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Poznan for rFactor 2 – New Texture Previews

Following first previews released about 3 weeks ago, feels3 has released new previews of his Poznan track for rFactor 2.

Following first previews released about 3 weeks ago, feels3 has released new previews of his Poznan track for rFactor 2.

The new previews show off the texturing progress feels3 has made, something that is very easily visible when comparing it with the first previews.

Located near Poznan Airport in Poland, the Poznan Racing Circuit has main layout of 4 kilometers length, the track also comes with a 1.5 kilometer karting circuit.

  • Roger

    That really looks impressive! Wish the official tracks where up to this level of fidelity!

    • Richard Hessels

      Than the final release would scheduled for 2014 at least.

      • Luciano Saraiva

        It would be great if racing games use virtual textures. You should remember about it from the game Rage. Not only you can have gigabytes of textures per track running very fast in current hardware but also accelerates the production process: you dont need to care about memory budget or processing time. You just need to build the whole circuit as if it was a picture editing over the geometry (wich, if you laser scanned the track is automatic).
        So: it has to have a downside. One track would need like 6 gb of disk space and at least 1gb of VRAM. Wait: this is a downside?

      • Andrew Tiltman

        It would be great, but if you look at how laggy the texture rendering is in that video, even with such slow motion… can only imagine the impact it would have rendering textures when your moving so fast.

        Nice concept however 😀

      • Luciano Saraiva

        Yes, this texture streaming is a basic part of the concept. Rage suffers from it also. But thats due to the fact that the PS3 (the worst case in thas game development) has only 256MB of VRAM, than you have to be swapping the textures all the time amd use just 2K texture size.
        On the PC, you have the option to change the size of each texture tile and how much memory you want to be alocated at a time.
        With 2GB of VRAM in a HD6970 and a i5 2500k (in this case is the CPU that opens the textures to the GPU) you can eliminate the texture lag and still use 16K texture size.
        With nVidia to open the textures, you dont have any texture lag.

    • hoodge1

      True, but we’ve always known rFactor to provide the engine for the modders to do the brilliant work. Was the exact same for rF1. The car models and tracks by the modders were always better. That’s what I love about rFactor 1 and 2 and the upcoming AC. It will be the modders that create the insane content..

      Look at some of the best mods for cars on rF1. They blow away rF2’s car models we have for clarity, sheen, and physics out of the water.

      And lastly, rF2 hasn’t finished with the graphics on the beta anyways. So the final judgement will come with the release, whenever that should be.

  • feels3

    Textures are much more advanced ATM, here you have updated preview 🙂

    • yorch sincla

      Great work. Love Croft and Putnam.

  • hoodge1

    What gorgous work. Feels3, you the man for tracks.

  • F1Racer

    Looks amazing as usual. Are those muddy parts as 3D as they look ?

    • hoodge1

      yeh..see the tire tread marks left behind in the mud on some of those pics. Absolutely beautiful. Feels3 we can say has sure done an amazing contribution towards rF2 so far. Looking forward to some of tuttles work as well…Well time to try out that new build Pcars has out.

      Bet you friday we get another. Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      They look like bump/normal mapping and shaders, rather than polys, which is the standard method. Used to VERY good effect here, ruts like that show off the tech well.

  • George RSR

    The game looks good, but what about updating the dedicated
    server controls.

    • Andrew Tiltman

      This is a third party track, community content. It has nothing to do with ISI progress on the game/engine itself.

  • Marcos Sanz

    Looks really nice, but the road is too clean for the amount of mud on the sides 🙂
    Also I see that artists tend to make the asphalt grain too big

  • Diego Colafabio

    WOW! amazing work mate

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Is it possible to put very very low grip levels on parts that have mud, or to have a physical dip in the asphalt where there looks to be a rut or a gap between the track surface the the grass?????? I hope it goes further beyond just pretty graphics/pictures/textures.

    Gorgeous work!