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Poznan for rFactor 2 – Final Previews

feels3 has released a last batch of previews of his Poznan Circuit for rFactor 2, showing us the last progress before the track’s release.

feels3 has released a last batch of previews of his Poznan Circuit for rFactor 2, showing us the last progress before the track’s release.

The previews include a first in-game video of the brand new track. No release date has been revealed but these previews should help to pass by the time until another one of his masterpieces is available.

Located near Poznan Airport in Poland, the Poznan Racing Circuit has main layout of 4 kilometers length, the track also comes with a 1.5 kilometer karting circuit.

Via Virtualcircuits

  • Anonymous

    On this track you can really sum up the differences between rf1 & rf2 visuals. Awesome work.

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      What he said…


    • Ivan Schiöübel Notaroš

      hmm I’d say this is more about the artist then “rf1 vs rf2” visuals comparison. If this kind of work, resolution and detail would be done in rf1, it would also look amazing, however there are not many mods (I’d say none) like that for rf1. The only thing you could really say is the different are the shadows and the realroad system.

  • Jordan Meagher

    This is what sets rFactor2 from the rest, the Devotion and passion moders have for the rFactor title is just unbelievable.

    feels3 your attention to detail and dedication to rFactor is why people like my self will always chose this awesome game over the others, to me you are a big part of rFactor 2 … wicked work mate look forward to racing this track.

    • Radek Żukowski

      How do you know he won’t be modding for, let’s say Assetto Corsa? 😉

      • Avecezar

        As far as I know feels3 is very exited about AC.

      • Borut Verbanciv

        Where is the problem? I can take, both 🙂

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Yup me too!!! Rf2 and ac on the same harddrive, it won’t be able to get any better for hardcore sim fans!!!!

    • Big Ron

      I would agree if this would be commonplace. But it’s not and just a handful of modders showed this passion to quality and detail, yet. RF2 doesn’t shine with an overall quality-modding passion atm, but more with the circumstance that a few skilled modders decided to try their luck. I am curious if it will be the same circumstance when other moddable sims are released.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        “RF2 doesn’t shine with an overall quality-modding passion atm”

        Honestly??? Do you really expect it to??

        I’m pretty sure no game (race sim, first person shooters, real time strategy games, etc) are full of mods, let alone high quality ones, while they are in a alpha-beta testing phase.

        Im sure this will change when the game is actually completed and in an officially released state. Just like rf1.

        Speaking of rf1, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t full of mods back in 2003/2004 before it’s official release either. Quite frankly, I’m pretty sure no game is.

        Wait for the game to actually be finished and go on sale, then give it 6 months to a year for mods to start comming out, then we can give it a fair judgement.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Yup, I agree. When the game actually comes out and the modders really start having a go at it, this RF2 is going to really be a gem of a sim I tell ya.

      The fact that a peice of software that is pretty much in a heavily unfinished alpha state (despite it being called a beta for over a year) already has a track like this, speaks volumes for it’s future potential :).

      Feels3, you’re awesome!! This isn’t even the beginning yet, just wait how much better your tracks will get keep on getting as your amazing skills keep gettin better and better, and as the RF2 software keeps getting better and better 🙂

  • LazyJK

    Looks good, if a little too flat. Also, some of the tarmac on edges of the track is not painted but I guess this will change since it’s still WIP. Having worked, driven and raced (in rally sprints) on this track since 2006, all I can say is: good job!

  • johnny bonnetier

    Amazing visual 🙂

  • F1Racer

    I like running this track in Race07 and this one looks fantastic. Looking fwd to it.

  • Tomasz Kubiak

    I live in Poznan and I go to as many races at my home track as it’s possible. I have to tell you this track is unbelievably close to real. The details are incredible.

  • Roger


    This must be one of the best looking tracks with the most detail I’ve seen period… It is amazing that this is a free mod!!

  • Nuno

    For me this track sets a new standard…

    The attention to detail and texture quality is just amazing.

    A big THANK YOU!

  • Anonymous

    ISI recently got “1 new staff member in (late) 2012.” – I hope it was feels3.

  • Ricoo

    It looks awesome really. Congratz feels3. 🙂

  • Humberto Roca

    Love the trackside detail!

  • Sigmatc

    Simply Stunning work

    Great efforts guys. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Big Ron

    Looks like you’ve beaten yourself again, feels3. Looks great.

  • Michał Mielczyński

    Love that track! My personal best track in RF2 – looks just great. With changing weather condition this is one of my favorite simracing sets! THANK YOU.