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Project CARS – Build 375 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a Christmas build of Project CARS, giving all members including Juniors access to the newest version.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a Christmas build of Project CARS, giving all members including Juniors access to the newest version.

The new version brings plenty of track improvements and a first pass of the new Seta tire model for the Kart 01 for some nimble karting fun.

Build 375 (24/12/12, Junior Member+)
* First pass on Kart 01
* Moravia: Removed truck lights
* Moravia: AO and emmissive fixed on some assets, added static and physic objects (cars, tents, cones, trucks), added floodlights, fixed pit spot spawning points
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Moravia: More lights in the occupied areas
* Moravia: First pass of night lighting
* Moravia: Added more static objects around start area, also added floodlights
* Heusden: Fixed gaps, added missing bridges, tweaked garages
* Heusden: Night lighting added, also dynamic objects
* Belgian Forest: Added marbles
* Belgian Forest: Wetroad effects effects tweaked to fix visible joins between different tarmacs
* Bathurst: Marble effects added
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Collision updates. Minor body shape update
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Minor fixes on doors shape
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Added lightglows and placeholder lights setup

The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

Furthermore, you can check out an awesome new Project CARS slow-mo video made by JonZ.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Brandon Miller

    Oh my god that video is just tits!

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    Amazing video. pCARS on Wii? Very interesting to see this )

    • Markus Ott

      Wii U

      • Paul Mullins

        ..and the WiiU has a slower processor than the Xbox and PS3..

        Can’t but help think there’s going to be some major hobbling of ‘something’ for the consoles

      • pez2k .

        There’s heavy optimisation of the new tyre model going on in order to run it on consoles and of course the graphics are knocked down to medium. No mention of the Wii U version so far though, could be under a NDA.

  • Richard Hessels

    looks magnificent as always.
    Only in the first part of the video you clearly see some thing that i find laking since day one, the tarmac it self is too flat.
    For sure curbs and most elevations are there.
    But the road it self is always very smooth.
    They should put some “noise” in the road, would make the cars behave more like they do on laserscanned tracks.

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny I aways thought that iRacing tracks felt very smooth with little road noise but agree that the surface could be more alive with some character. i still think that some of the cad designed tracks still have the best road effects. historic Spa rFactor2, Curbita GSC, Monza GTR2, Targa Florio which ever it’s been converted to and Solitude GTL. Lazer scan is just added cost passed on to you and me.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope the audio will catch up to evrything else…it’s killing it for me atm

    • pez2k .

      The audio team is quite small compared to the rest of the studio, so there are a few code improvements waiting in a queue for programmer time. It should take a good jump forward when done, the unofficial target is the RaceRoom teasers.

  • Derek Speare

    Any word on when they plan to implement three screen support for no warping?

    • Anonymous

      If I had to guess, probably a few months. Spring?

      • Derek Speare

        I hope – the work SMS has does in really extensive. The warp, however, makes it so I can’t drive other than to do a quick peek at what’s new. Once they iron out the warp…CARS will be off the hook!

      • Anonymous

        i get 20fps in triples in pcars, and it crashes to desktop most of the time. They need to do a lot of work before this will be playable. Meanwhile, rfactor2 is definitely playable, and way more fun to be honest. Still, i have hopes this title will develop into a nice mainstream racer with hopefully, a very lively online community of racers to battle with.

      • Sam Ansmink

        rfactor2: beta
        pCars: pre-alpha

        your comparison makes no sense, give the guys at SMS a break 🙂

      • Anonymous

        here we go again, pre alpha so no one should comment. Go be biased to someone else please.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Rf2 has been called beta for a year while it was clearly an alpha, and clearly still is an alpha. Pcars while being called pre-alpha, is clearly not a true pre-alpha, but really just an alpha.

        The devs just decide to call it and label it whatever they want, so don’t say “well rf2 is a beta and pcars is only a pre-alpha” use ur brain.

    • Nathan Robinson

      Not sure derek. Off topic here, but my wife gave me my track boss today and kudos to you for building and delivering a quality product 🙂 now if you could develop a sequential box that would connect to my csr elite instead of tying up another usb port, id be set!

      • Derek Speare

        Thank you and there’s nothing like a Track Boss for Christmas! If you want to connect my shifter or another to a CSR Wheel, see basherboards dot com – Jon makes an interface which allows you to connect shifters to the wheel – it’s a great whizbang.

      • Anonymous

        What about mounting to the CS table clamp? Seriously I am about sick of waiting for Thomas to get stuff done

  • Anonymous

    Out of interest, what is considered to be the most representative car track combos (as in, the most refined and furthest along in development… with an emphasis on physics)?

    • Anonymous

      Cars: BMW Z4 GT3, BAC Mono
      Tracks: Connecticut Hill (Watkins Glen) though the Nurburgring is probably the best test track full stop so I usually use that.

      • Tiago Guerreiro

        BAC is the best feeling car right now!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In general I don’t like most car beaviour in p. CARS even with last build, but Barcelona circuit with BMW M1 – I love this combination. Highly recommend to try…

  • Carlos Lacy

    What a cool post! This is superb! Thanks for sharing!


    cant wait to play this on my dual core phone.