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Porsche 997 RSR – New Previews

Porsche 997 RSR – New Previews

[email protected] has posted two new previews of Team GSMF’s Porsche 997 GT3-RSR for rFactor.

While even the first renders showed that this will be a top-class car, the Porsche is getting better and better as GSMF continues to add details.

  • stabiz

    Is it just me, or has modding in general gone crazy? I remember a time when I would get all giddy over a skin-pack, but these days modders are making stuff that equals the work of the professionals. ❗ (Not knocking skinners, just sayin) And lately one classic after the other has poured out from these amazing idealists. Cheers to all modders!

    Top notch, Alien.

  • phil23

    Very true, we are blessed with mods these days.

    And this particular model is stunning. Hope its not more system intensive than the 996 they made, otherwise I’ll need another ATi 4870 in my rig and a second job to pay for it 😯

    Great work to the team 😎

  • Meclazine

    What’s the deal with Porsche numbering.

    911 v 996 v 997. What were the 2007 Porsches?

    And what are these? If you see PCC GT3 racing, what are you looking at compared to a 997?

  • Montoya

    911 is just the brand name for these line of Porsches, not the model number.

    Model 997 is the current model, every model usually comes in two versions: As GT3-Cup for cup competition and as GT3-RSR for GT sports car racing.

    Before the 997 we had the 996 and before that the 993.

  • LJO

    WOW, I wanna see this converted to GTR Evo! 🙂

  • Meclazine

    Thanks Montoya