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Porsche 997 RSR – Internal Sound Preview

Porsche 997 RSR – Internal Sound Preview

After making us drool over the car’s appearance with countless of stunning previews of their newest mod, GSMF now gives our ears something to enjoy.

Fonsecker has posted the first preview of the Porsche 997 GT3-RSR’s internal sound. Click the play button below to listen to the Flat 6 engine at work.

  • sutyi

    Hope this will make into GTR2. :mrgreen:

  • stabiz


  • dunker

    oooh that made all the hairs on my neck stand up! love it 😀

  • GTEvo

    its a bit dangerous to promote a personal Sound Editing with the Original Porsche Brand, 😯

    This Kind of News are irritated..and felt really suspect..

    In this Sence Montoya..the GSMF Logo would be “clean”.


  • Montoya

    I found no decent GSMF logo to use so I just used the Porsche one.

    I think they won’t sue me right away… 😉

  • GTEvo

    Good Luck^^ 😎

  • [GC]Alex

    oh sweet mother of mary!!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it a Boxer 6 engine in the Cup cars? Is flat 6 the same as strait 6 or just another word for a boxer?

    Unbeliveble sound anyway! 😀

  • ermax18

    Strait 6 Boxer
    Flat 6 = Boxer

  • ermax18

    Haha.. that didn’t work.. Try again:

    Strait 6 != Boxer
    Flat 6 = Boxer

  • stabiz

    Holger, take it easy. 😆

  • GTEvo

    hi stabiz Mate 😆 …i will do it ! 😎


  • randy

    not enough low frequency

  • DeDios

    oh shit!! 😯 this is one of most beautiful sound i’ve listened in rF……congrats guys!! 😯