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Project CARS – Bathurst Reality Check Video

Adrianf1esp has released a very interesting new Project CARS reality check video.

Adrianf1esp has released a very interesting new Project CARS reality check video.

The video shows a Formula Vee race at Bathurst and the Formula Rookie equivalent in Project CARS with the virtual racing action coming very close to the real life footage.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Josh Keith

    One of the best comparison videos I’ve seen. Some of the traffic in pCars was almost identical to the video. Hah!

  • Mike Cantwell

    Best version of bathurst I have seen. Just amazing 🙂

  • Silvio

    The trees on the left are not so beautiful as the right LOL

  • Matt Orr

    Elevations : Spot on.

    Corner Locations : Spot on.

    Bumps : Non existent. Most blatent – Forrest Elbow.

    Almost there… Plenty of time left.

  • F1Racer

    Best comparison video I’ve seen too. Loved how that overtake matched up on the long straight. That’s brilliant.
    Matching the real video corner for corner is exactly how you make a comparison vid. Most times you have to time-stretch the game video to sync better. Dunno if they did that on this but it’s a very nice job.

    Oh but wait… the lens flares didn’t match up so…. it’s arcade!!!! hehe 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like how even the time of day has been matched up, and the shadows across the track from the trees are pretty much in the same spot. Great work.

    • Anonymous

      They were able to do a ton of lighting work earlier this year. The community wanted realistic lighting for every location including sun placement. This is why you can select the date of your practice/TT/race – so that sun placement, atmosphere color and clouds are in the right place. Weather will also be pulled in real-time from that location, if you wish.

  • Anonymous

    lol Project cars looks better.

    This is great video too GT5 vs real:

    • Big Ron

      Reminds me how real GT5 is looking.

  • Jos

    very simlilar elevation changes :O

  • Anonymous

    They’ve really improved the Formula Ford!! I checked out this car/track combo after seeing the video and it’s really great! The Seta Tire Model is working well for this car.

  • Philip Antonia

    Very impressed!!! I haven’t driven pCars in nearly 12 months since an update made my system crawl with this game, so I can’t say anything in regards to physics, but it certainly looks like it’s coming along well.