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Porsche 917K – Skin Challenge

Porsche 917K – Skin Challenge

In their ongoing efforts to bring the best mods to GTR2, RMi has been working on the Porsche 917K. One of the most legendary prototypes ever will be making its way to the game and you can help!

Until now, the three liveries you can see below are done. The community is invited to add more, both authentic and fantasy liveries are welcome.

Interested? Download the paint-kit consisting of template and car mesh and submit your work to

  • Gerdoner

    Strange, I get an error message when open the x-file (lol) with the carviewer 😕

  • Montoya

    The x-file can only be opened in 3Dsmax & 3Dsimed ❗

  • Gerdoner

    oh crap 😀 well, there used to be x-files that can be opened with the carviewer (nascar and gtr2 etc 😉 )
    Thx montoya

  • m.wood

    yea, sorry about that. we are working on a fix