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Project CARS – Build 91 Available for Download

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new development build of Project CARS, adding three new content items to the title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new development build of Project CARS for all members with Team Member status and above, adding a brand new car and two tracks to the developing title.

The new build features the Gumpert Apollo Sport, a 750hp sports car powered by an Audi V8 bi-turbo engine. The new car can be driven on two new tracks as the build also includes two early versions of Spa Francorchamps and Willow Springs International Raceway.

Version 91 also introduces improved physics for all Racer cars and the Ariel Atom, as well as a more-progressed version of Bathurst and a first evolution of the user interface.


Build 91 (11/11/11, Team Member+)

  • Paint UV mapping finished, LODX meshes finished, collision meshes added for GUMPERT apollo S
  • Temp. LODA/CPIT meshes added, lots of bug fixes for GUMPERT apollo S
  • GUMPERT apollo S (alpha 1) added to the game
  • New physics for the Ariel Atom
  • Ariel Atom LODA wip check in
  • Both Racer cars: CPIT suspension models added
  • Belgium Forest track added
  • California Raceway track added
  • First pass at a new UI checked in
  • Resolution increase to 1080p across UI, TILE interface on Login, MainMenu, QuickSolo, Loading screens

Every interested sim racer can become Team Member for a one-time price of 25€ to enjoy weekly development builds and up-close access to follow the development progress of Project CARS, Junior Membership is available for 10€. For more info on pricing and benefits, check out the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    The detail in the Gumpert is amazing. downloading now.

  • Anonymous

    Is the physics on C.A.R.S. good? 

    • Laurent Cortier

      Try it for yourself… This is a work in progress, the community welcomes constructive criticism…
      Join us 🙂

      It’s only 10€ for the junior access (1 build every 2 weeks I believe) and for 25€ you get the weekly builds to keep you entertained while helping development…

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think my E7500 will handle it very well. 🙁

      • Ricoo

        I overclocked my E7200 from 2.53 gHz to 3.6 gHz and it’s more than enough. A fast GPU is what is really needed.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the heads-up. I’m gonna get and see what happens.

        I have a GTX 260, lets hope C.A.R.S. don’t get bottlenecked with it because of the core2duo.

      • Marcel Penzkofer

        Honestly I think the GTX260 is by far the lower performing hardwarepart than the Core²Duo. Core²s have always been the best CPUs for rFactor, they even outscore current Core i7s – not with modern titles but with ISIs GMotor 2.0 engine- titles.

      • Anonymous

         I didn’t know that, nice to know.

        Altought for example, for frostbite games like Battlefield 3 / Bad Company 2, the card even on highest settings never go above 50% usage while stays below 30 fps. Same happens on Crysis 1. I have to turno down resolution and AA to get 50-60 fps on those games (BF3 I set to low)
        On a friend’s rig, with the same card and core2quad, gets way better performances and increased usage from the card.

        I think its all about the aplication in the end. But I’m getting an I5 next month.

      • Kyle Williams

        With my GTX260 in the latest build i can run the game at 1920×1080 with 4xMSAA, all settings high except Shadows and Reflections on Low and get 50+ FPS, in earlier builds i had to run 1280×720 as 1920×1080 was just unplayable even without AA.

      • Anonymous

        GTX 260 still ‘s a good card. The E7500 holds it back immensively.

      • Laurent Cortier

        That depends on the game. 
        If you ask me, I’d say the bottleneck is the GFX card, not the CPU, which, as Ricoo said, is easily overclockable. Thing is : to update your GFX, you just need to change the card, but if you want to change CPU, you have to change the mobo, CPU and RAM… LOTS more of $$$.
        All in all, your system should be enough to give CARS a try, even not in full resolution with all the effects.

      • Richard Hessels

        Core i5 2500k – or core i7 2600k???

        i5 2600k  does not exist.

        On my Z68 the 2600 runs 4500 GHz without any sweat.
        With my Ati 6970 the CPU does not even come close to 20% utilization.

        My CPU upgrade did hardly give my any extra FPS.
        With my previous GPU – a GTX 260-216 frame did not go up more than maybe 1fps.

        So get yourself a better graphics card and see your frame-rate double

  • Markus Ott

    It’s early stages, but the physics so far are more sim than arcade.

  • Marcus Caton

    The Track looks better.
    Did they improve the track accuracy?

  • Anonymous

    I see them adding lots of new tracks which are not laser scanned. I wonder if those tracks will be laser scanned later if not I won’t bother spending time in unrealistic tracks!

    • Pork Hunt Racing

      what does it really matter if you dont truly know the differences? dont believe everything you read on the internet 🙂

      • lee ross

        @ SBK – LOL what a tit! Big fail!

    • Markus Ott

      Just lmao. “unrealistic track”. iRacing victim. As if someone here could judge if a straight is 5 meters longer or shorter than in real life.

      • Anonymous

        Shouldn’t need a laser scan to make a track that is accurate within 5m…

        It’s all about the cambers and bumps, just makes a track feel natural and driven on, rather than contrived. That said, I’m alright with running non-scanned tracks, I just prefer one laser scanned if I can get it.

      • Mark

        It’s the bumps that add so much to the iRacing tracks, the driving feels so much better for feeling a little FFB whilst driving down a straight and having to take those bumps into consideration when braking/cornering/accelerating.

      • Anonymous

        That kind of stuff can be done without laser scanning really, it just wont have the bumps and stuff in the same places as the real one. Which, lets face it, doesn’t matter unless you’e training for the real thing.
        Anyway don’t despair if you love accuracy, they will be laser scanning tracks. Brands Hatch and a bunch of other tracks will be laser scanned.

      • Anonymous

        Or if they’re famous bumps…

      • badracer

        Saying tracks are unrealistic, just because they are not laser scanned
        is a big fail. Do you get a hard one just by the word “laser scanned”?
        You never were on most of the tracks and in exeptions to very famous
        bumps you wouldn´t even know, where bumps are or not. And if you do not
        laser scan tracks, you model the bumps manually….that easy.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Been running around spa with the gumpert. That thing flies! TBH, I’m over laser scanned tracks. It was fun in iracing for a while, to be on a lifelike track, but i’m no pro racer and i’ve realised i’d rather have excitement over laser scanned tracks anyday. If you are using it as a training tool than laser scanned is a must but i’m not going to shit on a sim because the tracks arent done that way. As long as it gives the basic feel of the track and it makes for good racing, than i’m going to be happy.

    • Anonymous

      Project CARS will be getting some laser scanned tracks. The difference to iRacing is that they will not leave out tracks just because they cannot be laser scanned 🙂

  • Nathan Robinson

    Here is a little video i made from build 91 🙂