Pontiac Firebird by Team 21 – New Preview Video

Team 21 has released a new preview video of their quickly-developing Pontiac Firebird for GT Legends.

Uploaded by Team 21′s city tea, the video shows the car at a test run on the historical Halle Saale Schleife, allowing us to listen in to the brutal V8 sound this monster will bring.

Once it’s released, the Firebird will join the Mercury Cougar and the Boss Mustang in GT Legends as Team 21 is slowly putting together a full field of Trans Am cars.


  • http://s1.zetaboards.com/SimSkinsByDen/index/ PetrolheadDen

    Yet another great addition to GTL. There is so much life left in the old girl yet!! YAY!!!!!

  • Ricoo

    Nice sound. 🙂

  • Jack_NL

    I love this model (and the Camaro) so much
    model looks awesome, great work guy’s!

    a good reason to fire GTL up again!

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