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Project CARS – Build 402 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

The main addition introduced by the new build is the Renault Megane RS road car that will provide some competition for the 2009 Ford Focus RS that was recently added to Project CARS.

Build 402 (8/2/13, Team Member+)
Debug Keys:
* Moved debug key for “toggle dirt” from being “dev only” to being available in members build
* Disabled screen grab in DX11 mode, until full fix is ready (only in race, will still crash if used in the main menu)
* Updated call to use Base abstract BStrcpy
* Render the Skydome in phase 1 of the RVM – needed for the depth faded particles (tyre smoke etc) to ZBuffer correctly against the sky
* Bonnet envmap rendering corrected for carbon skinned parts (eye vector normalization added in fragment shader); well this will slightly affect more things on skinned parts, but this one was reported
* Bonnet envmap rendering corrected for skinned parts (eye vector normalization added in fragment shader); well this will slightly affect more things on skinned parts, but this one was reported
* ShadowMap lookup upgraded to 5×5 PCF
Ghost Mode: 
* Ghost Rendering Tasks and related changes – makes ghost cars render translucently
Bug Fixes:
* (probable) Fix for cars disappearing in the rear view mirror
* White Edges Bug Fixed (both DX9/DX11)
* Fix for HUD cockpit dials (solid elements) receiving SSAO
* Fixes left key pressing in main menu affecting the camera choices
* Fixed ghost imposter shader to work within deferred renderer
* Depth faded particle shader fixed to correctly honour the viewport dimensions
* New sitting crowds for Milan tracks
* Balancing tweaks
* Further balancing changes to Road tyres
* Surface fdp updated for non slick tyred cars (more road roll)
* Pirault logo added to splash screen
* Connecticut Hill: Added revered kerbs, fixed csm and tearing issues, added missing fence poles
* Azure Circuit: Green neon lights added
* Azure Circuit: New texture map
* Azure Circuit: Finished to rework kerbs and cut the mesh under them, reworked wrong armco and added missing ones, reworked sidewalk in front of the hotel the paris, mirabeau-fairmont, added missing conc side kerb, fixed geometry and mapped where needed, merged latest from JanP, fixed csm, fixed conc barriers positio
* Milan: Fixed wet reflection on gravel materials
* Milan: Added racing line, skids, adverts
* Eifelwald: Added viewer placed lights , added cars and tents around track, lowered and narrowed Hatzenbach kerbs, fixed microgaps in the adenauer forest s curve, added more viewer placed lights tents and cars
* Updated paint colours with rain effect
* Fixed shader code which made matte paint look glossy when rain support was enabled
* BMW M3 GT: Added liveries 03/04 names
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries
* Caper Monterey (road): removed wedge and left weight bias from default setup
* Pagani Huayra: Fixed carbon material not getting rain effects
* Pagani Zonda R: Wiper animation and wiper mask added
* Ford Focus RS: fixed a typo causing asymmetry in the front suspension geometry
* Ford Focus RS: accurate gear ratios, default setup from Jussi’s research into stock values
* Staro SRS: Idle throttle adjusted to allow stalling, downforce from reference article
* Staro SRS: Fixed cockpit animations
* Pirault Mega SR: Basic physics setup with accurate engine, gearbox and some suspension data
* Pirault Mega SR: Added audio
* Pirault Mega SR: Added runtime files
* Pirault Mega SR: Added textures
* Pirault Mega SR: Added collision export
* Pirault Mega SR: Added srcdata/physics files
* Pirault Mega SR: Added paint colours + cockpit display
* Pirault Mega SR: Alpha2 driver animations
* Pirault Mega SR: Added first export

Known Issues: Ghost car seems to disappear in the rear view mirror. We have an issue with alt-tab in DX9 making the game crash, it crashes when used in race, and also if you do it in the menu it will crash the 2nd time you enter race.

Build 402 is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

[toggle title=”Click Here for Release Notes for All Builds Released During the Past Week”]Build 401 (7/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed multiple dialogs appearing when using car setup ‘reset’ button
* Added protection and logging to deal with situations where a NULL texture or surface pointer could cause a crash (including DX9 screenshots)
* Carbon shaders rain support corrected – rain texture used bad UV channel (1 instead of 3)
* Carbon bodywork skinned shader – flat clearcoat corrected – now it works like non-skinned version
* Paint materials rain effects update
* Superbowl splash items removed
* Solitude-Rennstrecke logo updated
* Belgian Forest: Fixed bad cut tracks between turns 8-10 (pohun area). Also edit the busstop chicane and some exits that were too liberal
* Memphis: Move inner cut track as far in as they would go past wall so it about impossible to get a cut track
* Badenring: Fixed cut tracks running wide in the last corner before Mobil1 all three. Misc other cut track tweaks while i was in there. ie running wide on the fast sweeper at the GP track
* Eifelwald: Added emmissives maps, fixed collision issues in gp. Nords junction pit, fixed bump in inside of Aremberg curve, fixed bumps at fuchsrohre, narrowed and lowered kerbs there, Narrowed Wipperman kerbs, increased concrete area, added mini “pit” next to kerb, increased camber in first curve of wipperman
* BMW M1: new Procar livery – added boot M1 badge sticker + black bumper
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 works liveries – roof cam texture fix
* BMW M3 GT: Set class to GT3 so it will race against the Z4
* Focus RS: Updated LODA, added AO, fixed chassis material
* Pagani Huayra: Wiper mask working. Minor fixes on headlights. Minor drawcall reduction on LODs A/B

Build 400 (6/2/13, Senior Manager)
* Scripted controller detection (work in progress)
* Created ‘Input’ class to expose input system interface to scripts
* Created ‘Input.Device’ managed object class
* Changes for vehicle/livery auto selection in vehicle model screen
* Adds new static cameras to the garage view, with buttons to cycle through cameras
* Adds a ‘UI visible’ button to make main menu view invisible
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed assert on TimeTrial screen entry for menu not being mem-initted
* Improved logging for leaks detected on shutdown
* Crowds: Added new LOD distances definitions for crowds
* Crowds: Updated version of sitting crowds (SFB) – new textures, new materials
* Crowds: Updated version of standing crowds (SFB) – new textures, new materials
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked emm. map
* Wisconsin Raceway: Nnew textures for wet tracks
* Focus RS: moderate reduction of lift-off oversteer on default setup
* Caper Monterey: new tire and setup tweaks to go with it. Non-forward drag numbers from CFD
* BMW M3 E30: All exterior mapped&textures, wheels cloned around, brake discs cloned around, CPIT chassis updated, lights etup updated, materials updated
* BMW M3 E30: Fix on CPIT engine; BMW M Power sticker added

Build 399 (5/2/13, Manager+)
* Default GSI on for new profiles
* Fix for unitialised lighting data. (left half of the screen being bright at night bug)
* Fix for DX9 overridable sampler states being ignored
* Sound API to tires
* Longitudinal flex mode for RigidCarcass
* Kart usage of longitudinal flex
* FB usage of longitudinal flex
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for potential leak when default shadow material was created twice without removing the first copy – only occurred when non-default shadow settings were used, and only effected one small object, so nothing major, just ensures that we have a clean exit. Code tested on all platforms
* Fix for DX11 white edges bug
* Fix skyrings receiving dynamic lights
* Cut track adjustments per forum feedback: Derby (both), Sakitto GP, Eifelwald GP
* Eifelwald: Tracklights file added
* Eifelwald: Added Brunnchen area, moved trees in the new Brunnchen area, increased Cambers on Adenauer forest S curve, begann adding emmissives on assets
* Eifelwald: First lights placed on Eifelwald
* Monterey: Further collision fixes and optimisations on kerbs and surrounding meshes, modified collision on pitlane, fixed missing assets
* Focus RS: Disabled backfire flames
* Staro SRS: Disabled backfire flames

Build 398 (4/2/13, Senior Manager)
Bug Fixes: 
* Fixed a DX11 only leak – a render target which needed a resolve buffer would leak the resolve buffer on destruction. Only known problem case was main buffer phase 3 render target, so was in fact only ever leaking on exit from game
* Added some safety checks to exit code – no impact on normal usage, but helps with debugging exit code as it prevents invalid memory access via a zeroed pointer when focus switches to and from the app
* Fixed incorrect object type in HUD data file
* Remapped R/F keys for up/down to Y/H in order to remove conflicts with pause menu keys etc
* MyProfile screen added to MainMenu, news ticker updated
* Improvements to Setup screen and Tuning Slots pages, background images, text on Control Edit screen, new sprite container for Holiday tie-ins
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked proportions
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked shops fronts
* Azure Circuit: Tweaked shop windows
* Azure Circuit: New texture map
* Ford Focus RS: CPIT and LODA cockpits are updated and polished. All cockpit related materials updated
* Ford Focus RS: Steering wheel DDS texture – Pretty much all new texture. Updated to latest specs
* Ford Focus RS: Interior DDS texture – Updated to latest specs. Some parts on it are updated for better look and resolution
* Ford Focus RS: Cockpit DDS texture – Double size. Merged gauges onto it. Moved a lot of parts around. Better resolution. Updated to latest specs
* Ford Focus RS: enabled setup tuning[/toggle]

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    The Megane is actually pretty fun though the turbo lag just feels enormous

    • Philip Samuelson

      Turbos do need time to spin up, mate.

      • Anonymous

        Which is why modern turbo cars are tuned for good low end torque before the turbo spools so that it’s fast in the low end and really fast in the high end. I own a Mazdaspeed3 and I don’t really agree with the current turbo FWD car physics.

    • Big Ron

      I agree, it is pretty lazy in the lower rpms, whereeas modern turbo-engines don´t have the big 80s turbo lag anymore. Other than that very much fun to drive.

  • Me

    Doesn’t it look like they’re driving with a gamepad if you look at the wheel in the video while in cockpit view? Could it be??

    • pez2k .

      Way too much variation in the steering for a pad I’d say. He also says in the description that he’s using a G27, and every one of his times on the leaderboards was done with a wheel.

    • Guilherme Cramer

      The gamepad support in the game is surprisingly very good, it’s not twitchy at all.

      • Matt Orr

        Should be good, considering the target market.

      • pez2k .

        Releasing a game on consoles without good pad support would be rather suicidal, yeah, but they’re not really the main focus. Wheel support seems to be much better than pads so far.

      • Matt Orr

        Wheels will beat out controllers pretty much always. For a sorted racing game, wheel support should be thing number one. Which as we’ve seen, is.

      • Matt Orr

        lol at the people who downvoted this comment. The game is coming out on the consoles. It’s kind of important that the game actually is playable on consoles, right?

        Hell, they even have said their goal isn’t super uber realistic sim, but rather somewhere between GT / Forza and PC sims. Silly people.

      • Big Ron

        Wrong you are. The game design is targeted in the direction of Forza and GT, hense all the different car classes, a career mode and different other features. That wasn´t actually meant for the physics.

        It´s funny how people always take this quote from Ian Bell to twist it how they need it without reading the context in which it was said.

      • Matt Orr

        Yea, so they are going to do a bunch of different types of cars to perfect accuracy.

        Yea, no. Hopes and dreams say “Bring it on”, reality says that the chances of that happening are about as likely as releasing in 2013.

      • Anonymous

        And I’m over the moon, the PC will finally be getting a challenger to Gran turismo & Forza, we already have so many so called hardcore sims coming out for the PC.

  • k e a n 0 s

    What is happened with the old news of this build, on wednesday or thursday, saying that there will be a new “FIA approved testrack” in this build?

    • F1Racer

      They said it was coming but I don’t recall saying it would be in this build.

      • Scott Ibbetson

        They have to modify it to include it.

        Think who owns it and why, that’s all I’m saying

    • somebody somebody

      hmmm…Paul Ricard?

  • Wally Masterson

    Why isn’t there a heading in the release notes called ” Physics”?

    • Big Ron

      If you are interested in physics development, you need to join the forum to see what´s going on.

      • nameless

        correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the physics discussion section on wmd closed for non-paid members?

      • Big Ron

        It is, yes. But why should a not-paid-member be interested in physics and physics discussion when he doesn´t want to participate in development?

      • Anonymous

        Oh come ooooon Ron, their previous three titles physics was a sham, are we suppose to take investors word that pcars physics is good?

      • pez2k .

        I’m not sure how the changelogs would convince you of anything other than the fact that work is being done then. They’re just lists of changes.
        The rest of the physics discussion is just that, the same people you apparently don’t trust discussing the physics they’re playing with.

      • Anonymous

        Actually there is a hand full of people that are currently testing pcars I believe, when they talk about the physics, Ron is one of them, but at the same time, he doesn’t really comment or over hype the physics, those that say it is heading in the right direction, I can trust, those that say it’s better than sim A or sim B, that have been in the business for years I cant trust. 🙂

      • Big Ron

        I´ve been in sim- business for years, too. But I don´t tend to hype or over-comment physics or games at all since I make my own judgements like anybody should do. If I tell you that I love A or B, but you love C and not loving A and B wouldn´t make my words any more believable or give you a better idea about a sim.

        So far, the physics are already better than GT5 or Forza, much more dynamic (particularly tires) and far more physics details. And I think it´s already better than Race07 in parts, but I would lean too far outside the window to tell that it´s better than Race07 or rF1 at all or on par with iRacing or rF2 (which I can´t judge since I don´t have those sims and then I would blame myself). It still has its flaws, but also the good points come out more and more.

        And I couldn´t tell you really in which sim-direction it goes.

      • Big Ron

        No, you are not supposed to think that the physics are good. But they wouldn´t be better for anyone just by reading it, particularly not for those not being able to test it. Thatßs why I mentioned the demo to make your own decision about it.

      • Wally Masterson

        I’ve been a member since 2011. They really should include physics changes in the release notes. They do for everything else. I’ve given up ” testing” for a while until I see some more evidence of decent physics changes.

      • pez2k .

        Check out Casey’s Physics Releases thread and AJ’s Thread in the Physics subforum over at WMD for a good summary of the physics work being done. There’s been a big leap forward in the last month as they get used to configuring the new tyre model.

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t make periodical tests how can you be up to date on the changes you are looking for? Some may have already happened that you don’t know about because you have not taken the time to see them.

    • Anonymous

      What you see are the changes from B401 to B402.
      There are 4 more builds since the last friday one which all have significant physics changes.

      Kart and Formula B have longitudinal flex mode now.
      Formula B has 4 tyres to choose from and give feedback on.

      Also they often omit physics changelogs from the buildnotes to see how peoples perceptions of the changes are without saying what changed.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      I kind of wish they started adding physics changes to the logs, mostly because every build is filled with new features but since they are never included in the logs people just assume nothing new has been added.

      I think it’s done this way to prevent biased opinions and have better feedback about how the end game feels, but Im not sure if that’s actually working.

      • Anonymous

        I also agreed with you, but it could work against them, with those like me that have not invested in this sim & want to see physics update in the release notes, even if it’s something minor we’ll know they are working on it.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, it is in their own interest to start adding more physics update in their release note, we are now in February, ten months left til release if anything and only releasing ‘certain notes’ to investor’s & forum members is a wrong move, they should be doing their best to convince those like me & many others that haven’t bought into their wmd, that they are doing something about physics, after their previous three titles.
      I know of five investors that say they can only play previous builds for only ten minutes, then give up because of poor handling, and I’m not going to be fooled by those that have invested in this game, that say the physics are great, when clearly they have the profits they will be getting in mind.
      I support SMS end goal, they are a British company, and we need more British sim racing game developers as this market is dominated by the Americans at the moment. 🙂

      • nameless

        its odd, I mean, everything else is listed for public, but physics. It looks they don’t seem to care for potential customers looking for physics improvements on their product.

        Unless they’re expecting people to get into the project based purely on eyecandy and cinematic trailers nonsense.

      • Big Ron

        You will be able to test a demo at a later stage (maybe beta or close to release) to find out if pCARS appeals to you or not.

        I don´t think it´s in SMS´ interest anymore to make every change public. What does it help SMS to post physics changes for the public? Nothing but keep the shitstorm going on.

        At least the physics parts are nevertheless only really tested by people deeply involved into testing and giving feedback and following developers´ forum posts. The mass is just downloading and playing (and by luck giving a “hello” in the forum) while those who are serious in testing- business know about changes and what to test anyway.

        People outside the development are anyway not able to test what is posted in the release notes so I think it isn´t important anyway that everything is included. They will be able to find out what pCARS is all about at a later stage.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, and good to know there will be some sort of demo.

  • daz

    Its got to be driving with a gamepad, just going by how much lock is being applied to the wheel when taking corners.

    • pez2k .

      He doesn’t even cross his (virtual) arms. It’s a roadcar not a single-seater, it has a lot more than 360 degrees of total lock so a much slower steering ratio. Plus, as I mentioned below the leaderboards say his lap was done with a wheel.

      • Anonymous

        That could be the chosen steering ratio or it could be that brand new cars get basic animations, not full crossover until later on.

      • pez2k .

        I meant more that he doesn’t even turn the wheel enough to cross up, but yeah, I don’t think the Mega(ne) has full arm animations yet.

  • Derek Speare

    When will they offer warp free three screen support?

    • FatnSlo

      When the very last blade of grass has been drawn on the final track or when pigs fly. Whichever comes first!

    • Anonymous

      When that offering is appropriately high priority. There are far more important things to settle for now and many months to reprioritize.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      It’s on the list of requested features but right now the priority is cleaning bugs.

  • Matt Orr

    Okay. Let me just say that pCARS still isn’t what I wish it would be, but it doesn’t need to be that for me to enjoy that. That said, I’ve had approximately zero fun with it until the last two builds. Last week the Z4 impressed me slightly. This week… I tried my first online race in pCARS. Karts.

    Holy hell that is fun!

    • pez2k .

      Have you tried the Capri lately? It’s really great fun to drive and the FFB isn’t bad either. The physics overall have taken a good step forwards since Xmas so hopefully you’ll find more cars you like soon.

  • Howard Motz

    This game clearly has the superior physics of any present or upcoming Sim. Any honest tester will attest to that fact. In fact, people like the “Bin Collins the Stig” of “Top Gear” fame; who is helping with the physics, recently said. ”
    I LOVE this car now, FB – on a par with the 98T it’s bloody epic.”

  • xxHojoxx

    When are the physics going to make that step forward many of us crave? tweaking the tyre model here and there is good, but the underlying physics are not and still too much like Shift. The FFB is also very poor even with custom tweaker files, making it very hard to feel the cars.

    Rfactor 2, Gamestockcar, and Netkar are miles ahead when it comes to physical modelling and fidelity and the FFB in those games is far superior and more realistic.

    By this stage I would have thought the physics/ffb would be much more advanced than it is. I’m about to call time on this one, it’s never going to offer what the above games do, and 15 months in it still drives a lot like Shift and shows similar tendencies and flaws as those games did.

    My advice, get talking with ISI or Kunos and make a game based on there new physics engine, because the Madness one never has and never will produce accurate/realistic physics, it was designed for multi-platform console use and has too many flaws and hinders making a realistic simulation.

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