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Formula Truck by Reiza – First Preview Video

Niels Heusinkveld shows off first moving footage of Reiza Studio's Formula Truck. Continue Reading →

Formula Truck by Reiza Studios – First Preview Video

A month ago, Reiza Studios released a first preview showing a Formula Truck Series truck at Interlagos, Now, the studio has released a first preview [...] Continue Reading →

Reiza Studios – Race Truck Previews

Reiza Studios have released four previews of a Brazilian racing truck. Continue Reading →

Formula 3 Sudamericana by Reiza Studios – First Video

A week after showing us first moving footage of their Formula Truck project, Reiza Studios have revealed another new preview video, showing the virtual version [...] Continue Reading →

Kart Racing Coming To Game Stock Car – First Previews

After releasing the 2013 version of their Formula Truck title, Reiza Studios are now focusing on something far more nimble - Kart racing! Continue Reading →

Automobilista 1.4 + Hockenheim Out Now

Reiza Studios have released a major new update & content addition for their Automobilista simulation. Continue Reading →

Automobilista Build 1.3 & Adelaide Out Now

Reiza Studios have released the new 1.3 build of their Automobilista title. Continue Reading →

New Automobilista Development Blog Outlines Version 1.3 Changes

Reize Studios have released a new development blog, outlining some of the changes coming to their Automobilista title soon. Continue Reading →

Four Eras of Imola Coming To Automobilista

Following the successful release of the Brit Pack DLC for Automobilista, Reiza Studios have announced the next content additions to their title. Continue Reading →

Reiza Studios Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Reiza Studios, creators of the ever-expanding Game Stock Car Extreme title, have launched a crowd-funding campaign to strengthen the studio's further developments. Continue Reading →

Game Stock Car Extreme’s Tire Model Explained

Reiza Studios' physics expert Niels Heusinkveld has shared a very interesting video, explaining the studio's tire model inner workings. Continue Reading →

Game Petrobras de Marcas – Coming to Steam

Reiza Studios have announced that the free Game Petrobras de Marcas will be coming to Steam & Game Stock Car Extreme. Continue Reading →

Game Stock Car Extreme – Metalmoro MR18 Video

Reiza Studios have released a first preview video of the Metalmoro MR18 prototype for Game Stock Car Extreme. Continue Reading →

Reiza Studios – Going Steam Next Week

In an interview with Racedepartment, Reiza Studios' Renato Simioni revealed that the company will make the move to Valve's Steam platform next week! Continue Reading →

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