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Project CARS – First Wheel Compatibility List

Slightly Mad Studios have revealed a first list of wheels that will be supported by their upcoming Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios have revealed a first list of wheels that will be supported by their upcoming Project CARS title.

Thanks to a collaboration with Thrustmaster, the title will support the vast range of Thrustmaster products on both the PC and next-gen gaming consoles.

The first list below is in no way complete yet as both Fanatec & Logitech are still busy finalizing their support for the next-gen gaming consoles, as such the choice is still limited there as of now.

In general, Project CARS aims to support as many devices as possible on all platforms and the list will be updated in the coming months as Project CARS moves closer to its November release date.


  • Thrusmaster T300RS
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE
  • Thrustmaster TX
  • Thrustmaster T100
  • Thrustmaster TH8RS
  • Thrustmaster TH8A
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
  • Thrustmaster T500RS
  • Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch
  • Thrustmaster F430 Force Feedback
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500
  • Thrustmaster GP XID Gamepad
  • Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad
  • Thrustmaster GPX LightBack Black Edition Gamepad
  • Fanatec Porsche Turbo
  • Fanatec Porsche Carrera
  • Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S
  • Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2
  • Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3V2
  • Fanatec CSR (+ Pedals)
  • Fanatec CSR Elite (+ Pedals)
  • Fanatec ClubSport (+ Pedals)
  • Fanatec ClubSport Shifter (+SQ)
  • Logitech G25
  • Logitech G27
  • Logitech Driving Force
  • Logitech Driving Force Pro
  • Logitech Driving Force GT
  • Logitech MOMO Force
  • Logitech MOMO Racing
  • Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback
  • SimRaceway SRW-S1

Xbox One

  • Thrustmaster TX
  • Thrustmaster T458 Spider
  • Thrustmaster TH8A
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals

Playstation 4

  • Thrustmaster T300RS
  • Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE
  • Thrustmaster T100
  • Thrustmaster T80
  • Thrustmaster TH8RS
  • Thrustmaster TH8A
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
  • Thrustmaster T500RS

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting November 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.


    Great list of wheels but severely disappointed by the controller limit that won’t allow me to use 3 or more devices at once nor recognize my DSD 12-bit Pedal-Pal equipped ECCIs 🙁

    • Glen Orpheus

      really…..that is a blow for them, as they told me they were going to make the best sim ever, i can’t see how they can achieve this goal now then …

    • Rlee

      Where did you hear you can’t use more than 3 devices? I use a CSW and Clubsport pedals (not combined) and two DSD button boxes in pCARS. What kind of controllers are you referring to?

      • MCUSA

        My apologies for the misunderstanding, it wasn’t a specific controller limit but I was trying to use my G27 wheel (recognized), SST Lightning Shifter (not recognized :/), and ECCI pedals. I haven’t had a problem with these in any other major sim so that’s why I was very disappointed. I just changed the first post to clarify this as well.

    • Alan Dallas

      Windows version has no device limit. Well, as long as you have USB ports available. If your devices setup software/firmware can mimic KB key presses you’re golden.

    • Richard Pittam

      I’ve got a Button Box, CSW, HE SIM Pedals Pro and a Arc Seq Shifter…no problems. My love affair with GSC is strained at the moment though as plugging and unplugging because of the 3 device limit is taking it’s toll on me.

    • Professional Operator

      On compability rFactor 1 is still the king.

  • svdb

    They even support the old sidewinder! Was my first wheel 🙂

  • Eric S

    Hope Accuforce will make the list when released.
    : )

  • Kai

    would love to see g27 support for the ps4 – is there any discussion about this over @the wmd forum?

    • HardRock

      It’s up to Sony and Logitech at this point. The devs said it multiple times over at WMD that they’ll try to support anything that platform holders support and the G27 is no exception as many people would like to use it with their PS4. Since it was supported both on the PS2 and 3 I think it has a good chance of being supported on the PS4 as well, but nothing is guaranteed.

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        No. It is only up to Sony and they have full control of what is compatible to the PS4 or not. It is a false rumor that it depends on the wheel makers.

      • HardRock

        My mistake then. Thanks for the correction.

      • Big Ron

        I would bet that the wheel makers have to make adoptions to their profile- drivers to support the new consoles since I doubt that Sony will touch any manufacturer-specific driver to change them. And since Logitech isn´t doing anything for consoles anymore, the chances are even lower.

      • SimRacer007

        Of course the manufacturer is ‘involved’, but I think Thomas’ point is that it’s Sony’s job first, then the manufacturer gets involved with firmware etc. afterwards. A manufacturer can’t just ‘make it PS4 compatible’ without Sony authorising it. At least that’s my understanding.

      • Big Ron

        Sorry, I didn´t know that Logitech already sent working drivers to Sony. So yes, it´s up to Sony now to include the compatibility.

      • Professional Operator

        So all G27 owners need to be on pc if they want to use their wheel.
        And I think they will not regret it.

      • Birddogg66

        It’s a good thing we have freedom on a PC.

  • Justin Schmidt

    simsteering is not in the list but it’s working here.

    • Birddogg66

      This is what I am saying above and SMS kind of getting their start officially with add-ons for ISI(EA) F1 titles and ISI’s philosophy toward what in my opinion has been the best controller support for many years due to the fact a generic device has a very good chance to be able to be mapped and used and I think SMS learned from that going forward.

      • Professional Operator

        Let’s hope so. ISI compatibility and “mappability” is one of the best thing they did.

    • HardRock

      On the PC it’s quite possible that most, if not all wheels will work to some degree. This list is only about support, which means that if the wheel you use is not present it may still be compatible, but if you have issues with it you’re on your own.

  • Birddogg66

    Well seeing that Thrustmaster rules the supported controller list for the consoles I would still like to see some kind of generic input device support that may accommodate future wheels to be compatible with those platforms as I have always thought that to include some type of generic profiler option as the way to go to further increase compatibility with input hardware.

    • Roy Rki


      • Birddogg66

        Well I think that SMS is doing a fine job with generic input device support for PC as we are seeing Simsteering servo’s being supported as well as other more custom line of wheels. However if the big 3 Sim Wheel makers continue to be supported on what ever platform they are compatible with would be a good direction to go.

  • Bailey Olsen

    The mad cats Xbox one wheel is a must.

  • Helder Neves

    Nice -_- no G27 for ps4

    • pez2k

      “The first list below is in no way complete yet as both Fanatec &
      Logitech are still busy finalizing their support for the next-gen gaming
      consoles, as such the choice is still limited there as of now.”

      • Helder Neves

        thats what happen when someone don’t read the entire news. I only looked to lists. Sorry and many thanks!

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Which console have the best “Thrustmaster lineup” of wheels and pedals?
    I got a Xbox One, but should I get a PS4 in this case?

    • HardRock

      I think you should wait with that decision until the wheel support of each console solidifies.

  • myvracelog

    no thomas super wheel?

  • IAussie Gamer

    I bloody sony add support for older wheels and not go down Microsofts path of making one get new wheels.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      Exceptional eloquence, LOL.