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pCARS vs. Forza 5 – Bathurst Comparison

A new video comparison shows Bathurst both in Project CARS & Forza Motorsport 5.

DigiProst has put together an interesting new graphics comparison, pairing up the recently-released Forza Motorsport 5 with Project CARS.

The video below shows a lap at Bathurst in both titles. Despite still being in production, Project CARS pre-alpha version compares well to Microsoft’s laser-scanned high budget title.

While Forza Motorsport is available for the Microsoft Xbox One now, Project CARS will be coming to the new console next fall.

  • Jockulation

    Not a fan of either game (have previously owned Forza 2/3 and pCars).

    In saying that, pCars would have to be the better representation of Bathurst. Forza comes close, but adding in the extra crap (witches hats at T1 and the Barriers heading into the dipper) ruin it.

    • ipitydafool

      I think they’re pretty much the same tbh.

      • Jorge Araujo

        pCars is sharper. Physics are not there yet tho. 🙁

  • Matt Orr

    The fun comparison is iRacing’s version to Forza. Funnily enough, Forza’s version is still a good bit different, the Elbow is especially different both in radius and camber.

    Just goes to show that “laser scanning” can take up a bunch of different ideas and don’t necessarily get the same accuracy if they don’t make it so.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      is there a video available to watch?

    • Anonymous

      I think it would be interesting to know if the two scans were from opposite sides of the recent repaving and reprofiling work that was done at the track (as well as whether that’s one of the changes, I don’t remember the details).

      • Matt Orr

        I don’t think that’s possible, wasn’t the repave after this years 1000? I know there were small changes after iRacing’s scan but before the full repave, but I don’t think Forza could have that version, that is a really short turn around time.

      • Anonymous

        And, if I remember correctly, the smaller changes were between the Cutting and T1, whereas Forest Elbow is near the top of the mountain. I think you’re probably right.

    • Big Ron

      Clould probably be a FOV-/ driving camera-difference of both games giving different experiences.

  • Ricoo

    Great shadows in trees in pCars. Never seen that anywhere else. 🙂

    • me

      Imo they are not shadows but rather black wholes. It makes the trees look extremely cartoonish . Would they be a bit less contrast and milder it would be ok.