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Project CARS – Builds 461 + 462 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released two new development builds of Project CARS that are both available to all members including Juniors.

Slightly Mad Studios have released two new development builds of Project CARS that are both available to all members including Juniors.

The new builds allow Junior members to catch up on all the development advancements that have been made during the past month, affecting pretty much all aspects of the simulation.

The builds also introduce an early version of the 2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 race car. The car model is in a very early graphical state as the car has been exported early to allow the whole community to get involved in in-depth physics testing of the new model.

Build 462 (3/5/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Added protection to player flag check in MP session (Fixes MP issues)
* Moved engine sounds on/off out of the car sounds on/off so that engine, turbo, transmission and exhaust sounds toggle along with the metric for the engine being started/stopped, so sounds now work in line with the physics engine changes
* Fixed a race start issue where the exhaust sounds could bypass that and play. Also reset the car state fully on a restart to make sure the engine on/off state change was picked up properly
* Mitsubishi Lancer: All exterior mapped&textured, new lights setup, some mesh updates, combined all glass materials, user flags checked/fixed etc

Build 461 (3/5/13, Junior Member+)
* Ignition and engine start updates
* Fix for testing whether to Auto Start Engine before reading the Driver Aid settings
* Changed Auto Start to be 1 for Elite handling modes, should be 1 for all modes now
* Tweaked thresholds for IsEngineRunning metric
* Padded BDbgString when not used to keep consistent size for use by loaded classes such BHashString on all platforms/configs, including 64 bit
* Added static asserts to check expected sizes of BHashStrings and other basics types
* Various updates to change crt string calls to Base abstracts including new BStrtok
* Physics: Added overloads to pass in dest length for use with BStrtok abstracts
* NetServices: Fixed a compile warning
* Fix HRDF 64-bit type sizes and relocations
* Added BStrtok abstracts
* Added function register for heat haze toggle
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for not fetching valid RaceModeInfo for multiplayer
* Fixed incorrect script logic causing number of laps to always be 1
* Planar Reflections resolution is now linked to the envmap settings
* Added optional scaling of envmap based on specular texture alpha (as used on basic.fx) to basic_windows.fx
* Added gear wobble engine modulation
* ReplaySaveLoad: Resurrected some old debug code to aid in finding invalid track/vehicle IDs
* Replay: Added error then continue on an attempt to stop recording to an uninitialised sample buffer
* cPhysicsReplay: Clear activated flag on Cleanup()
Race Rules:
* Enable RacingFlags to be displayed
* Add display to 2d map
* Add RacingFlagSettings.hrdf which contains parameters to alter flag behaviour
* Add warning message to TextDB.btdb
* Hookup gui code to display flag warnings
* Enable conditional compilation of RacingFlags
* Only display HUD warning when player is inside a flag section
* Only run flag detection on host in multiplayer games
* WIP Fog/Scattering Shader
* Fixed PS3 shader compiler error in vehicles_basic_translucent.fx
* Bathurst: Added leaves particle fx in some areas
* Mercedes SLS AMG: Applied WIP suspension geometry from the GT3 version until we get full reference
* Ford Mustang Boss 302R: More performance balancing and applying data from Ford Racing
* BMW M3 GT4: Reduced aero drag
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Applied real numbers to gearbox
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Normals/textures updated

Builds 461 and 462 are available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

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Build 460 (2/5/13, Senior Manager)
* Set Scribe IncludeRoot parameter to “$(MWL_ROOT)\Common”
* Ensure IncludeRoot argument gets passed through to the script compiler
* Add “$(MWL_ROOT)\Common” to C++ include path for all configs/platforms
* Fixed compilation on multiple platforms in order to check cross platform code
* Added constructor to create a value-only hash string
* Animation sequence player update returns status based on any active players. Fix x64 compiler warning
* Set Warning as Error on missing configs
* Fixed various compile issues
* Set Warnings as Error on remaining lib configs that are missing it
* Fixed up a number of warnings that had crept in
* Fixed up some crt string calls to use Base abstracts
* GameSetup: Make SetupRaceDetails() replay-aware
* AppReplay: Add race mode ID and PreRaceSessionsAllowed flag to snapshot data
* AppReplay: Increase snapshot data version number
* AppReplay: Implement conversion of previous revision of snapshot data
* Modified handling of mirror exclusions to use local player flag rather than per-participant flag – should fix the bug with opponents disappearing in the mirror when there are more than 20 or so
* View Replay menu now placed within My Race Locker
* Mercedes SLS AMG: Changed runtime file naming, vehicle names and updated vehicle list
* Mercedes SLS AMG: Added badges back in

* Newly recorded replays will not load after being saved. (Should be fixed in the next build).

Build 459 (1/5/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for multiplayer games launching with single-player settings
* Fix for Live Edit components not calling their callback functors when data changed.
* Changed code in GrowBuffer so that we pass in the capacity we wish to handle
* Converted all game-mode specific code to script. Removed GameMode enum type and added game-wide support for GameMode hashes
* Updates to LiveEdit command creation and TCPBuffer management. Components are now held in a small pool and each has a Creation Method instead of using new, ctor’s are protected to avoid by passing the pool. The sending of data is nw thread safe, and can optionally be setup to be non-blocking and send on a separate worker thread
* Fix to make selection one-time-only
* Fixed compile error
* Added ‘SetSelected’ to GUIListItemData
* Stopped light detection from rejecting asymmetric light setups for reversing lights. Also added more internal debug reporting for use when analysing light detection errors
* Remove dead code/references to D3DDISPLAYMODE
* Further fix to LiveEdit API changes
* Fix for SSE2 implementation of the blend colour cubes being backwards
* Support added for external gear sounds
* Mercedes SLS: Added Mercedes-Benz badges back in
* Mercedes SLS GT3: WIP model added for physics testing

Build 458 (30/4/13, Manager+)
* Added functionality to advance the calendar to the next date that contains events (and debug test code for it), and get a list of events on a given date that the player will be eligible for
* Fixes audio screen being misdirected to the new view replays screen
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed some runtime warnings for missing files
* Fix for black dots in bonnet cam reflections on metallic cars (NaNs in frame-buffer)
* Mercedes SLS: Added missing cockpit display texture
* Ford Mustang Boss 302R: added approx 30kg of fluid weight


Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Markus Ott

    dat butiful GT3 monsta

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    Hey hey hey I’m seeing some audio changes here *gulp*

  • Steve Shears

    Its not changes – just the tech – in readiness for the changes.

  • Anonymous

    After Driving the GT3 Merc my impression was the car is good but needed some tweaks in the suspension and reading the notes confirms it is place holder. I think this car is gonna be really awesome when done. It’s is very good already.

  • Jonathon P Selley

    The development is coming along nicely now still along way to go but I have every faith in SMS to bring us an excellent sim.

    • Marcus Caton

      *Game* stop making the mistake of calling this thing a Sim.

      • Anonymous

        Sim snobbery is so adorable.

      • pez2k .

        Since when was ‘sim’ mutually exclusive to ‘game’? I play rF2 for enjoyment, I play pCARS for enjoyment, I play GTR2 for enjoyment. They’re all videogames, and they all reflect the developers’ best efforts at simulating racing at that time.

        The only sims I wouldn’t call a game are professional rigs that companies like Mercedes F1 own, where racing teams pay test drivers to sit and work through planned testing, and they have very little to do with commercial videogames like iRacing, NetKar or pCARS.

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        Newsflash: both iRacing and rF2 are games and there’s nothing wrong with that, games rock!

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  • Juha Mikkola

    Are all the cars correcting slides automatically without any countersteering?
    Just saw yesterday quite fresh video of the E30 M3 and it corrected itself also with almost no lock at all.. Looks weird and somewhat fundamental physics problem.

    • Neil

      There is a bug in the replay system, the amount amount of steering on the wheels doesn’t how properly.