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Project CARS – First Buld of 2014 Available

Following a well-deserved Christmas holiday, Slightly Mad Studios have resumed the usual development release schedule for their Project CARS title.

Following a well-deserved Christmas holiday, Slightly Mad Studios have resumed the usual development release schedule for their Project CARS title.

The first build of 2014 comes with plenty of changes as listed below, the new build is available for all members including Juniors.

The new build kicks off what will be very busy months ahead for Project CARS as the title heads towards its Fall release.

Build 633 (03/01/14, Junior Member+) – 460.8MB
* Fixed a couple of issues when a user isn’t logged in or no controllers connected on Xbox One.
* Added code to populate the current active user’s profile name and display name for Xbox One.
* Added required WinRT flag for Release configuration on Xbox One.
* Enabled Xbox One authentication
* Added basic initialisation of Xbox One online features and gamertag retrieval.
* PS4/XBone/DX now honour thread affinity requests from render tasks.
* Fixes PS4 orthographic projection matrix.
* Adds trace markers for PS4 audio blocks, up’s number of worker threads to 5 globally (PS4).
* Xbox One renderer ESRAM fix + PIX fix for debug
* Added a new tool called AIMetrics to produce driving data for measuring AI performance
* Scripted animation scene loading
* Tires: flash heat transfer changes, heat model tweaks, FA r1 work (not yet enabled), Vintage r4
* Fixed tire.rg
* Lotus 98T: Changed wear of new flexi tire down to amore relaistic rate.
* Add playback flags to MGDF export and switch playback debug texts to use new format.
* End of session physics support: Added simulated fuel and drive per vehicle, added indices to waypoints, added AutoGenerateLapTimes interface, added Tick_ProcessEndOfSession in physics manager to generate session triggers, retired vehicles after end of session, added end of session physics tick support, added trigger support for absolute trigger time
* Stop the Pit sequence spamming the physics with change tyre requests (fixes an hang bug when exiting while pitting)
* Fix issue with render task scheduler locking up due to multiple atomic race conditions.
* Track Maps: Glencairn (all variants): fixed start markers & not matching to the road layout
* Track Related textures for Loire and Brands Hatch
* Loire 24: First pass of tree placement for Loire24
* Oulton Park GP: First initial export for Oulton Park, very basic for Doug to make the AIW, reference map texture added, initial AIW with start position for 4 cars,track logo (NOT YET IN-GAME), added new textures for green foot bridge
* Snetterton: New texture maps, 1st commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)
* Brands Hatch: Whitelines reworked, dirtedges reworked and set up for Luis to be adapted on the san loft, made overlay stuff weather compatible
* Derby Park: Fixed Collision issue
* Badenring: Fixed puddle error
* Milan Historic: Removed trees standing in the middle of the track
* Wisconsin Raceway: Completed a whole load of large and small fixes, full CSM pass for the new tyrewalls, wet weather setup, added a custom rain / puddle map for use the kerbs, moved a loudspeaker pole that was for some reason in the middle of a sand trap, generated mips by hand for rain droplet texture, updated the grass blend map so the rest of the circuit is covered
* Azure Coast (Full/Reverse/Stage 1): Updated first section with new s1 stuff/removed rocks on uphill road/updated sel sets, fixed some gaps, mapping issues, add some variety on s1 village pave, fixed coll wall infront of 1 building, deleted start grid around the finish point
* LMP RWD P30: CPIT RPM lights tweak, added HUD Motec + fixed CPIT RPM lights
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Added wheel and tire LODs
* Mercedes 300SEL AMG: UV mapping WIP1
* Improvements to bodywork and glass shaders to help with sparkling raindrops

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Ken Izuchukwu

    Good to see, they’re paying attention to the AI.

    • Anonymous

      Well Doug has created excellent AI in the past for a few titles. The shift titles had pretty good AI so think positive in this area of the project.

  • ipitydafool

    Snet and Oulton!? Niiiice!

  • Dean Doucette

    So far so good.

  • Timppaq

    Little vid with lottie 49 😀

    • BackMarker

      very nice visuals besides overdone lensflare. Can the lensflare be turned off ingame?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, everything can be tweaked to your liking.

      • RobertH

        Never understand why they do that in race sims, you don’t see lens flare in real live racing!

      • T0MMY3688

        eye candy to appeal to the wider audience but they have options to let you tone it down or turn it off completely.

      • Hanzales

        I noticed it works like it suppose to work ;o) Using cockpit view camera lens flares effect is not there, just blinding sun. When any outdroor >camera< is used, lens flares are there. That make a sence after all ;o)

      • jax

        that lens flare is the sweetest ive seen since MAFIA 2. I guess you havent played BF3 or 4 where the lens flare takes the whole damn screen.

      • rthki

        Forza 5 is pretty bad too. I tried out Sebring and at one point I couldn’t see anything besides the road.

    • Anonymous

      Nice driving!

    • Traumahound

      This vid prompted me to try the 49 again; do some of you find the ffb very light? I’m using a DFGT wheel, with in-game ffb, tire force and damping maxed. Any ideas? Just the way this car is right now? I find the newer Lotus to be really good, btw.

      • Timppaq

        Try force feedback = 100, tire force = 100 (these should be used with all cars nowadays). Then, when you’re driving F1 menu -> vehicles -> FFB adjust -> grip multi ~85 & tire firce multi ~55.. or adjust to your liking. I guess that’s all there is to it. Little careful not to get the FFB clipping (see hud telemetry ffb graphs, with a G25 pad down button)

      • Traumahound

        I’ve already got ffb and tire force at 100, but I’ll try your other tips and let you know. Thanks!

      • Timppaq

        Some guys also seem to be having tire force at 120.. i’ve never tried though. Might help too if it won’t clip..

      • Traumahound

        Oh! I meant to say I’ve got tire force at the full 200 already, and it feels light with the 49!

      • Timppaq

        Reduce that to 100-120 and then try the F1 menu / ffb tire force multi to around 55-60. Should change the force strenght considerably. 🙂

      • Traumahound

        I’ll look for this tonight and try it. Thanks again.

      • Big Ron

        Yes, FFB is very light in the latest builds. I´ve set my tire force value to 150% to get an acceptable weight. But attention, it increases the chance of clipping.

      • Anonymous

        Hope you’re remembering that the 49 in real has very light steering compared to modern F1’s? That have downforce and slicks. If adjusted in game to be like real. Then the cars with downforce and racing slicks would be to heavy for any current FF wheels.

      • Traumahound

        This is a great point I’ll keep in mind as I keep testing this car against a couple others. Thanks, todemanjack.

        I also can’t help but use this car from other sims (rFactor, AC, even GTR2) as a reference, though. Plus, as this is a sim and NOT real life, developers, modders and racers all have to realize that some of the senses we lose in sims compared to RL have to be generated in-game. For example, a sense of progressive tire grip loss can (and usually is) be coded into the ffb controller.

        But yes, I accept that these ffb values would be lighter, more subtle, maybe, with a non-aero 60s F1 car.

  • Rantam

    Space to improve yet, but I like this sim more and more with everyupdate 🙂

  • Traumahound

    Anyone know if Oulton is available to Juniors? Can’t recall.

    Edit: Actually, I figure it is, since it was posted within a Junior update,rather like Brands Hatch last time, right?

    • T0MMY3688

      Oulton Park is not in the builds yet, no one has access to that track at the moment.

      • Traumahound

        Yeah, I noticed that a couple of hours ago too. A bit puzzling.

  • Anonymous

    developing nicely, reckon they should be hitting BETA in late spring

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Developing nicely but they are still struggeling to create good tire modell …
    10% of cars are acceptable, not good …

  • Silvio

    I’d like to love this game, but it is not yet. They need to put the tyres on the ground first.

  • Anonymous

    * Loire 24: First pass of tree placement for Loire24 🙂