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Project CARS – Builds 266/267 Available

Slightly Mad Studios has released two new development builds of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios has released two new development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title for all members with Team Member status and above.

Along with the new builds, a stunning new video trailer made by WMD community member halcyon has been released, showing off the further refined time of day & weather engine in full force.

Build 267 (27/7/12, Team Member +)

  • Quick fix for users’ access level issue
[/listfeature] Build 266 (27/7/12, Team Member +)
New player profile recommended
  • Derby – Removed Branding on some textures.
  • Belgian Forest Circuit texture updates, ground cover updates
  • Eifelwald – initial ground cover config file, ground cover exclusion map, initial ground cover material file, ground cover texture and misc textures updates
  • Sakitto: art source textures for illuminated pit building, spotlights, pit buiding windows and misc texture updates
  • Pagani Huayra cockpit textures. Gauges reflection update.
  • New exports: Sakitto, Eifelwald, Belgian Forest Circuit, Pagani Huayra
[/listfeature] The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

[toggle title=”Click Here To View The Changelogs Of All Builds Released During The Week”]Build 265 (26/7/12, Senior Manager)
Made Xbox 360 renderer use threadsafe global textures in same way as DX11 – this fixes the assert in non-gold builds
removed call to generate reflection resources in menu, as this was an old hangover
WEATHER: Clouds. setup code so that clouds can be rendered on several threads at the sametime.
Audio: Added Location parameter to road surface sound to test pitch variance on scrub/skid sounds between front and rear wheels. Effect deliberately subtle until it can be tested and tuned.
Ghost system:
* Added support for enumerating saved games containing ghost data.
* Added skeleton of API to support ghost save/load UI.
Integrated app-side debug Xbox 360 sign in/sign out function
Tracks, Eifelwald. Tweaked textures

Build 264 (25/7/12, Senior Manager)
Caterham R500: new export
Initial Throttler helper class implementation. Added skeleton for session message manager.
Base: w-i-p updates to metrics and TCP byte buffer code
* Split up the broadcast calls to allow for custom broadcast of data objects
* Structures passed to the BDbgMetric macro now supply their own Broadcast function, this is used to do type based broadcast of members if required. If false is returned the data object is broadcast as a byte array
* Added overloads to handles various string types and boolean properly
* Added missing Write functions to TCP byte buffer (s8, u64, s64, f64) also added a byte array write function
* Updated string read/write function to include a 32 bit string type marker
* Moved debug metrics init to app to ensure tweak it is connected
* Fixed a bug in BSessionInfo where the BDate/BTime members were missing from copy ctor and assignment op
TweakIt: Metrics Module updates
* Added read/write functions for u64/s64/f64
* w-i-p updates to the Metrics Module receive packet code
* Updated string read/write function to include a 32 bit string type marker
Moved the wait for tweakit code to earlier in the boot flow so that we can receive metrics during the open phases.
Integrated code changes from CL 229322 (Switch of Authentication libs)
Launcher: Added workaround for parsing version files that do not follow the convention. (This enables the launcher to be used with build 263.)
Changes to frustum culling code to take into account the clip plane mask.
Render: Modified initialisation for dirtiness values for car at start and end of session, so that we start out clean.
Caterham R500: cockpit animations added, cpit nose mapping fixed, brake disc glow IDs fixed
Render: fixed potential compile error in shader which would only occur with a specific combination of shader options
Stopped CRLF being added to build.txt
Eifelwald: a number of various textures updates

Build 263 (24/7/12, Manager+)
Initial implementation of message pool and message lists
Removed non-existing header from the project.
App support for Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500RS Integral wheel. Also updated T500RS presets
Base/Input support for Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500 Integral wheel
Buildscript : Fixed typo in build txt creation type
Added Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500RS Integral text entries
Pagani Zonda R textures metal updates

Build 262 (23/7/12, Senior Manager)
Register Awards (installs PS3 trophy set)
Ghost system:
– Added classes that will be used for save game implementation. Implementation is not complete yet
– Hooked the Ghost save game support to the app-level savegame structures
Integrated and fixed up OnlineSupport and Event changes
Changed Dx9 list of resources (required for alt-tab etc) to work using a hash table, to speed up access when deleting large numbers of entries
Changed DX11 renderer to use BHashTable instead of BList – Matches DX9 version
Fix for render item which was being removed from a list it was not added to in certain cases – not fatal but triggered error reports with new hash-table based access
Belgian Forest Circuit – AO and LM map for Atrium interior
Fixed low cloud in stormy conditions
Ground cover files checked in
Volusia Roadlines added
Pagani Huayra colors. Minor correction for Bronzo Aymara
New added 3d tree texturemap
New Formula Rookie export
New Pagani Zonda R export
New Test Track export
New Volusia exports[/toggle]

To play the builds, Team Membership of Project CARS is required, membership starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, including access to the busy WMD forum where members can talk to the development team and help shape Project CARS. For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.

  • Matt Orr

    No Loire, no care. Seems like it’s just stuck.


  • Francisco Costa

    That video made me dizzy :

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    wuts the point making clouds if the track not live n tyres wont respond to it? *fp*

    • Anonymous

      “wuts the point” ?
      It’s part of the dynamic weather/track system coming.

      • Nazirull Safry Paijo

        i know its coming…lol. is the live track coming?

    • Jaimy Mewe

      Wuts the point of leaving a useless comment ? Go FP on youtube..

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        ure comment is so useful it seems

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        fp loser spotted

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      • Jaimy Mewe

        Read his awesome “first post” , wuts..

    • Anonymous

      Gotta have the clouds first so you can develop the dynamic track to go along with it, right?

      • Nazirull Safry Paijo

        same argument also can be used. Gotta haf the live track first then the clouds come with it….right?

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t honestly matter which order, but the clouds will probably be cosmetic before they get hooked in.

  • Kevin Brigden

    Simple explanation: live track requires physics updates therefore very complex. Quit your whining and enjoy what we’re getting.

    • Nazirull Safry Paijo

      in sims, cars are more important than clouds lol

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        I’ve seen this….”argument” so many times and I just cant understand how people still wont get it: Artist do art, coders do code! Live track physics are a code related feature therefore an artist CAN NOT work on it, ONLY a programmer can. In the imarinary world that you and other people who makes comments like these live the programmers would do all the work while the artist play around with their thumbs, and once they are done the art work would begin, which of course means that if the art requires aditional code work (like in this case where the cloud rendering, lighting and particle effects are all tied to the dynamic physics system) people would have to sit around and wait for the code to be fixed and so on. All games would take 15 years to make and every developer would be bankrupt..Seriously, no company in the world works this way, no employee is in charge of doing everything and capable on every field, why does it have to be the case with video games then?

      • Anonymous

        If his comments makes him feel better about himself well what can you say about that? Also they really aren’t that bad as is some people’s. I wonder if he is a member of the project and has actually tested the software? Or if he has how many months ago was his last drive of it?