Project CARS – Build 392 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

The new build introduces all changes made to the title during the past week to all members with Team Member level and above.

Build 392 (25/1/13, Team Member+)
* Freecam speed controls modified so that the speed varies smoothly from one to another, rather than instantly snapping.
* Freecam modifications for providing “similar rotation around a pivot” to that found in chase cam, and using the same control keys.
* Scripted controller detection: Added dialog handling functionality to script interface. Added some detection dialog related entries to the text database
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed conflicts between class and namespace names when nested classes are defined in script headers
* ScriptCompiler: Fixed database dependency problems caused by nested class handling
* ScriptCompiler: Allowed non-explicit constants (e.g. constant data vars, enums) to be passed as event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Added ‘Constant Expected’ error for handling unsuitable event arguments
* ScriptCompiler: Increased database version number to
* ScriptCompiler: Added parsing of const pointer types to header parser (e.g ‘void * const’)
* ScriptCompiler: Reworded non-fatal database error messages to prevent VS2010 from stopping compilation unnecessarily
* Scribe: Added cMessage.SendTo() to expose sending of messages to specific script instances
* Tire.rg: revised slick tire for the GT cars and LM11
* Azure Circuit: Added more or less all road marking, left to add them along the tunnel. Started to add conc drain along the road. Reworked swimming pool kerb, added conc drain, cut the road mesh below them, remapped. Reworked anthony noghes kerb, cut the road mesh below them, fixed armco, remapped.
Fixed mirabeau hairpin sidewalk and wall, grass, trees,first step it needs some more fixes. Set flags for all new objects. Merged in latest assets from JanP. Updated csm. Updated sel sets
* Heusden: Fixed further uvstretching on another hillside terrain part
* Heusden: Added pitstuff
* Heusden: Added nightskyring
* Heusden: Heusden, added wetroad effects, on roads, trackside tarmacs, kerbs, gravelbeds, added working tracklights back to track, fixed aliasing on skydome and closed minigaps
* Derby: Repostioned the 38 garage spots 1-2meters left for changed garage geometry. Car can exit without hitting right wall now. Also move start grid positions back 1 space to align with all start box graphics
* Milan: Improved outer terrain, mapped slopes, fixed garages collision, added missing wall, adjusted trees and bushes position accordance with terrain changes
* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 works liveries
* BMW M1: fixed livery names
* BMW M1: changed hands pose to more relaxed one
* BMW M1: Changed rims on some liveries
* Caterham R500: fixed typo in rear suspension geometry
* Asano LM11: non-forward drag values from CFD. collision offset hack for curb issues.
* BMW Z4 GT3: Non-forward drag values from CFD. Collision offset hack to reduce curb issues.
* Asano X4, BMW M1, JPLM, Racers: collision offset hack to reduce curb issues

Build 377 is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

Click Here for Release Notes for All Builds Released During the Past Week

Build 391 (24/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Eifelwald: Fixed found gaps and fixed one hard bump issue in roadCSM
* Moravia: New vertical brake markers added to dynamic bank and placed on track (export files + scene files)
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Derby: Fixed dark colour issue on problem gravel area
* Northampton: More garage interiors added, garage doors opened, garage collisions updated, ammended collisions added
* Solitude Rennstrecke: Collision bug fixed and new export
* Deleted redundant “skin” materials

Build 390 (23/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Tyre contact patch domain sizing optimization
* Fy twist flex mode
* FB rev on tires
* Derby: Reduced brightness/spec on kerbs
* Moravia: Moved Pitlane assets closer to garages
* Moravia: Added missing assets, ammended collision for pitstuff
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

*KNOWN ISSUES:* The new Solitude export has missing collision mesh, meaning you will fall through the ground at all times. It is not testable in this build

Build 389 (22/1/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for replay mode getting stuck when viewing from a Season. Season post-race screen had changed to use the standard one, so replay was trying to return to the wrong screen
* Added missing brace to bodywork2_skinned.fx
* Fix for multi-face billboard shader problems with self shadowing intersecting the billboard and causing highly visible straight lines where they cut through
* Fixed character normal map not working at all when using basic_billboard shader
* Fixed merge error in shader code
* Derby: Added wet track materials and shadow fences
* Derby: New textures
* Milan: Improved green concretes, added normal maps on road wet surfaces, added ground cover files
* Milan: Added ground cover files
* Bodywork2.fx – droplets sampler settings changed – texture will use mipmaps now (avoiding noise on distant cars), Added scale factor (selfReflection)to prevent raindrop reflections going through bodywork, thereby reducing the over-bright droplets on shadowed side of the car
* Rain droplets texture – mipmaps generated – avoiding noisy rain drops on distant cars
* Racer V8: non-forward drag values from Falcon CFD

Build 388 (21/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Added null pointer protection within debug line functions to prevent crash
* Groundwork for scripted controller detection/calibration
* Moravia: Added pit and tracklights, missing start gantry, missing start Hut, missing overtrack gantries, pitlane stuff and interiors for the rooms above garages
* Moravia: New export to add textures second try
* Sakitto: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Northampton: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Wisconsyn Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Lakeville Raceway: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Eifelwald: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Milan Modern & Historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Monterey: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* Derby: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates
* California Highway: Adding static emap co-ordinates
* Badenring modern & historic: Tweaked static environment map co-ordinates for
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export
* BMW M1: Added liveries 1/2 names
* BMW M1: new Procar livery

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Matt Orr

    “The new Solitude export has missing collision mesh, meaning you will
    fall through the ground at all times. It is not testable in this build”


    Hey guys! We’ve updated this! But uhh, you can’t check it. lol

    • pez2k .

      Fortunately that was just a Wednesday build that nobody ever plays! I can imagine a lot more fuss if it was in Friday’s.

    • Steve Shears

      Sarcasm fail.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Do I see a visual damage? Really, is this true?

    • Steve Shears

      Theres always been visual damage. Or do you mean on the BMW?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not fully set up on all cars. The GT2 BMW is probably what they’re aiming for with the rest.

  • Anonymous

    this is crazy! stop putting out so many pCARS articles this is becoming pathetic! BTW I’m a shareholder in the title but I can’t stand every time I open this blog is yet another pCARS beta update. enough!

    • Steve Shears

      Theres updates every week on all the games. But if you don’t want to read an article – dont.

    • Kris Baxter

      Huh? Unless there are new licensing announcements then the articles are a week apart, click on Pcars on the home page then look at the frequency, they are less frequent than Assetto Corsa.

      • Mathieu Gomez

        Steve speak about “updates”, not “annoucements”…Owners of Pcars can still play the game and have every week 4 updates with lots of upgrades and add (cars, track, exports, physics, tires, FFB).
        WE pay and TEST it !!!
        More of that, yes, there are “annoucements” 😉

      • Kris Baxter

        I know, but if you look closely, I replied to sbkracer at the top of the chain, before anyone else and yet my comment gets shoved to the bottom.

      • Mathieu Gomez

        ok, sry Kris 😉

    • Big Ron

      No “laser scanned track”-comment? Slightly disappointing 🙂

      • Anonymous

        there’s so much more to laser scanned tracks Big Ron!

    • F1Racer

      You need to be a shareholder in VirtualR though before you can go shouting the odds like that. 🙂
      Unless Montoya changes his own mind, expect a beta update once a week. Come on you can handle that can’t you?
      There are 20 items on my VR RSS feed. This article is now the top one but as I look down, there is not one other pCARS article. Maybe not quite so pathetic.
      Besides the development of pCARS is more active in the simracing community than any other developing sim right now, by a country mile. VR reflects that.
      VR also makes it very easy for people NOT to read the article and skip to the next.

      • Anonymous

        F1Racer you and Rob are doing a great job I’m just trying to add some drama going 🙂 cheers!

      • Anonymous

        In that vein, please let me add:

        There’s NO physx, wah, wah! There’s only graphx! SMS is **** wah wah wah! It’s all about the money! WMD is £#&[email protected]&, wah wah wah!

        There – that should save some of the hardest working commentators from having to go through the usual motions :-))

    • Mathieu Gomez

      YES please SMS, do like Assetto corsa, don’t show you and tell nothing, etheir not some videos… and judge it on this… pffff

      PCARS is a community based development and they arre active, most than ever saw before in any sim game.

      For me (team member), I have this new build evety week. Just look at all the new stuff and correction each time, it’s just amazing. All is not perfect but they ask us our opinion…

      STOP reading and repeating things from guys who didn’t play the game or play it with gamepad or wheel bed configurate…

      Yes I love simulators, yes I played nearly all others sim (GTR2, LFS, Rfactor2…), YES Ilove PCARS wich is a real simulator.

      I’m not paid to say that and I’m only involved in 25€ so… just speak sincerly

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope car audio get’s a face lift, cause they are mediocre and boring atm. That area kills it for me right now.

    • Anonymous


  • Markus Ott

    LOL no laser scanned tracks ROFL!

  • Humberto Roca

    All of you whining! Just relax and enjoy the game, dont like it? ok, some do. And thanks VR for the updates.

  • Ricoo

    Nice build. Runs smoother on my hardware.

  • 2013WW3

    where can i learn how to build or buy a good pc to play these new sims?

    • F1Racer

      Where in the world are you?

      • 2013WW3


      • Philip Samuelson

        My company builds and ships to the USA. I would post the company name here for you, but I don’t know that it would or wouldn’t be deleted. We also do simple mods to Logitech wheels and full sim racing setups 🙂

      • F1Racer

        Post it Philip 🙂 Although I get the impression he wants to build or buy a PC tower as opposed to a full sim-racing setup.

      • 2013WW3

        yep , right now i have an ancient pc

      • Philip Samuelson

        Thank you F1Racer. To clarify, while I full full sim setups, I also do standard desktops and laptops. Can’t confine myself to one area of the community, no matter how bad ass it is!

        My company name is ICONIK PCs, LLC. Our website is currently being built and will be found at once it’s all finished. For now, we can be found on Facebook at

        Thank you for letting me post this!


      • Anonymous is my PC store and has plenty of video tutorials also people post their PC specs in forums all the time and post their performance results. To me being a Sim Racer building my own PC is like building my Race car it gives that added element of enjoyment

  • Anonymous

    Is it true pCars will be released (all platform) on 28 november??

    How is the core physics, and tire model atm?

    • Anonymous

      The release is planned for around Thanksgiving. Nothing is set in stone, though.

      The core physics are sound, although incomplete ATM. Things will be changed and added. A while ago, a brand new tyre model was implemented. This is still being developed and explored by the developers, and thus it varies between the builds and the various cars (tyre types). Basically the new tyres show great promise (certainly more than the old one), and they give a good feel. This is new territory, so we should give it some time before expecting to see them reach their full potential.

  • hoodge1

    Lifeless FFB

    • F1Racer

      Seems like such a random comment at such a random time. Or are you referring specificially to this build ?

      • hoodge1

        oh well bud. it’s my comment and my experience with it comparing it to all the others i play.

      • F1Racer

        Well yeah, it’s just like it’s the 1000th time we’ve heard it so it’s not really news, that’s all.

        As for the FFB, I think it has improved but I think it does give a lack of feeling as you say. This is with my Fanatec wheel at least.
        I reckon the FFB is also responsible for making people think that the physics are lacking in certain areas.

      • hoodge1

        Oh well. i’m not gonna lie about how I feel when I’m using a G25 and a Fanatec CSR Elite wheel and i feel a little curb and very little pull back or bump imput. You gotta know by now that i’m a feel and physics guy. Let em address it to hear me say something different F1. Till then i’ll always say what i’m seeing and experiencing.

        I’m an investor too and i’m gonna make sure my input is heard. If not then we’ll hear about it when the game goes gold and gets reviewed and recieves a lackluster review, but given praise about graphics. Graphics are useless if other areas are dead. No hype needed.

      • Anonymous

        “I’m an investor too and i’m gonna make sure my input is heard”

        If you really mean that, go and post on WMD, for Petes sake… That’s where you give input to this sim 😉

      • hoodge1

        Waste of time. No listening ears. Thanks for the comment. But it was given a honest answer.

      • Anonymous

        I tested the Asano X11 again this week after not touching it for a while and I think it is really good. Seems most of the elements are there. I can agree that maybe as to what others were saying about the car getting away from them on corner drive off could be improved through FFB and when the rear starts to break free there could be a little more counter force in the FFB to better define the tail actions of the car but I think it’s really close and I can say yes it does say sim to me.

      • hoodge1

        Well we all want it to be top notch. I want it to be good. And yes I know it is a long way off of being finished. many new cars still are not finished even graphically as the replays show them go greyed out on the wind screens on some camera angles. The physics and sound on many is just not there. But remember. They got many more cars to make and they have much work to be done on all the tracks. I don’t see much feel at all in the FFB of the wheel inputs either. And I got my settings on full. Compare it with rF2 with any wheel. It’s very soft feeling. A real race car really forces drivers to work it.

        So I’m just being honest with what I’m experiencing. Do I care in the end? Well ya and no. I didn’t invest my life into it, Just 130 usd dollars. Oh well. Whether it turns out good or not, I think it being a multiplat will sell very well. It’s a win win for all console fans and PC. A full blown sim. Hell no. enjoy it for what it is.

      • Anonymous

        Well I don’t expect it to be rFactor2 they all have to have their own flavor. It’s perfectly fine that rF2 is your favorite I don’t think anyone will try to take that away from you. Yes rF2 has great FFB but we can’t expect every developer to copy it. AFM I really like the FFB in the Race 07 series that’s just me we all have our own tastes. As for full blown sim the perceptions of that may differ from one to the next so we shall see. I said I really like the X11 and is still being worked on and if I feel it starts to go the wrong way yes I will speak up. In some of Casey’s post he goes into a little bit of detail on what his plans are for each car and I have a better understanding of his goals. He is in agreeance that grip levels in some of the cars needs to be scaled back and will be doing that by adding new tread compounds which would lead me to believe we with have tread compound options in game so I just have to see where it all goes. I will keep an open mind and stay positive

      • speed1

        Because it is the response of dynamics and response to underlying physics and its works. We will see how it will be as a final product.

  • Kevin Brigden

    I got trackir5 this week. I look forward to firing up pCARS and seeing if the superb graphics make me as sick as FSX does LOL

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm that track cut error on Memphis is fixed and will probably by mentioned in Fridays change log

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