Project CARS – Build 505 Available

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS simulation.

Alongside the usual stream of fixes and improvements, Build 505 introduces some impressive new sounds for the BMW Z4 GT3.

You can check out a lap with it around Derby below, make sure to listen in!

The new build also introduces an updated tire model for the Ford Zakspeed Capri Group 5 and the Lotus 78, lots of groundwork for the upcoming pitstop feature has been laid during the past weeks as well.

Build 505 (28/6/13, Team Member+)
* Returned sync dump levels to normal
* Added function to get vehicle from styling entity
* Increased f32 key frame pool size to accomodate extra conditions being added
* Fix GUITextEntry deleting last letter
* Fix for dropping gui objects onto a gui dialog multiple times
* Fix SetDialogQuadInstance getting mismatched in the GUI memory context changes
* Fog tweaks to rainy 02, stormy02 and super storm 02
* Clouds updates to several conditions, work is still WIP. Changes added to the 02 versions so that they can be compared to the 01s for feedback on optimisations made. I will copy over to the 01 slot and remove 02s if feedback is positive
* Updated conditions – med cloud 02, heavy cloud 02 (new), rainy 02, stormy 02 (new), thunderstorm 02 (new)
* Added some underlighting using the rim lighting tech to make clouds less flat when looking into the sun. Used mostly at sunset
* Added some scale variation throughout the clouds so they are less repetative and popcorny
* Reduced the overall number of quad billboards used in each cloud so that they look less repeated and for optimisation purposes
* Changed the mapping so that the quads within each cloud are less repetative
* Tweaks to several other settings such as fog for balancing
* New BMW Z4 GT3 incar and external engine sets. Added gear wobbles and all the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and a new distant echo and occlusion curves and distant roll-offs
* Azure Coast: Fixed placement of 3D trees
* Derby National/GP: Lengthened kerbswhere needed -dirt areas next to kerbs added -fixedkerb types in last corner of national -csm updated to latest kerbs changes
* Besos National/GP: Added garage interiors, reworked pitwall, temp textures to tyrewalls, CSM fixes around tyrewalls
* Bathurst: Static scene update. Switch of 3D eucalyptus trees to the ones which use one material for all variaitons and it’s LODs
* Milan: Addition track foliage added
* Sven tree tweaks added for various tracks
* Zakspeed Capri GR5, Lotus 78: New flash tire with heating enabled for testing
* Formula Gulf: LODX mesh 95% finished, fixed new collision shapes for detachable parts, quick new collision shapes to fix the missing rear wingBuilds 505 is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

Click Here for Release Notes for All Builds Released During the Past Week

Build 504 (27/6/13, Senior Manager)
* Career Calendar, career event popup, initial implementation
Pit Stop Logic:
* Apply auto pit state to AI logic
* Debug render AI states in 2d
* Simple release of AI vehicles from pit spots during qualifying
* Updated Vehicle * Out functions to use HoldInPit
* Apply HoldInPit logic correctly
* Fixed generation of pit spot position
* Added PitOutTriggered logic for when car drives straight through pit
* Unfreeze AI when reacting to start – fixes bug when start reaction slider is low
* Update AI state inputs when in pit/garage spot
FPS Debug:
* Changed debug FPS print code to use ArrayLength instead of sizeof to limit the string printing to the correct size – this needed changing because of the recent switch to unichar text
* WiiU CShader RenderMeshPrimitive (and variants) GX2 drawcalls implemented
* WiiU warning fixes
* WiiU fix for crash when initiating a Spark GPU capture
* WiiU enable Rendering and also add gx2spark libs
* GX2Init(), Main command buffer creation
* Back buffer/Depth Buffer Creation
* Texture/Target MEM1 allocation support
* Frame begin syncronization/frame end presentation
* Vertex/index buffer setting
* Fetch shader (input assembly) creation and setting implemented
* Support for Spark (GPU debugger) capture in non gold builds
* Various bug-fixes – renderer now successfully clear colour cycles in BaseTest with the cross-platform API calls
Driver Liveries:
* Opponents custom liveries removal + fixed IDs for player (ID=99)
* Driver custom liveries for player/opponent
* Custom liveries setup, separated player and opponents
* Azure Circuit: Track Dressing Additions, yachts added, new casino/mirabeau gardens created, temp fixed right part of the casino, mirabeau side, and the caffe de paris
* Bathurst: Re add the 3D trees, fixed AIW around the new chicane geometry (was underground slightly)
* Mercedes SLS: New UV mapping for glass/paint (LODX/LODA finished)
* BMW M1 Procar: New suspension geometry, brake heating/cooling/wear, removed doors from collisions, milder engine braking curve, new gearbox

Build 503 (26/6/13, Senior Manager)
* Rendertask profiling frame view
* Enabled Unity compilation in WiiU configs
* Added guards to PS3 specific files included in the unity files
* Fix for GUI WiiU build errors (logging changes)
* WiiU Renderer compilation fixes for removal of Remember/ForgetDefault pool resources
* SRenderModeInfo constructor added – fixes occassional crash in CRenderer::ResolveRenderList. In Renderer CPPs – avoiding call of fakeDeferList::m_prepareSortItems (this caused the crash when rain material has not specified deferred id in technique) – it should not occure with the SRenderModeInfo fix, but just to be sure
* Driver animations for Bmw m3 gt4: fixed hand clipping through “helmet view”
* Loire: Edited cut tracks as tight as could be done. Still difficult to trigger in the chicanes though

Build 502 (25/6/13, Manager+)
* Enabled Unity compilation in WiiU configs to significantly speed up compile time of RaceAppCore
* Fix for GUI WiiU build errors (logging changes)
* WiiU Renderer compilation fixes for removal of Remember/ForgetDefault pool resources
* Added accessor to get BUniString from BTime
* Fixed WiiU link error due to missing _RetrieveInputIdentifier function
* Added declaration of partial specialisation of managed object static member to fix WiiU prelink & link errors. Disallow default ctor of _cManagedObject to make sure it isn’t invoked accidentally
* WiiU CTexture class implemented (GTX texture loading, texture locking, Color/DepthBuffer GX2 structures etc)
* SRenderModeInfo constructor added – fixes occassional crash in CRenderer::ResolveRenderList. In Renderer CPPs – avoiding call of fakeDeferList::m_prepareSortItems (this caused the crash when rain material has not specified deferred id in technique) – it should not occure with the SRenderModeInfo fix, but just to be sure
* Add memory context
* Fixed link error caused by missing TimeLineFrame template static member definition
* All Caterhams and All Ariel Atoms: Decresed tyre wear to prevent easy tire flat-spotting
* Ford GT40: New tire with more sliding grip, and better blending from stick to slide. Engine torque below 5000 rpms increased for more throttle steer. Overall chassi setup changes for a quicker chassis. Moslty increasing damper effectivness
* Ford Focus RS: Added LODX mesh work and updated parts of LODA/B
* Ford Focus RS: Initial Ultra detail control file
* Gumpert Apollo: Fix for offset LODC/D in game

Build 501 (24/6/13, Senior Manager)
* Career Calendar, initial implementation using debug date.
* Career Event Info screen added, ready to be hooked up to code
* Bathurst: Removed 3D trees, replaced with X-form instances

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Alex White

    Those sounds are pretty nice.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    From behind, it’s close, but in replay from track side cameras, we are not there yet…

  • Josh Desotell

    Sounds pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Big thumbs up for upshift sounds! Now they need to work on the downshifts. The deficiencies between ‘obviously synthetic’ and ‘completely natural’ sounding shifts are in the nuances of imperfection.

  • suttcliffe

    pCars have been the leader graphics wise for some time, but now it’s even beginning to overtake rf2 physics wise. The latest tire physics iteration is just that good. I keep playing pCars more and more and rf2 less and less.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

    • Realkman666

      I haven’t tried it, but the latest videos do look planted enough.

      • suttcliffe

        It’s still not perfect, the heating is a bit off, but give the Capri a go if you get the chance.

    • Anonymous

      Well I for one wish the best of success for all these developers and anything that continues to build on the Sim Race genre and industry. So yes enjoy pCARS but don’t give up on other titles.

    • F1Racer

      It’s not just you. Theres a shift here (no pun intended) and it’s a bit unexpected.

    • myvracelog

      I spent last 2 weeks playing rt2 which half the time spend downloading and setting the thing up. I did this just so I could compare the 2. Not impressed at all. Only thing I was impressed with was that over rf1 i could select hdr.

      otherwise i would just be happy sticking with rf1 and pcars. I have already uninstalled rf2 after trying all base cars plus indy 2012 cars and so on.

      I don’t really see what people claim to be sooooo much better.

  • Anonymous

    Another step in the right direction, loving the new audio improvements they might not be perfect yet but they are getting there.

  • Henk Ensing

    Could you guys help me out here a little bit. If I understand correctly there are certain cars that have the latest physics (and now tyre heating) updates – and some that don’t. Some advise to try the pagani, in this thread the capri was mentioned. Are there any other cars that I should definitely try?

    • Anonymous

      I believe they currently push updates out to 4 cars first.
      Zonda, Capri and I’m not 100% on these 2 but the Formula A and the Caterham Superlight.
      But I’m sure if i’m wrong someone will correct me soon.

      • Anonymous

        As far as I’m aware those four are the sound test cars rather than physics.

        To Henk: There’s a stickied Physics Releases thread on WMD which lists the latest updates done, so basically pick something that’s been mentioned recently and that’s likely the current cutting edge. Like Markus above says though, it changes from build to build, so just try things out.

    • Markus Ott

      No one can really tell what you will like. pCARS is in development and it is an up and down with the cars. Some feel good in an update but feel akward in the next one. They keep tuning the variables of the tire model to learn and find out how to set it up right. There is no other way than to try out every week which cars perform fine for the moment. The Capri was a good car for quite some time now, The Stig liked the Formula A since the latest build and the BMW Z4 GT3 is also pretty nice. Apart from that… test it. Just make sure to select the right tire option in the setup menu of the car.

    • Anonymous

      Z4 has some tire options to try out as well as many others. The important thing is SMS has enough tire data that will suit just about anyone. I am excited to see what they do with all of it since their options are tremendous ATM.

      • F1Racer

        Anyone know the differences between the tyres ? Green, Green Flash, Green Modal. Is flash the latest one with the heat cycles ?
        How do they compare to the other 2? Does green mean new ?
        There must be somewhere on the WMD forum that I’ve missed that explains all this.

      • Anonymous

        Yes Flash tires represent flash heating but there are some tires that carry a form of brand name like the Spork Tire as well as others that represent different tread compound as far as grip levels that I see as very important to the tire tests as a whole. The Z4 has a tire for option that while I can’t say has heating implemented is a good example of some well gauged understeer in to corners and some well gauged oversteer on drive off of corners that I like very much.

    • Henk Ensing

      Thank’s guys! I’ll definitely give the Z4 and Lotus 49 a go, as well as having a look at the WMD forum.

  • fritzisbro

    At Last they have finally kicked of the last vestiges of those bloody
    awful rubber band physics. With this new build the lotus 49 around
    silverstone 70’s was absolute dream and fun to drive around….where as
    rfactor 2’s equivalent car and track is akin to driving on ice – on a
    pair of roller skates much more of a chore to drive, and definitely not
    Sorry image space but you have some catching up to do.

    • F1Racer

      Didn’t think I’d be saying this but I agree. The FFB in pCars is a numb as your arm when you’ve been lying on it for an hour, but it sure has caught up in other areas and is, at least at the moment, more rewarding and fun to drive than rF2. Something I was not expecting.
      I tried out the BMW Z4 GT3 on a wet track at Imola in pCARS and it was damn fine. I did expect more grip once I chose a dry track and slicks though, but the difference wasn’t as much as I think it should be.
      Once the FFB is sorted so I can actually feel things like kerbs, dampening when the rear end lets go (right now there is no info in the wheel to tell you the rear is going ) then it will really be getting somewhere.
      I’m on a Fanatec wheel btw, so I dunno if this is affecting other Fanatec users or Logitech users.

      • fritzisbro

        I Have A g25…and It’s Not too bad. But it seems to vary on different tracks and I tend too agree with you that the ffb could be a lot better.

      • F1Racer

        I seem to remember in earlier builds the steering force was weaker but I could feel the wheel reacting to the bumpy kerbs. Now the wheel force is much better but I’m not feeling the kerbs at all and the wheel isn’t giving me any info back during understeer or the rear getting loose.
        So this is why it just feels totally numb.

      • mhth

        I have to use the F1 button after every update to turn on kerbs and braking vibration feedback for my G25! And also to turn on or off whether the signal comes directly from the game or just the G25 interpetation of it.
        I think that’s why there’s so many neg. posts here about the FFB. After all this time I’m surprised it isn’t part of a standard controller setup but it isn’t.

      • F1Racer

        Thanks for the tip mhth. Will check that out and see if it fixes the issue for me too. Good to know.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm I wonder if this is due to the extensive tire tests going on? Who knows if when the tire is at some state of completions and the car setups have been tweaked to work with the tire that some good amount of focus will be put into the ffb.

      • Anonymous

        At least for me at this moment in time the FFB is FTMP consistent as compared to early on in the project. I am running a CSW which might have stronger and smoother FFB than a Logitech G series I also have a G27. But I think if they took the current FFB and put the effects on sliders as so the user can customize it to their liking would be a good idea because I feel there is a strong base to the games FFB. The sliders would be the polish.

      • Olivier Prenten

        As a moderator I tend to believe you shouldn’t express your opinion regarding a product! But who am I? Just my 20 cents…

      • F1Racer

        You have GOT to be kidding me ! Where did you get this idea ?

        Let me explain something to you.

        My job here as moderator is to see that the comment rules are upheld and act on those posts that don’t. End of story.

        Beyond that I am as free to express my opinions as any other member on here. I have no loyalties to any sim manufacturer.

        That is my view and if Montoya disagrees with that he can always remove me as a moderator should he so wish. I would rather not be a moderator than not be able to express myself.

        Hope that’s cleared that up.

      • Olivier Prenten

        No I’m not kidding you at all! As you mentionned then I’m free to express my point of view! To manage diverging views is part of your job too!

      • F1Racer

        You sound surprise that you are free to express your point of view. Have you just found this out ? As long as you stay within the rules and pretty much on topic, you can express whatever you like.

        However, I really don’t think it is appropriate for you to be telling me what my job is or telling me what you think I can and cannot post. So best for you to let that go.

      • Olivier Prenten

        As long as we live in democracy I can certainly tell you what I think!! Also take this as an advice and don’t threaten people behind a pseudo! I’m only expressing my feeling respectuously! Full stop! 😉

      • F1Racer

        OK we’re done here. As you can’t take a hint, take a few days to realise that you can’t say whatever you think – especially telling a mod/admin what their job is supposed to be and what they can or cannot say. If one could say whatever they wanted here then I would surely be telling you a few things right about now.

        I don’t need any advice from you and I certainly didn’t ask for any. In fact I gave you advice to leave this alons and you thought it was a threat! Your opinions were not respectful in my eyes and very inappropriate.

        Learn this rule and see you soon:-

        “5 Remain respectful of other members, moderators and administrators at all times.”

      • Anonymous

        “5 Remain respectful of other members, moderators and administrators at all times.”
        I also think that Software and Hardware developers deserve respect as well and feel feedback is best accepted when it is constructive and well worded.
        Why put your peers on the defensive with something that may be considered as poorly worded?

      • F1Racer

        I can’t believe you just wrote that.
        No-one said anything to the contrary.
        Look, some people are going to go on the defensive no matter how careful and sensitive you are with your wording. It is just in some peoples nature to be like that.

        What is it that you consider to be poorly worded or disrespectful exactly?

      • Anonymous

        That is the other part of the equation is when people are misunderstood that is a problem with web forums. None of my post was directed at you. I only took something you wrote and added to it as to say that it should not stop at Members. Moderators, or Administrators but developers and hardware manufacturers should be allotted the same courtesy.

      • Moderator

        Sorry man, I did misunderstand it. Guess I’m a bit on the defensive myself today.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes you just lean back and take a deep breath. I am sure you like me would rather this be a happy place rather than people being at each other all the time.

      • Moderator

        It would be nice.

      • Robcart944

        I can not believe that a moderator can be so arrogant as to diss the members and dare Montoya to remove him! Outrageous!

      • F1Racer

        OK so you have clearly misunderstood. I am obviously not going to tolerate people trying to tell me what my job is supposed to be. The duties of a moderator is not an appropriate conversation topic for these forums. Nor will I be told what I can or cannot say as long as it’s done within the rules here (as a moderator or a member) – I’m sure that goes for most people, if not all. Attempting to publically belittle a moderator or admin of any forum is going to be met with a reaction, so why provoke that ? I’m sure you can appreciate that can’t be seen to happen.

        My duties here are for Montoya decide and no-one else. Don’t expect that I will not respond and remind anyone of that. You can call that a diss if you want but you would be misrepresenting what I said.

        Also, I did not ‘dare’ Montoya to remove me and somehow I think you know that – anyone reading what I wrote can see that. I merely said that I would prefer to express my opinion than be a moderator who can’t, and if I cannot express my opinion then I would prefer not to be a moderator. So far, Montoya has not any issue with me expressing my opinions as a member and taking up the extra duties of moderation.

        As for arrogance well it all depends how you want to perceive it. I think I am firm but fair and you need to be around here or any other respectable sim-racing forum.
        You’re only going to be on the receiving end of the moderator or admininstrator if you break the rules.
        Look, even on this thread Birddogg66 posted something that I completely misinterpreted. When he pointed that out to me, in a proper way, I immediately apologised and owned up to misinterpreting it. Is that a sign of arrogance?
        You get back what you give. Plain and simple.

        So anyway, as I said, I think you’ve either innocently misinterpreted that or are deliberately trying to make something out of nothing.

      • Anonymous

        Directed at the Sim Race Community as a whole.

        For all of us Sim Racers whom tuck ourselves away in a corner for hours and find our social lives on a computer screen. Were mental a special breed of gamer that’s been kicken butt for quite some time now. We are very demanding to achieve the type of entertainment we seek but remember we are all in this together a tight knit industry. So this back and forth stuff and some of the bashing get’s to me were better than that. We are a very driven community and we lose sight at times let’s try to keep it together everyone.

        Substitute American and Soldier for Sim Racer and have a watch of this video.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you trying to stir the pot? Everyone here is human guilty of human nature. I think awareness is the important element here for all of us. Sometimes when people are possibly in the wrong frame of mind they may not be fully aware of what they are posting. Goes for anyone. This may include a reminder to stay on base and continue to follow the principles of these forums. There is no reason to make it into a showdown at OK corral but if it starts to move in that direction what is the best way for US I MEAN ALL OF US to divert that.

        The moderators have a job to do and should be allowed to do so with the least amount of friction but remember they are human as well and subject to the same emotions as the rest of us.

      • Prent73

        Is it a reason for the moderator to ban me? Really? If it’s the case then I have nothing to do anymore on this outstanding site I follow since it’s beginning!

      • Prent73

        That’s exactly what I have been…respectful hence nothing to learn nor added value!

        GROW UP!!!

      • Anonymous

        Well, I can tell you as a long time reader that you’re wrong. This isn’t a website that pretends to be anything but a blog that a ton of people like and respect.

        See F1Racer’s response for the real details.

  • Anonymous

    Needs updated gear whine sound. The wobble seems slow and not right yet.

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