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Project CARS – Build 343 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of Project CARS for all Team Members and above.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of Project CARS for all Team Members and above.

Build 343 (6/11/12, Team Member+)
* Replaced testing protocol version in the ds/getlist call by the correct version value.
* Send DS protocol version to MS when fetching the list of running DS’s. The server will now return only DS’s with this version.
* Implement thread update locking for direct input devices
* Catch failed attempts to set Logitech profiler properties, with retry and timeout
* Catch possible missed app deactivations and force a controller restart in these situations
* Reduce frequency of LED updates for Logitech/Fanatec wheels
* Add manual thread update locking control to cPlayer
* Default RaceInput behaviour is to lock thread updates on disconnection and delay unlocking until after player is reinitialised
* New glass shader with new uv control and using new weather params
* Updates in wtc file for the paintwork and winscreen droplet effects. droplet texture update so that it doesn’t look like loads of individial droplet, but gives the impression of more merged ones, even though they are technically all individual still. mapping changes to bodywork may be needed as the droplet size has increased
* Milan Short: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
* Milan GP: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
* Milan: Add new road textures
* Milan: Add new topmap texture
* Monterey: Optimised media centre
* Lakeville Raceway GP: Close to track terrain mesh refined, smoothed, corrected in height and additional outer roads added, fixed tribunes ground overdraws and gaps
* Azure Circuit: Fixed textures path, add missing ao texture
* Azure Circuit: Add missing texture
* Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section
* Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section and increased res
* Eifelwald GP: Add new textures for Toilets
* BMW M1: brake disc texture psd file, initial check in
* BMW M1: new badges texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
* BMW M1: new lights texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
* BMW M1: new lightsglass texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
* BMW M1: new misc texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
* BMW M1: new wheels texture psd file, replacing placeholder file

The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

Sim racers who are interested in joining the Project CARS multiplayer experience can do so by becoming Team Members over at WMD for a one-time fee of 25€. In recent weeks, Team Members have been given access to daily development builds of Project CARS to keep up with the development speed of the title.

As reported before, there’s more and more urgency for those still looking to join Project CARS as the set funding goal will likely be reached within the next few weeks. As of now, less than 160.000€ are missing to complete Project CARS’ funding and at the current rate of member commitments, this will be reached within the next 1-2 weeks.

Once the goal is reached, no new members will be accepted and everyone not on board by then will have to wait until Thanksgiving 2013 to give the finished title a try.

For more info, please check out the WMD website. In the meantime, you can check out a new video trailer made by WMD member Halcyon below.

  • Brandon Miller

    What a great video. Project Cars in my opinion is probably one of the coolest experiences in gaming to this date. I know of no other game the brings the builds and updates like Project Cars. It’s a cool feeling to grow with the game and also experience the progression and new content.

    Way to go Project Cars!

    • F1Racer

      Yeah, very nice video.

  • Michael Mueller

    I 100% agree. This is what rFactor 2 was supposed to be like.

    Love it!!


    • Drew Duncan

      Yes, because I really want a simulator with poor physics.

  • Roger

    pCars is now stepping it up to the next level!

    Do the below:
    1. Launch with seta tire model (“pcars.exe -seta”)
    2. Select BMW Z4 GT3 (Zonda R is very nice as well)
    3. Select your favorite track at 06.00 AM with sunny weather
    4. Get impressed!

    The handling has been significantly improved with the Seta model and its still not 100% implemented and only for a few cars. The road cars with normal tires should be realistically controllable during oversteer once they get updated as well.

    Even the slick tires provides you some hints in advance and allows for corrections as apposed to shoot you off track like a slingshot at random when you try to correct as before with the old tire model!

    • Anonymous

      As of today, the seta tyre model is the default.

  • shumi

    Alot of work has been and it’s still being put in this game! Just 2 words, Awesome Awesome!! Keep up the good work! This is a must buy!!

  • Michael Murphy

    Does anyone here drive the Caterham SP300R much? I used to really enjoy driving this but the back end now seems to break away really easily on corner entry. Most of the other cars have really benefited from the new tyre model but, in my opinion, not this one…

    • Anonymous

      Not really surprising that it isn’t as enjoyable with F1 slicks i guess 😉
      Since it was so good before you can bet they’ll make it as good if not better once they get working on car specific seta tyres.

    • Eric Zehnder

      I agree but it hasn’t been customized yet. I will say the Jaguar Palmer is similar but the potential is there. The Caterham at Nordschleife (BTM) used to stick like it’s on rails. The Jaguar at Nordschleife (STM) you can really feel the weight of the car and the bumps in the road take you offline and the slides are entirely catchable.

      I’m quite confident tire tweaking and setup changes will turn these into awesome cars going forward!

  • hoodge1

    Hmm just updated mine 2 hrs ago and it says build 344… Is that for seniors and up? So the seta model now is at the DX11 default? Great. So haven’t been on the WMD forums lately. Is the Seta model still only for the F1 or is their a few more cars added to the list. Will be nice to feel the tweaks they do with the tyre model each build.

    I’m sure they will continue to feel better and better. And it’s only Wednesday. I expect another update this friday as usual. Way to go SMS

    • Anonymous

      344 was for everyone, but they are now going back to the regular schedule of updates based on member level… Seta is now the default (no switch to BTM available). I don’t believe they have made changes to the tires on the other cars, yet, but they said it is now a priority. ….but no mention of timeframe.

  • hoodge1

    Forgot to mention. Just watched the online vid. FANTASTIC. Cars move around naturally and don’t eraser effect around the track.

    One thing I hope for since I know they are not going the dedicated server route is me being Canadian, I hope I can have a fairly decent experience with the brits and europeans. With internet services getting faster and better, I see why we can’t race people eventually world wide with smooth online experiences..

    My ISP is future ready at 50mbits/sec download. and 3mbits upload. But we all know that 50mbits doesn’t really come into play.. I’ve never downloaded anything faster then 5 mbits. Online gaming doesn’t even require that much..

    anyways SMS is looking to nail the online in the right direction as well..+100

    • Anonymous

      “since I know they are not going the dedicated server route”

      Wrong. As far as i remember it’s being written in Java and thus easily portable/usable for all kinds of OS’.

      • hoodge1

        Well thanks for telling me that. That’s great news..

      • pez2k .

        Currently only SMS have the dedicated server because it’s heavily work in progress, so every lobby created relies on it as far as I know. If you’re not having lag issues with the multiplayer now, then it’s a good sign that you should be fine for the eventual retail release with more local servers.

  • Marcus Caton

    I can’t wait for sue fest to begin, the world has changed.
    I don’t think PCARS can get away with most of what they’re doing.

    • pez2k .

      ‘Get away with’ what exactly?

    • F1Racer

      So apart from you looking forward to SMS being sued, what exactly is it that you think they and their legal advisers have overlooked that you haven’t ?

      You`ll need a pretty big list here seeing as you said ‘most’

      A lovely attitudes I must say. You must be a real dedicated sim-racer to want a sim producing company to fail. I mean we have sooo much choice. :-/

    • Eric Zehnder

      Their legal team assures them they can. Its quite easy to get around licensing provided you change the name and a few details of the cars and tracks.

    • Markus Ott

      *plays some X-Files music*

  • sostanza psicoattiva


    If you have a Junior, Team or Full account, this is your last chance to purchase the Senior account and get access to the exclusive tracks.
    When the funding goal will be reached you wont be able to purchase higher accounts.
    So, if you were planning to upgrade your account this december, you have to upgrade it right now.

    In case you don’t know what cars and tracks are coming the next months, I can tell you that Project Cars has confirmed the development of two amazing tracks, one famous old open road beautiful to drive in solitude, and one very famous urban circuit located in China.

    Last chance guys, join the project or upgrade your status now, because later you wont be able to do that anymore.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    Less than 50k to complete the funding, and with several people that have money on the way at this rate it looks like they’ll be done by Monday, if you are not in yet this weekend is probably your last chance.

  • Anonymous

    Not played game for a couple of weeks, upgrade city new physics feeling better graphics slick love the new instant update and patch so easy, full finished game in 2013 will be immense 🙂