, showing the Gumpert Apollo Sport racing at Suzuka.

Membership on Project CARS starts with a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior membership, for more info on pricing and benefits, please check out the WMD website.

  • Wally Masterson

    Sure *looks* pretty…

  • Timpie

    I wouldn’t be too sarcastic Wally, you might get sued with all that negativity

    • Wally Masterson

      Well, doesn’t it look pretty?

  • Marcus Caton

    Looks superb.
    I’ll wait to enjoy this in real time in Asseto Corza should be stellar.

    • Eric Zehnder

      Why not enjoy it in real time in both games? Or was that yet another backhanded comment about a nicely developing Sim?

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I long for the day when every single game here doesn’t get a bunch of overly negative posts trolling the comments section.
    Don’t like the game? Then focus on the ones you do like.

    • Timpie

      Alot of things happened over the past few days between the “sim” community and that company 😉 True colors have been shown.

      • Joe Pineapples

        Do tell…..?

      • jo5hu4c4rlt0n

        Go to Race Department 😉

      • Anonymous

        tl;dr Ian Bell is suing RD for libel because they didn’t remove a post from someone who claimed he got banned ‘for no reason’.

      • Anonymous

        Its over now btw. SMS is not going further with the lawsuit. 🙂

      • Eric Zehnder

        Yeah, I’ve read that thread and boy is it filled with a lot of lies from the OP.

      • Marcus Caton

        Is Ian Bell some snot nose rich kid?
        Who else would sue a website for not manhandling users at their request?
        very odd.

        @google-3f9bc754a98a0bfef7a2da5761f24e96:disqus what lies? he got banned for his post being critical of the game, his post was quoted and he responded in detail.

      • Ken Coughlin

        Wow my comment was seriously deleted. This place gets worse lol!

      • Ken Coughlin

        Not surprising that it wasn’t reported on this website HAHA

    • Anonymous

      Attention-seekers I suppose. Can’t handle people liking something they don’t. See it everywhere. Youtube comments on the Forza and GT videos get even worse, pretty funny to see them each call their favourite game proper sim and the other arcade. Human mentality is pathetic sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      Why do comments have to be negative or positive ?

      Its only normal to have both positive and negative comments you will also have negative comments that are unfounded and subjective as well as positive comments that are unfounded and subjective.

      If you were following your logic of ignoring things you dislike and focusing on things you do like, then why write a comment that focuses on something you dislike about comment systems ?

      Trolls can only operate when there are people to troll

      A website full of comments is only good for Virtual R and in the end you will always have a % of morons on everything.

  • Anonymous

    why, if this is the “Sakitto” track, you call it Suzuka? where is “Suzuka” in pcars? it’s a fake simulation with fake tracks, please name it correctly… 😛

    • Markus Ott

      First inform yourself, then troll. Own goal for you.

      • F1Racer

        It is preferable if people don’t troll at all.

      • Anonymous

        Where is my own goal? Can you find “SUZUKA” track in your pCARS installation? Surely I know that Sakitto is the fake name of Suzuka, but I wonder why a website like this changes the names of pCARS contents before they become official. So, what’s the difference between fake and official? Why they should announce and pay for an official licensing agreement -Pagani, Lotus, Atom, and so on – if there is no difference between a fake content and an official one? I don’t blame pCARS, but this sort of sim.journalism

      • Anonymous

        First, I don’t understand why you get worked up over a non-issue like that. Except of course to be able to build a futile “false simulation” argument.

        Second, you can have a perfect copy of a track, but you need the license to use the actual track name. For cars it’s slightly different, in that the copy can’t be 100% identical if you don’t have a license.

        In any case, SMS’ intention is to license all the content.

      • Guest

        …and I won’t rename my panoramic’s files several times 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Always the trolls that think they’re comedians…
    Anyway that’s a pretty cool panorama. The time-of-day selection is an awesome feature, great way to show off the dynamic time-of-day and lighting.

  • speed1

    This looks insanely good. Usual SMS QA. I like it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big pCars fan, this is amazing. Great job!

  • Sage David

    Glad to see you enjoyed my panoramic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You guys should try the Lotus49 @Bathurst.. I play a lot of rFactor2 lately which i love to death, but that combo makes me come back to pCars alot too.
    Just needs maybe a bit more feeling of the weight transfer and locking brakes through the ffb. Maybe a tiny bit less sensitive over bumps under acceleration ( tried with default setup ), then some tyre model tweaks ( which are coming anyway ) and it’s there. It’s certainly more “hardcore” than rf2’s 60ies cars right now. So if you want a challenge…. 🙂

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