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Porsche Coming To iRacing in January

iRacing is starting 2017 with a bang, announcing the addition of Porsche to their online racing simulation.

iRacing is starting 2017 with a bang, announcing the addition of Porsche to their online racing simulation.

Judging by the first video teaser that was just released, iRacing subscribers can look forward to plenty of Porsche race cars, including the Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid, the GT3 RSR and other Porsche machinery.

The first one in line to join the online racing service however is the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup that will be made available to iRacing subscribers within the month.

More details regarding this spectacular licensing deal with likely be revealed soon. Until then, you can check out the first video teaser below.

  • Markus Ott

    Porsches. Porsches everywhere!

    • William Mazeo

      You mean Beetles 😀

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Glorified beatles! 🙂

    • TheFourHorsemen

      Welcome to the free world!

  • VirtuaIceMan

    I do wonder if this (or a similar reason) might be why that 2017 911 was held back from the Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack 3, if a rival sim had exclusive first release of it?

    • quf

      The real car wasn’t or still isn’t ready to be simulated in games. AC has the 911 GT3 Cup and iracing will have it as well in January.

    • Christopher

      iRacing is getting the GT3 Cup car. Assetto Corsa already has the GT3 Cup car.

      You’re thinking of the Porsche 911 RSR (2017), the new mid-engine Porsche 911 race car…that’s the car that got delayed from the AC Porsche Pack 3. AC will be getting it in January once the final specs & important information is finalized. I don’t know if iRacing will be getting the 911 RSR (2017) down the road.

    • Leynad

      The 911 RSR 2017 will be the next addition for the GT2-class in AC, which is the old name for the actual GTE-class in the WEC. Main-differences to the GT3-cars: no ABS allowed but softer tyres.

      The 911 GT3 R is the actual GT3 car and still with rear engine. The Porsche GT3 Cup car is in a class of it´s own and with less aero package a bit slower in lap times than the GT3-cars. All cars are part of the Porsche pack 3.

    • MatzeLoCal

      I don’t think so. The 2017 RSR, which is the car that has been postponed, is not even fully revealed by Porsche itself. Aside from it’s silhouette very little is known. It’s known, that the engine is relocated and the car will be mid-engined or at least mid-engineish. But that’s all.
      Porsche pushed the regulations to the limits and therefore I’m pretty sure the car is hold back until it’s done it’s first race IMSA or WEC.

      • Bakkster

        The car has been testing publicly, so it’s not like it’s still a hidden car waiting to be revealed. I’m not sure if they’ve finalized their homologation, though, so waiting until their first race is still probably a reasonable call.

      • MatzeLoCal

        Even it has been tested there is still more stuff we don’t know than we know.
        I’ve seen a very few photos of the car with the engine and transmission removed on mulsannes corner (FB).
        But exact location of the engine? None.
        Engine? None.
        Gearbox? None.
        Radiators? None.

      • Bakkster

        Well, if iRacing’s building it, they’re getting proprietary data anyway, so it doesn’t much matter if it’s publicly known or not. What matters is if it has been locked down and homologated. With the Roar this week, it should be by now.

        Of course, it’s also a case of giving enough time to recreate everything. Digital race cars aren’t the work of a moment.

  • melanieuk1

    Good news for iracing users, just wondering how much they will charge for each car, and I could imagine porsche will also be in project CARS2 and maybe race room somewhere in the future.

    • Bakkster

      If they didn’t charge more for any of the other expensive to license content, like the Nordschleife, Le Mans, McLaren F1, etc, I doubt they’ll start now.

      I think this and the Ferrari do make it less likely we’ll get an all-inclusive subscription option any time soon, though.

  • zef

    free for RUF buyers??

    • Mathias “Matze” S

      nope..seems to be a seperate car

      also the ruf was buy one get 4 so i think the porsche is worth the money

  • Bakkster

    That’s the last major must-have OEM license, right?

    • Nick Nickerson

      other than maybe Lamborghini, I cant think of anything.

  • Marc Collins

    So glad to see Porsche waking up to the benefits of non-exclusive licensing.

  • zef

    New Sticker on RUF>Porsche i not buy…