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The Porsche 917/10 Is Coming to Project CARS 2

Slightly Mad Studios have revealed plenty of previews of an iconic addition to their Project CARS 2 title – The Porsche 917/10.

Porsche’s legendary Can-Am weapon stems from a time when “hybrid” was an unknown word in racing and, if anything, meant bolting a second turbo to an already powerful engine. The exact same thing happened with the 917/10 as Porsche’s already absurdly powerful 917K Le Mans winner was beefed up with turbo power, allowing the flat-12 to deliver up to an absurd 1500hp depending on the configuration.

The 917/10 will be one of nine Porsche’s coming to Project CARS 2 as part of the Porsche Legends Pack in March. Until then, you can check out the previews below and read a detailed write-up on the 917/10’s amazing history here.

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