Pontiac Firebird by Team 21 – Released

Team 21 has released their Pontiac Firebird for GT Legends, adding another high quality car to Simbin’s historic racing simulation.

The car comes in two versions, one truly historic and one of a current historic Firebird race car, both cars come with differing details such as physics, interiors, wheels & other details.

The Firebird joins Team 21’s Mercury Cougar and the Boss Mustang for GT Legends, forming a proper Trans-Am field in the simulation.

Templates for the car will be available shortly, until then racers can enjoy the included liveries.


  • http://s1.zetaboards.com/SimSkinsByDen/index/ PetrolheadDen

    Templates are now out. Nice addition to our old lady. (GTL) Thanks Team21!!

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Miss this track.

  • Walter Conn

    Beautiful, I might should buy GTL one of these days. I think the price is cheap, and lots of leagues still use it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Guys for this really made my day!

    • Anonymous

      Now that I have it installed I will say that I owned a 67 firebird 400 ram air edition built for 1/4 mile racing and even with the posi rear and skinny drag racing front tires the car still handled beautifully in high speed corners and this mod represents just how well these old heavy American Muscle cars truly do handle. I think you guys have done an excellent job!

  • Big Ron

    Great job, well done guys.

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