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Project CARS – Build 365 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

The build is available for all members with Team Member level and above and brings the following changes:

Build 365 (7/12/12, Team Member+)
* XSession is now created around single player Xbox 360 games (required for stat submit
* Implemented hiding of cars which have quit from multiplayer
* Fixed problems relating to setting Logitech active wheel range in combination with calibration.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed ‘edit controls’ screen not showing screen flow correctly
* Heusden: Added some assets, buildings, bridges
* Moravia: New mesh and interior for the main tower, baked lightmap for garage interiors + UV fixes
* Moravia: Textures update
* Milan: Fix some text ads on the textures
* Milan Short: Add latest assets from TomT and checked lod popping
* Milan GP: Add bridge6006 and stands03 and checked lod popping [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0] * Milan: Added new textures for mz_bridge6006_loda
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Connecticut Hill: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Placed flag wavers at grandstands
* Connecticut Hill: Placed flag wavers
* Derby National: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* Derby GP: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* BMW M1: fixed inverted ride height sliders
* BMW Z4 GT3: added contest winning liveries
* Motec LCD colour & light switching using headlight toggle. Including display cycle using new input (no cars yet checked in)

[toggle title=”Click Here For Notes on All Builds Released During the Week”]Build 364 (6/12/12, Senior Manager)
* Changed the way attribute and state changes are handled on PS3. Now the online layer guarantees that there is never more than one attribute change call in progress and batches attribute change requests done within one request tick or while another change is in progress. This fixes problems with attribute change ordering and mismatched combinations of old and new attributes when packing them into single binary NP Matching attribute
* Fixed Logitech wheel initialisation issue when running without the Profiler
Season Mode:
* Season progress is now saved in the profile (round info, participants and scores) and will be able to be resumed using the Resume Previous option once that’s added. Progress is reset when completing a Season, and resetting is handled. The saved participant info is now used to persist across rounds. Note that further UI is needed before this becomes operational
* Azure Circuit: Merged in latest stuff from MJ, added new nibox building with just grey diffuse/ao mao, some works on portier turn, fixed csm issues, fixed some small things around the track, fixed some duplicate mat names, deleted some obsolete obj around the portier area
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Heudsen: New texture maps
* Test Track: Test Track updated with previous triggers positions (won’t affect as track is playable in practice mode only currently)
* Added Test Track Hillclimb to grp and tracklist
* Test Track Hillclimb: TRD checked in enabling the track in racemode
* Test Track Hillclimb: Raceline checked in
* Test Track hillclimb: Trackmap for menu
* Test Track Hillclimb: Test Track Hilclimb updated with Physics updated
* Test Track Hillclimb: Grassmaterial for test track hillclimb
* Test Track Hillclimb: Groundcover files for Test track hillclimb variation
* Kart: suspension adjustment to get jacking working

Build 363 (5/12/12, Senior Manager)
* Added priority calculations to recipients of vehicle update packets in race. This should pripritize packets sent to players physically close to the sender’s when outgoing bandwidth is not enough to send everything through direct channels
* Disconnected player participants will only be removed once from the race
* Fixed sorting of peers when deciding which messages to send directly and which via rebroadcaster, based on recipient priorities (the game now sets priorities based on vehicle distances, and the sorting code was not handling this correctly)
* HUD: added position readout for MP races
* Added in RenderContexts and hooks for shader techniques setting up the correct render contexts
* Changed basic_translucent shader to make the alpha pre-multiplication happen after all the extra layers (envmap, specular, fog) so that we don’t get a strange over-application of effect in the far distance when the mipped down alpha is kicking in. This fixes an issue with fog on distant fences looking over-bright
* Reworked and re-enabled steering lock spring
* Added setting of active wheel range (soft-stop) for Logitech wheels
* Disconnection handling updates
* Implemented force operation merging
* Added more device-specific default wheel range values
* Ensure force effects are released on game exit
* Change to Access levels for edit data
* Adding in project settings to exclude WeatherStringEnum.cpp from all PS3 build configurations
* Updates for enum context menu display to allow lots of items to display in a friendly way
* Updated cleanup of participant manager to reset spawn location info used during change of race mode
* Updated to use new STM lib. Removed duplicate linkage of the lib from GamePhysics to fix link time missing PDB warnings in Release and Gold. Warnings still exist in Debug due to problems with the fex lib itself
* Heudsen: tweaked texture map
* Emirates Raceway: Removing not needed track logos
* BMW Z4 GT3: quick collision detection point tweak

Build 362 (4/12/12, Manager+)
* Adding in project settings to exclude WeatherStringEnum.cpp from all PS3 build configurations
* Change for ps3 compile to use unitly cpp
* New Setup so texture files names are now kept in String Lists
* Updated cleanup of participant manager to reset spawn location info used during change of race mode
* Code so Live Edit Components do not need to keep a copy of their infomation strings
* Eifelwald: Fixed (removed) Logo on Curved Tribune

Build 361 (3/12/12, Senior Manager)
* Converted all STM DLLs to a single LIB (fexCathedralUber)
* Added multi-rg file loading support
* Work around for partial attribute sets: The admin will always request all attributes to be changed, even when the intention is to change a subset
* Heusden: Tweaked texture map
* Milan Short: Add final pit area buildings (add missing lodB’s)
* Milan Short: Updated occluders and remove treewalls behind pitbuildings (back parts pitbuildings are now visible from road)
* Milan GP: Add final pit area buildings (add missing lodB’s)
* Milan GP: Updated occluders and remove treewalls behind pitbuildings (back parts pitbuildings are now visible from road) [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0] * Milan: New textures and new textures for the ad banners[/toggle]

The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    Need to test it again… Last time was some months ago.

    • Roger

      There has been huge progress is physics and handling over the past few months! You will be positively surprised!

      • viscoeq

        I love this running gag.

      • Anonymous

        He’s driving the Lotus 98T in that video and you will not be pleased by that car right now.

        Try the BMW Z4 GT3 or Audi A4 DTM car – they’re quite good. The Z4 needs a bit more grip and the A4 needs to not be so snappy for oversteer and on curbs.

        Other than that, the cars are a mixed WIP bag. Some great moments here and there and some bad moments.

      • Marco Conti

        I like the audi very much, always did, but I don;t like the BMW at all. I find it handles weird.

        To be fair, I need to do a better job with my wheel and probably spend a bit more time testing, but when I jump in the Audi, it feels natural and it goes where I point it. The beamer instead makes me work a lot more and feels like it’s floating a bit.

        but I am glad others are praising its handling. I’d rather be wrong than right in these kind of things.

      • Anonymous

        I agree it’s a mixed bag right now as cars get reworked with the new Seta Tire Model but I thought the 98T handled very well on Dover but at almost no downforce 0 in front 1 in rear and some other adjustments netted me 5th on the leaderboard at the time. Still waiting for actual splitter and wing angle adjustments over just a level of downforce setting as to aero accuracy some of the cars seem aero loose ATM since the new Tire Model but plenty of time to further fine tune physics elements and default car setups

      • SarcasticIan

        Not so plenty of time to q2/q3 of 2013.

      • SarcasticIan

        Game feels like SHift 2 with PTMu mod… That’s not a good thing. It looks good so u can always watch screenshots.