Project CARS – Build 515 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Like last week’s build and all further releases, the build is available for members on Steam.

Members that are still using the Project CARS launcher to obtain the builds are urged to make the switch to Steam in due time as the launcher is being phased out before the end of the month.

Build 515 (12/7/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU – implemented CTexture::GenerateMipMaps, CRenderer::StretchRect and CRendertarget::CopyToTexture (required for Envmap rendering)
* WiiU: Moved thread affinity call from thread func as it can’t be made whilst the thread is running
* WiiU: Implemented BMutex
* WiiU Set SceneGraphQuery process to be high priority
* WiiU – fix missing file from instanced rendering support
* WiiU fix Scenegraph thread affinity
* Allowing textures to load immediately instead of waiting, to assist with ongoing reduction of peak memory load
* Disabled memory fragmentation test in order to stop it trashing pool peak use data
* Added mutex test
* Reduce MP stop race countdown to 30s
* Code to stop us skipping mips on particle texture
* Added dyanmic flag to disable use of fibers on platforms that don’t benefit from them or if DEBUG_DISABLE_FIBERS is set
* Bathurst: Slowed down the AI in the blind down hill esses to keep them on the track
* Ford GT40: Added wheel LODs

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the update builds here for pCars, and there seems to be more updates for the WiiU than physics update 🙂

    • Big Ron

      You can´t have extensive physics-updates every build since some of them naturally can take more than a week. Or do you think they put the tiniest “I created/ changed physics-code line XY” in every release note? Also they are porting the codes of their engine to the Wii which happens quite fast and therefore you see a lot fo entries in the notes.

      Sometimes it´s better to think before posting.

    • Anonymous

      That didn’t take long…

    • Gumshoe

      Why did you decide to highlight this, are you trolling for reactions?
      If it’s just something you noticed, why do we care?

    • suttcliffe

      If you have nothing worth saying, don’t say it at all.

  • Ioannis

    I got my refund the other day, hopefully i will get a new rig before the full pc release, check the content vs dlc (i hate dlc) then buy it again.
    Good luck pCars!

    • Anonymous

      If you hate DLC then buying the Full Member team pack would have been the thing to do. That way you are paying the full game price, get weekly updates and free DLC.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know what’s the deal with the WiiU version… given the install base (and the target demographic of the game vs the target demographic of WiiU, not to mention the “awesome” momentum WiiU has shown lately), you’d have to be clinically insane to port it on that console. I mean, for God’s sake, even the ZombiU, which is a zombie-themed (read: popular) exclusive, did not make any money! I don’t know what Ian is thinking, but this is not the way to make money. It is a bet and a poor one.

    • Anonymous

      It’ll be the only serious racer on the platform, and there are already Nintendo fans excited for it. It also means that SMS will have a Wii U build of their graphics engine in case they make games in future that might fit best on the Wii U (ie. an imaginary ‘Skid Racer HD’).

    • suttcliffe

      Maybe SMS made a deal with Nintendo before launch and now have to stick to it?

    • C4

      Don’t think ZombiU is a good example, they delibarately released it at or around consoles launch and hoped that it will sell. Game could have used another 6 months development and then sold and marketed to a wider audience and (slightly) higher userbase.

      Mario Bros is a good example IMHO, on Wii its predessor sold ~ 30 million which means more then every 4th Wii owner bought it! NSMBU for Wii U sold around 2 million which is more then half of the Wii Us userbase! That’s as already said by pez2k below what developers can hope for to achieve, being the “one” game that’s successful. That’s what Ubi hoped for with ZombiU but couldn’t achieve (I don’t think Zombie games are that popular at Nintendos demographic)

      Maybe the userbase gets larger, Mario Kart (tough competition for pCars 🙂 ) , Smash Bros, Mario 3D World, Wii U Fit and Sports will probably be the first system sellers. I’d expect it to sell well around the next 12 months, then again 2 other manufactors will try to sell their new (and more powerful) consoles…

    • Big Ron

      I think they need to stick to it since they´ve bought a developer kit which could have been very expensive. To not having wasted that money they keep developing it for that platform beside having the Madness engine ready to release other games in the future.

    • Anonymous

      They’ve got a render coder experienced in porting to WiiU ( if i remember correctly.. think it was Martin Griffith ). Maybe it doesn’t take too much money and would make it stand out on the platform.
      They also work on an arcade racer title for a publisher which might want to have that released on WiiU ergo they need the engine to work with the platform anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly don’t like so low amount of grip in last builds. Driving became to mush “slidy”…

  • arcovk

    What a better graphics setings,I want to look like the screenshots,please tell me!
    email : [email protected]

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