Paul Ricard for Assetto Corsa – Preview Video

tony.messagers is working on the Paul Ricard HTTT for Assetto Corsa, bringing a very popular testing track to the simulation.

The scratch-made track is made using Maya, based on real height data and satellite reference materials.

Below is a video of the track’s current state, courtesy of mrcds. A very early alpha version of the track is available to download here, obviously this should not be downloaded by anybody expecting a finished or fully functional track.

Located in Southern France, the Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track is one of motorsport’s most modern and popular testing facilities, coming with countless different layouts. Despite the name, the track hosts racing events as well, including a round of the 2014 European Le Mans Series.


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  • Philip Antonia

    I love Paul Ricard. Did a great 4hour race there in GTR Evo once and enjoyed every second of it!! 🙂

  • mrcds

    Thanks for the post ! Hope there will be enough people interested in the track to race it online 🙂 definitely worth putting time on it !

  • AnklaX

    I have always wondered where car and track makers got their data. This news mentions “based on real height data and satellite reference materials.” This gives rise to some questions that I hope will be answered:

    1. Where do modders get these data for cars and tracks.?
    2. Can anyone get access to these data?
    3. How accurate is this real height data, i.e. to what measuring accuracy?

  • F1Racer

    Nice ! It will be great to have this track in AC. I always found it a little tricky but I haven’t really turned too many laps in it. Last time I race on here extensively was way back in one of the Crammond F1 sims. So I going to need a refresher. Normally in about 4-5 laps I’ve got the track layout sussed then it’s just onto the working out the braking zones and where the limit is on those. So thankfully this circuit has plenty of colourful run-off areas which I think I`ll need early on.

    Progress looks good. If I had to nitpick, and I rarely do, I would like to see a little more tree shape variation as a lot of them look the same. Unless they are all trimmed that way, I dunno. 🙂

  • Blatant Abuse

    Please put some bumps on it…

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