Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR2 – Released

Aleksss, Alless, Tolik & Schraubzwinge have released their Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR2, adding one of the most legendary GT cars of the late 90s to the simulation.

While everybody can now try the car below, the guys are already working on a new version, coming with a realistic Motec display and much more.

Powered by a 3.2 liter twin-turbo flat-six engine, the 911 GT1 was Porsche’s weapon of choice in the FIA GT Championship and the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours which it won, driven by Alan McNish, Laurent Aiello and Stephane Ortelli.

Download Porsche 911 GT1 1.1 Here


  • gtrNL

    Brilliant mod. IMHO the best one yet for GTR2.

  • Gopher04

    How about some cockpit pic’s…

  • RockStar

    how about some rfactor version

  • gtrNL

    Gopher04: How about some cockpit pic’s…

    They are all over the web. And it looks more then fine.

    RockStar: how about some rfactor version

    It’s on it’s way. You can read about it in the GTR2 forum topic on this car on No Grip.

  • Mitos

    I still hope to see 1st variant – rFactor+WSGT1+Porsche 911 GT1`98, but 2nd will be great too – rFactor2+WSGT2+Porsche 911 GT1`98…

  • GeraArg

    Excellent mod, ideal for mixing with the WSGT 😎

  • http://racingrenders.com F1Racer

    Yeah really had fun taking this car out. Had a blast at Spa. Nice work.

  • f0xx

    Great car, the cockpit is amazing.


  • kill4f00d

    Mirrors are reversed 😆

  • eddiespag

    For me, (real world) this is one of the most beautiful race cars outside of open wheelers. It is the last ‘true sports car’ to win LeMans, before everything went airborne and ala prototype… for me that is. 😉

  • Zeduxearth

    great car!

  • Jux_

    The pictures are unviewable. The flash adds and youtube video sections are on top of the opened picture.

  • Jux_

    OK, like magic it has been fixed.

  • Mitos

    It is the last ‘true sports car’ to win LeMans, before everything went airborne and ala prototype… for me that is.

    Hmmm, Porsche 911 GT1`98 looks like close-cockpit variant of “ala prototype” with this aerodynamics(& like CLR & GT-One). GT serie was transforming in close-cockpit of “ala prototype” at those time & these cars were 1st generation of this transformation…
    Last “‘true sports car’ to win LeMans” was McLarenF1 in 1995. I think so.

  • SandroX

    Coming soon for GTR Evo 😉

  • crosschris

    March 31st, 2010 at 00:51

    Mirrors are reversed 😆

    I agree and the brake animation is a bit off also!!!

    Regardless, up there with the best for GTR2. Thankyou!

  • mfxfgr

    Nice mod but I still wonder why this 911 GT1 is a left-hand drive car…

  • Adam D

    great mod guys, thanks loads. Just run some laps around mosport and it was great :tongue:

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