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Project CARS – Build 244 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, adding a brand new car to the simulation.

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, adding a brand new car to the simulation.

The new build marks the first time that all members with Team Member status and above get to try the brand new 2013 Pagani Huayra. The car is part of the three-car partnership with Pagani as the Huayra follows the Zonda R that is already available in the simulation.

Alongside the new car, the new build also brings new versions of various tracks and a boatload of other improvements as listed below.

Build 244 (29/6/12, Team Member+)

  • Fixed more typos for live variable MinOffPathWetness name
  • Fix SubTick to use dt instead of mDT
  • Added Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U debug rendering pages for new dynamics
  • Online source structure cleanup, the last big chunk:
  • – Moved all Dedicated Server and Session/Game Management classes from Authentication to OneSock
  • – Changed interfaces of all moved managers so they are no longer PC-only
  • – Console implementations are empty so far
  • – DS and Session Managers no longer send messages to the Application queue, they report state changes and updates by registered callbacks instead
  • – The Online layer (currently still in the Authentication library) implements the callbacks. For now the callbacks just send events to App (98% compatible with previous version)
  • Fix for FE condition not getting set up.
  • Race audio is muted when replays are going backward, to avoid the audio artifacts that were appearing
  • Add loading screen applinks for track image, logo and map
  • Lock out both tracks and vehicles not supported based on server versions
  • Updated testing code to match Online refactor changes
  • Integrated some CLs for Car Preview
  • Tidying up some test code for car preview
  • Additional submission for car preview (non-functional in game yet)
  • DX11 specific fix, enabling CPU to modify a texture – the black transition texture was being created internally and written to by the menu code, but didn’t have the correct settings to allow this. In DX9 it ignored it, but in DX11 it asserted
  • Belgian Forest: New bake
  • Belgian Forrest:Fixed nmp to display correctly
  • Removed textures no longer used in wtc. console specific also
  • Engine braking adjustment for Asano X4, Asano LM11, Caterham R500, Formula A, Formula B, Palmer JPLM, Lotus 78, Lotus 98T, Racer L4, Racer V8
  • Vehicles: Now using LODD at 50m+ distance
  • User interface – Updates and fixes to the Login, MainMenu, Quick Solo, Track Select, Loading, Pause, Instant Replay, Event Complete screens and new web shortcuts to our social feeds, and the WMD Portal
  • Pagani Huayra textures. Diffuse texture update for chrome and glossy metals
  • Added new temp conc wall barriers textures for Azure Circuit, first revision
  • Static file-Removed some temp barriers around the anthony noghes curve, Azure circuit
  • Lotus 49 textures. Darker diffuse for better chrome and very glossy metals
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • New Northampton pit area textures
  • Azure Circuit. small changes for the new loft tweaks
  • Add loading screen applinks for track image, logo and map
  • Belgium Forest – updated trees and crowds for new terrain
  • Hide loading screen track map, logo and image to make pop-up less noticeable
  • Physics settings for ambient and track temps added, as well as wind speed
  • Modified lightmap shader to ensure it cannot possibly result in a divide by zero. This reduces the maximum light strength possible to 100, which seems plenty strong enough to me
  • Removed some pakfile entries which are in the bootsplash phase and permanently loaded, so not needed elsewhere. This is the cause of the pakfile assert which occurred in debug builds
  • Placeholder sky texture added
  • Fixed update tool launch for profile removal using temp files
  • New Atom Mugen export
  • New Azure Circuit export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Northampton export
[/listfeature] The new build is available for download on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

[toggle title=”Click Here To View The Changelogs Of All Builds Released During The Week”]Build 243 (28/6/12, Senior Manager)
New FE condition
First pass for physics settings
Added surface wetness affecting physics
Exported latest global text db include file
Fixed up some more lazy BArray inits
Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for Pouhon windows
Lotus 49: fixed exploding damage bug, driver head added to collision shapes, fixed floating nut on right front suspension
Stockcar90: engine braking adjustment. new collision shapes
Formula Rookie: added new livery
New added texturemaps car selection scene
Added ability to tweak exhaust sound levels via the config file and disabled the FMOD Compressor, to balance the exhaust sounds better and
allow for further fine-tuning
New physics keys added to wtc. and placeholder for FE lighting conditions. Also cloud tweaks that won’t be visible in game yet
Fixed MinOffPathWetness name typo
New Lotus 49 export

Build 242 (27/6/12, Senior Manager)
PC Input: Moved acquire wait to _CheckCanDisableCentreSpring() to prevent disconnect slowdown in Update()
PC Input: Ignore keys with special functionality (e.g. calculator, media keys etc.) during control remapping
Online source structure cleanup, WIP:
– Moved CSAPI to OneSock, renamed it to HttpApi
– Added support for optional OneSock components, selected when initializing the library
– HttpApi is now an optional OneSock component
– Moved on-thread updates of HttpApi from dedicated NetThread maintained by the Authentication library to the OneSock thread
– Made HttpApi standard OneSock Task
– Updated HttpApi documentation, it should be mostly correct
– Killed Authentication’s NetThread, use OneSock Tasks for all network threading from now on
– Moved Online library configuration defines from Authentication.hpp to OnlineConfig.hpp
Configure Controls UI: Reworked input capture so GUI buttons do not need to be activated on key up
PC Input: Modified algorithm for detecting whether a particular attached device is in use by the player and whether to allow menu navigation by that device
Minor Replay Mode functionality fixes/enhancements.
Microsecond timing is now the default. The previous method of millisecond timing can be turned on by using -usemilli as a command line argument
Updated server addresses passed to login
PC Input: Added ‘GearSelectButtonHold’ flag to all wheel presets, instead of just for those wheels that have shifter units.
Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for WoodenBridge
Lotus 49: fix for vibration when under AI control
Caper Monterey: suspension animations
Formula Rookie: added new livery
Bodywork carbon shader. Tweaked specular power setting.
Pagani Huayra: added ambient shadow
Added Pagani Huayra to game
New Stockcar 90 export

Build 241 (26/6/12, Manager+)
Fixed bug in Xbox 360 force queue causing missing effect updates
Fog Direction is now decoupled from the sun direction
PS3 SaveGame: Trophy unlocking is no longer disabled when loading save data that is not owner sensitive
PS3 Save Game Manager: Insufficient space error handling changes to prevent soft locks in critically low HDD space conditions
PS3 Input: Fixed Thrustmaster wheel disconnection/reconnection issues
Avoid confusing Ctrl-Esc (system shortcut) with a normal Escape key activation
Fixed keyboard minimise/maximise issues (infinite KeyDown)
Set cockpit control states defaults
Added Input cleanup to PS3 termination sequence
Prevent entry to Replay Theatre if file playback is not possible
WTC fog tweaks

Build 240 (25/6/12, Senior Manager)
Adding rain weather description to the weather system
Added in to the applinks
SaveGame: Xbox 360 Media
Input: PS3 device connection blips
SaveGame: PC read-only file handling
SaveGame: PS3 save size calculation
Input: Xbox 360 wheel sensitivity.
Input: modification to force allowed logic
Input: modified force allowed logic
Texture maps – first commit
Modified basic shaders (both Max and runtime) to properly support all combinations of light control and self illumination tick boxes
Formula Rookie: adjusted livery to UV updates
Formula Rookie – Wheel texture – initial check in
Formula Rookie: added new livery
New Caterham R500 export
New Formula A export
New Formula B export
New Pagani Zonda R export[/toggle]

To play the builds, Team Membership of Project CARS is required, membership starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, including access to the busy WMD forum where members can talk to the development team and help shape Project CARS. For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.