Project CARS – Build 469 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

WMD users get to enjoy an extra build this week as 469 is available for all members with Team Member level and above, giving everyone an extra dose of Project CARS this week!

Build 469 (14/5/13, Team Member+)
* Ruf RGT-8 & Mercedes SLS: Unlocked all setup options.
* Tweaked the default tyre name search and removed compound tag search to increase tyre options
* Set default tyre index to -1
* Present tyre name rather than tags to the createTire SETA system for default tyres
* Adjusted player only slipstream effect back to 1.0 from 4.0
* Tires: improvement of speed of tagging calls, anti-LSS options
* BLiveEditManager/LiveEditTools Camera Editor updates standard gizmos in and camera object manipulation
* Collect light instances post track load and register with environment animation system. Enable environment animations for locatable instances.
* Render tasks to allow visualisation of editing cameras point of view..
* Restore switch from PostAdvanceSession to InGame state
* Fix for missing environment sounds. When RaceAppCore changes were made, an Init call had been missed out and so handles weren’t getting updated
* Updated game mode scripts, so now all game mode queries are obtained from GameSetup.
* Fixes for list scrolling in edge cases
* Patch to avoid crash on bad mFrame2
* Fix for GUIQuad::SetColour so that it uses GUIQUADFLAG_CloneHasOwnRGB and GUIQUADFLAG_CloneHasOwnAlpha instead of GUITEXTFLAG_CloneHasOwnRGB and GUITEXTFLAG_CloneHasOwnAlpha.
* Caterham SP300R: Fixed cockpit exposure value.

Builds 469 is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Lars Bargmann

    Wow, the article has been up for 15 hours, and no “This is arcade” comments yet?? Actually, no comments at all??? Is there something going on in the real world, that I haven’t heard about??? 😀

    • Steve Farrell

      Give it time. The people who like their racing games to feel like cars have tyres made of blocks of ice so that they call it a sim will tell us how bad PCars is as usual.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm like a Hockey Puck that has just been iced?

    • Wally Masterson

      Well, every new weekly build is hardly newsworthy, really.

      • Anonymous

        I agree pCARS get’s a lot of attention but it’s not like attention to other titles is not spread around. If it really bothers you why do you keep following it Wally? I don’t go in the other games related threads and consistently trash those titles. You may get a negative comment out of me every now and again but it’s not an ongoing process since I do have better things to do.

      • Wally Masterson

        I follow all of virtualr. I’m just offering a reason why there aren’t many comments on the news of a weekly build.

  • Me

    Any word on the Oculus Rift stuff? I saw in the release notes a build or two back something about Oculus Rift. Any of the devs testing it yet?

    Man oh man…can’t wait for that!!

    • Martino Cesaratto

      two of the devs recived it and are now working on native support in pCars

  • Paul Haworth

    The last few builds have really impressed me. The latest Formula B car has dynamism and subtlety with great transition from under to over-steer mid corner. Its physics feel like they’re in high resolution.
    One point I’m not so sure about (and I wondered if anyone agrees) is the braking phase. This doesn’t work for me. Hard breaking just results in front lock up and inability to turn in (which would certainly happen) but the rear never feels light or about to break away (which also would happen under certain conditions).
    Otherwise, this pCars is really looking promising!

    • Lars Bargmann

      Yeah the current Formula B is amazing, but my current favourites are the M3 GT and the Z4, actually… Those are amazing fun (but don’t use TC)
      As for braking, adjust the bias??

      • Paul Haworth

        Thanks Lars, I’ll give it a try. Happy racing!

      • Anonymous

        Lotus 49 is pretty top notch also

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