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Project CARS 3 – First Gameplay Footage

A few hours ago, Project CARS 3 has been officially announced by Slightly Mad Studio and as usual, the official announcement also means the go-ahead for gaming journalists to publish their first previews.

As such, we have more details coming in on the new title as well as a first look at gameplay footage as the guys from Gaming Riot are the first to take a closer look at the game and show us some racing action:

Another channel to release some footage is Hobby Consolas, their video seems to be showing the console version in action (as the name suggests), as there are some visual differences compared to the Gaming Riot video:

As hinted by the launch trailer, Project CARS 3 will put an emphasis on the single player career mode, allowing players to start with road cars and progress all the way to high-level racing series. For each step in the career, players will be rewarded with XP points that can be spent both on skipping unwanted career events or upgrading your car.

Speaking of upgrades, there’s still no confirmation on how far this functionality will go. While the Gaming Riot video mentions the only options available are details such as rims, decals etc, a written preview from PC Gamer specifically mentions more performance tuning options such as engines, suspension, exhaust etc. – Although these could purely be affecting physics and not visuals.

Aside from career mode, Project CARS 3 will also come with improved multiplayer, including a new rivals mode, relay servers for better net performance as well as skill-based match making, custom lobbies will be available as well.

Project CARS 3 will be available later this summer for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One with an exact date yet to be revealed.

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