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Potrero de los Funes Circuit 1.0 – Released

Potrero de los Funes Circuit 1.0 – Released

taz has released the Portrero de los Funes Circuit for rFactor, bringing a very scenic Argentinian track to the simulation.

The track is located outside of the Argentinian city of San Luis, the 6.2 kilometer layout incorporates 22 turns and encircles a large lake, the Lake Portrero de los Funes. Originally opened in 1987, the track was rebuild in 2008 and hosted its first international racing event later that year when the FIA GT series visited the circuit.

The virtual version comes with three different layouts, supporting up to 50 cars in the endurance version. The track comes with full night lighting as well, conversions to GT Legends, GTR2 & GTR Evolution are planned.

Download Potrero de los Funes Circuit Mirror 1 Here

Download Potrero de los Funes Circuit Mirror 2 Here

  • ZombieJim

    What an astonishing layout, I could hardly believe it was real until I looked it up. I need to pay attention to the FIA GT more often. Really nicely made, thanks a million.

  • Carlos Julian Torres

    Strange job… 50% scratch (or less) and 50% borrowed (or more) from the original “Potrero de los Funes” track who was released in the “TC2000 Racing” game by 2pez…

  • stephane fauries

    Carlos, you think I should have put 2 and a half years to do the circuit if it was not all from scratch? Reflecting 30s before saying such stupidities.

    I invite you to visit the topic of monitoring the modeling if you still have doubts.

    Treat players, there will always be an idiot to spit on you πŸ™

  • JohnSc

    Great track, beautiful, long, hard… thank you so much. I tried with the Ford Capri (DRM) and suit this mod perfect.

  • Ricoo

    He was wrong, not so serious.

    En tout cas bravo pour le boulot et merci de partager.

    Une version pour GTR-Evo ou GT Legends serait sympa aussi. πŸ˜‰

  • Carlos Julian Torres

    Wrong! You’re a liar… you take a lot of objects from the original 2pez track.

    Your first version was ugly and inaccurate track layout. The actual version is better because you look at 2pez track and copy or modify a lot of your previuos version. The rest was only a copy paste of objects… Oh, you modify some of them but not correct some normals for example that the 2pez track already has!
    The background is the same picture! And the layout is still bad… In the future try to steal things with more intelligence man.

    Not problem for me, but you can’t say tha Potrero is 100% your work because is wrong!

  • Carlos Julian Torres

    I forgot… the next time you must to change some DDS nams too! πŸ˜‰

  • Ricoo

    Before criticising without any proof you should better try to make a track yourself.

    And please do not come back before having finish…

  • Yoss

    trolling trolling

  • stephane fauries

    You know Carlos, since obviously your only pleasure is to say silly things, and although continuous, is apparently the only thing you can do. I’m sure you did not even look at the relationship of work progress to persist in your shit, do not be surprised if more and more modders no longer share their work with big assholes like you .

  • Damjan Čule

    lol what is wrong with you? Are you jelaous because he can make a good track and you can’t?