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Project CARS – Build 360 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

The new build comes with a major new content addition as the Dubai Autodrome, host of the annual Dubai 24 Hours race, has been added to the title.

You can check out a full lap around the circuit at night below, courtesy of AdrianF1. The video shows off a lap in the Pagani Zonda R, showing off plenty of neat night lighting effects and details.

Build 360 (3014:43 30/11/2012/11/12, Junior+)
* Player reset “track clear” distance set at 150m (was 30m).
* Fix for 360 attributes changed callbacks not working correctly
* 360 Host Migration work, Host Migration now working. Roundtrip work, can now enter and leave games and roundtrip to different lobbies etc without crashing
* Xbox 360 stat submit fix
* Fixed stat flag to correctly contain information about non-default setup in multiplayer races.
* Labels for disconnected participants will not be painted.
* Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom
* Milan Short: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan GP: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan Short: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan GP: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan: Add new textures
* Moravia: Texture update for the tower
* Moravia: Reworked whole pit building, added emmissive
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Heusden: Fixed shadow issues, added part back side of podium building, fixed gaps
* Heusden: Added pitbuildings, assets, bridges
* Azure Circuit: Reworked the whole part below the pitarea, red asphalt, so tobac corner area-piscine-rascasse
* Azure Circuit: Added new textures
* Static Objects: Reduced count of aerial assets
* BMW Z4 GT3: boosted FFB tyre force multiplier. Default setup change for less corner-exit oversteer

The new build is available via the Project CARS launcher that is available on the WMD Downloads Page

[toggle title=”Click Here for all Build Notes from the past week”] Build 359 (29/11/12, Senior Manager)
* Fixes for dialog instance quad deletion
* Fixed list item colour issues
* Fixed weather text not working in browse screen, incorrect return from a changed GUICareerHelper function
* Updated screenshot code to save to the project documents folder on PC (F12)
* PS3 and Xbox 360 Invitation functionality added. Supported are: accept invite when in-menus, driving, from active and inactive controllers (on 360), join via party (360 only), join via game in progress (360 only), and cross-game boot invite on PS3
* Disconnected participants will be removed from the track
* Code to show the current rain drop levels in tweakit
* Fixed vehicle Ids sent to physics as part of retire/DQ notifications
* New small prototype tire. Street tire design change – similar to the small prototype tyre with some ‘street’ification.
* Wisconsin: Missing viewer static files for night lighting
* Wisconsin: New Dressing + Night Lighting
* Wisconsin: Lightrig Lamp Orange Material file, for wisconsyn night lamps
* Wisconsin: Dressing changes
* Heusden: New texture maps
* Bodywork_carbon runtime shader – adding rain support
* BMW M1: added windscreen banner
* BMW M1: Added custom livery support
* BMW M1: Merged in UV mapped body meshes, updated CPIT body meshes
* JPLM: Adjusted FFB weight (made heavier)

Build 358 (28/11/12, Senior Manager)
* Fixed incorrect login error codes and messages for various login situations
* PhysX objects updates – export files + physics system files
* Derby: Ground Cover files
* Azure Circuit: Textures update
* Wisconsin Raceway: Updated crowds placement
* Wisconsin Raceway: New sitting crowds for stands 8 and 9
* Heudsen: New texture maps
* Milan: Added textures for warehouses and building02

Build 357 (27/11/12, Team Member+)
* Fixed code storing the remote round results from participant finsihed events, which, if combined with large sessions and high latencies, eventually resulted in depletion of the whole array and a crash
* Player participants from disconnected nodes are removed from the race. (Work in progress.)
* Post-race screen will no longer display a zero-time hurry up timer
* Updated collecting of contact points to obtain more exact results for wheel-to-wheel and vehicle-to-vehicle processing
* Updated processing of wheel-to-wheel contacts.
* Cleared leaking textures from dialog manager
* Heusden: Fix for mis-applied test material on grandstand seats
* Milan Short: Add pitwall, update collissions, improve concrete pitlane road texture and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan GP: Add pitwall, update collissions, improve concrete pitlane road texture and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan: Update textures
* Milan: Add new textures (pitwall)
* New dynamic brake markers for US tracks
* Eifelwald GP: Scene updates (statics and lights placed)
* Wisconsin Raceway: Textures for the build
* Blimp: Removed said logo

Build 356 (26/11/12, Senior Manager)
* Removed excess carriage return from logging calls to improve log file formatting
* Added basic keyboard shortcut implementation for zoom to selection
* Derby: New Dynamic Advert Panels + fix for Thrustmaster panel – Export files and.xml scene files, .dds textures, .mtx material files, .vhf .xml .meb _dep.xml [/toggle]

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013.

  • Matt Orr

    RIP Loire.

    So sad to see the one thing I actually give a damn about in this project sitting quietly. Not very confidence inspiring. Still time though, but man…

    • Anonymous

      Yep physics still sucks compared to s proper sim.

      • Diromo

        Yep, looks like everyone one except me drove zonda in real life

      • Marco Hooghuis

        So many assumptions, so little actual knowledge

      • Big Ron

        And your comment sucks compared to proper ones.

      • speed1

        Cmon. Would you build a house and I would be mention during the construction phase there is still no house and in comparison to other waste, it was nonsense as well.

      • C4

        Don’t compare it to proper sims then?

      • daz

        C’mon then.

        PCARS sucks compared to what?

        Name the sim/sims you are comparing it to, so we can see if your references are indeed ‘proper’ sims.

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        Road Rash and Stunt Car Racer. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Hey! I won’t hear a word against Stunt Car Racer. It was made by Geoff Crammond, after all.

      • Matt Orr

        How does every last comment get taken as a physics debate with pCars? The physics are what they are. I won’t be playing it because it’s a sim, because I have zero hope it ever will be. I just hope it’s passable, as many of the cars are right now.

        What I do care about, and what my comment was purely referring to is the fact it could be the one and only multiclass racing game with large fields that could actually work. Very few games / sims / whatevers have large grid multiclass – which is easily my favorite type of racing.

        And no, rF2 ain’t going to do it judging by the AI they still have that can’t handle passing anything. They still spaz out when they come across a slower car, just like rF1.

  • Inkon Gynto

    Visually it’s awesome but physics in pCARS reminds me “Grand Prix Circuit” game by Accolade from 1988. Is this based on that game? Just look at some videos and compare…

    • Markus Ott

      “Look at some videos and compare”
      Failtrain at maximum speed approaching Youtubeheroland

      • sargentjack86

        You got trolled. No problem. Just think next time and ask yourself………… I being trolled????
        If the answer is yes then don’t respond.
        If you can’t tell. Read the comment again.
        You have been trolled.

    • Andrew Male


  • speed1

    Wow impressive artwork. For a wip product, it is already madness.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Great to see the beautiful graphics, and the constant builds. We got a great game shaping up here, and I cant wait. Its nice to see some slight physics improvements here and there aswell, but I hope they start switching the priority to physics instead of graphics.

    I hope the following builds will be full of techical geeky words regarding physics parameters, and tyre model stuff

    As always, I see way too much in the build notes about graphics.
    Updated textures this, added new textures that, added crowds of people in this corner, etc

    A pre-alpha is supposed to be getting the core game engine parts done, instead the build notes from week to week are constantly filled with stuff like, updated textures, added crowds of spectators to corner 7, removed a logo on some blimp that flies around in the background, updated night lighting on this track, new carbon shaders, new track dressing, made dials reflect more shiney. etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    That is not pre-Alpha stuff, the should really change the name to Alpha.
    A game isnt in Pre-Alpha anymore when the devs are concerned with updating the look of a wall in pitlane.

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t think this is hard to understand but apparently the basics of game development are still escaping some people.

      So again: Art work and physics work is not done by the same kind of people!

      Having the art guys sitting around and doing nothing would do absolutely nothing to help progress on the physics front. The difference is that art work produces quicker and more visible results while the physics work is more behind the scenes, requires more groundwork that takes a lot of time to be visible in the game.

      I really don’t think that there’s a lack of physics progress to complain about. pCARS has recently signed a new handling consultant who’s very active in testing and providing feedback, the new tire model was just rolled out a few weeks ago and is improved on a daily basis…

      All this stems from a classical misconception in the sim racing community if you ask me. Somehow people have subscribed to the idea that great graphics = crap physics and vice versa.

      • speed1

        We will see. There is still a year of developement time. Thrust the wrong people and you are lost. Ben is the only one who can do it right and i like him. I respect him. He knows what he is talking about, as Doug as well. Nic is a great one too and i like him as well. Ian knows what he is doing. Andy is a great one too. This project can’t fail if you don’t listen to fakes. Thrust real guys and all will be fine. I wish SMS all the best.

      • Paul Mullins

        Wow Montoya.. so much inside info yet you still claim this site isn’t sponsored by pCARS? 😉

      • Anonymous

        If you have a tenner to spare, you can get a lot more “insider information” than that – just like 17933 other people did… :p

      • Anonymous

        It’s that same whinging that people give for iRacing, and I’m sure there are people complaining about that for rFactor as well. It’s just as stupid to think graphical and gameplay development interfere with each other regardless of which sim you’re talking about.

    • Big Ron

      This game is pre-alpha since there are a ton of features missing like pit crew, pit stops, environment sounds, tweakit-features for customisation, new dynamic physics, damage model, mssing tire features and so on.

      And saying that SMS should set priority to physics shows that you haven´t the slightest idea of game development. Do you think everyone there stops working and just the physics department keeps working, so that “your” priority is set to physics? LOL

      • Kendra Jacobs

        From the research I have done, this is beyond what most video game companies call pre-alpha. This is more of an Alpha.

        Remember when the tracks had just a peice of road and almost no lighting, barley any objects, no day to night transitions, no multiplayer, the older tyre model, etc etc THAT, is what a pre-alpha is.

      • Big Ron

        That´s why different categories of content have their own levels, especially tracks- and cars-arts (different from physics) where some of them are already in beta. But that doesn´t indicate anything about the game itself where just feature and content inclusion and completing counts. And most of the parts of the game are still in very early stages.

    • pez2k .

      ‘I hope the following builds will be full of techical geeky words regarding physics parameters, and tyre model stuff’

      Things like that tend to be trade secrets so there’s not so much in the public build notes. There’s tons of tyre work going on at the minute though, something like five new compounds in the last couple of weeks.

  • Anonymous

    6 hours download for a fresh installation on a new pc. Are they f****ng crazy??

    • Anonymous

      No, they are Slightly Mad… 🙂

      • Roger

        Good one! 😉

    • Big Ron

      Have a look into your C:Usersyour nameAppDataLocalCARSPatches. There, all downloaded patches are saved. You should make a backup of them. And if you want to reinstall the game, just copy everything in this folder and also the launcher and it will take all those files and not re-download everything.

  • Weyland Yutani

    This is a great track, lots of blind, late apex and cambered corners. This makes it quite challenging in cockpit view with just one screen though lol

  • Franklin Silva

    anyone know if junior members should have access to this track?

  • Mar Mar

    I live 20km away from Dubai Autodrome 😀

  • daz

    From release notes…..

    * Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom

    Now come on people, what other racing sim do you know of that gives us moaning transvestites, lol.