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The Pro-Driver Check: Which Virtual Nordschleife is Most Realistic?

Just wishful thinking a few years ago, laser-scanned versions of the world-famous Nürburgring Nordschleife have become a must-have feature for any half-way serious PC racing simulation.

But how accurate are the offerings from the current top sellers? Real racing ace Jan Seyffarth wanted to find out and gave three of him a run in his home simulator.

Seyffarth knows a thing or two about the iconic Nordschleife and GT cars, having raced in the German Endurance Championship VLN for many years. He worked as an driving instructor for both Porsche & Mercedes and since 2015 is a Mercedes AMG development driver.

In the videos below, Jan samples the Nordschleife in RaceRoom Racing Experience, Project CARS 2 and Assetto Corsa, driving “his” AMG GT3 in the virtual world and providing us with his feedback on the tracks accuracy.

Despite some annoying graphical glitches on his rig, Jan rates RaceRoom’s Nordschleife as the most realistic:

Coming up second in Jan’s ranking is the Assetto Corsa version:

The Project CARS 2 version of the legendary Green Hell has left Jan the least impressed:

With all said and done, the remaining question is: Who gifts Jan an iRacing subscription so he can complete his ranking as iRacing’s Green Hell is the only PC version missing in the comparison right now.

Which of the three versions is your favorite? Discuss away in the comments below!

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