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Playseat F1 Unveiled – Photos

Playseat F1 Unveiled – Photos

Playseat has unveiled a new addition to their lineup of racing seats, introducing us to the Playseat F1.

The seat is meant to replicate the driving position in Formula One race cars, aiming to provide a true open-wheel feeling.


* Compatible with Playstation2®, Playstation3®, Xbox®, Xbox 360®, Wii® and PC
* Compatible with all “steering wheel and pedal sets” on the market
* Patented racing seat and fully adjustable Black coated steel framework
* Seat upholstered with high quality leather look Black vinyl and red double stitching design
* G27 gearshift support included

The Playseat F1 will be available starting January 2011, selling for 799€.

  • TeroD

    800€ 😀 I’ll take ten!

  • renagade

    i dont understand why they always put the steering bar between the legs

  • F1Racer

    Nice for F1 driving.  But waaaaaaaaaaay  too pricey.   For a bit or metal and a seat it’s extortionate, especially when compared to the VisionRacer.

  • Pepe

    Is this joke? 🙂

  • IWE

    With price of 799€? Yes it is!

  • Jermaine

    Looks great

  • BSR-WiX

    looks good, but the price is a laugh .  charging 799,- for that is exploiting the simple minded people.

  • Aaron Carlisle

    If you guys look at the seat, it’s entirely carbon fiber….I’m not sure if the rest is, or not, but that would definitely justify the price as long as it’s real carbon, and not just a vinyl overlay.

  • JaguarGod

    Wow!!! Around $1,000 US Dollars! Nice idea but much too pricey in my opinion. Being an F1 racing sim dev and player this would be a good addition to my other rigs, but it seems a little expensive.

  • crampy

    good luck packing this thing away!. i’ll take my g27 wheelstandpro over this anyday

  • F1Racer

    Is it carbon fibre though or it is a carbon fibre look ?    Seems unnecessary to make it out of such expensive material if the rest of it is a metal frame.  There’s not enough weight gain over normal plastic.
    Plus, if it’s that which inflates the price, I`d rather it was plastic and it be at €299.

    Either way you slice it, its not value for money.  I would easily add another 200 and grab the VisionRacer VR3.

  • Jos

    overpriced as usual with playseat…

  • nicolas

    actuallyits waaaaaaaaaay to expensive…
    lets gather around and make the exact looking copie, and sell it for like 100e. 

    guarantee long lasting product…

  • satrain18

    That’s because the Playseat F1 raises your legs up, like on a real F1 car. The VisionRacer, on he other hand, replicates the driving position of a GT/sports car.