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Pagani Huayra – Three-Way Comparison

The Pagani Huayra was recently added to Assetto Corsa as Pagani’s newest road car is expanding to more and more racing titles.

The Pagani Huayra was recently added to Assetto Corsa as Pagani’s newest road car is expanding to more and more racing titles.

AdrianF1ESP has put together a neat video comparison, showing the supercar on track at Silverstone in Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo 6, allowing us to judge the difference between each sims’ take on the car, including the Audio.

  • Anonymous

    Pcars looks the best and sounds the best ,, AC drives the best ( with TG tyres) , GT looks and sounds arcade .. nuff said x

    • rauf00

      If we are talking ab. Pagani, thats what i also say.

  • damys

    Pcars have the best external sound ..the internal sound for now is not finished.. AC have a good internal sound.

    • sketchyterry

      I hate seeing Project cars videos as they look stunning and remind me of my missed opportunity as I wasn’t as fussed about sim racing at that point in time.

      I would love to be able to make my own decision on what I think of the physics at least for some of the cars that I have heard are nearing completion in terms of physics (Z4 GT3 I believe?) and not have permanent contradicting statements 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Gran Mosquito 6

  • Dani .

    Pcars has the best sense of speed for me.
    Maybe because more road skids, trackside objects and sharper textures, but looks more vibrant, and emotional. I hope AC brings this kind of sense, in future updates/mods.

    • Marcel

      I think the fov is wider in pjcars. But you made a good point with those details

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Never played GT6 but between AC and pcars, AC version feels more believable to me and it’s more fun to drive.

  • jaka

    Track from GT are still the best(realistic) looking to me.

    • Deatroy

      Not really as the PS3 is kinda weak and is missing dynamic light and such, but it isnt bad as track as you said.
      pCars Track isnt laserscanned, but the overall looking is for sure the best you can get with all stuff on the site.
      AC is looking more real from the graphics (less blur, less overlighting, real colors).

      • Al P.

        Actually, GT6 do have dynamic lighting and GT6 track is laser scanned. But AC has more realistic physics than both. If only we get GT6 graphics (those 500k poly count car are no joke with a PC gpu), a mix of pcar sound (external) and AC (internal). with AC physics. Best sim ever built.

      • Deatroy

        GT6 graphic is not bad for the PS3, but on PC AC and pCars are looking better, which is clear due hardware.^^
        I would say: pCars Graphics + weather, GT6 content (licenses) and AC physics + ffb would be insane.
        The 3D Models of all 3 games are equal.

        GT7 and ps4 will bring a good step for the graphics, but i doubt they will reach pCars graphics as it will come also for PS4. Lets see.

  • GamerMuscle

    The crowds and bystander animations in Pcars are fantastic.

  • rauf00

    Yesterday after 2-3h of playing with Huayra i planned to record sth similiar with Forza4, but watching it and comparing to AC and pC was useless, old consoles sucks (some people say that next gen too). If you wish to watch my vid in 4K (2xHD)

    • sketchyterry

      Those curbs in Project Cars look massive! Liking sausage kurbs everywhere!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure why pCARS has those huge curbs at the Mugello circuit … I for one dislike them realistic or not! Hope they correct this.

      • Big Ron

        Guess, they still didn´t update the track and it´s still at entry level as before. Didn´t heard about any update since month.

      • Mar Mar

        Notice the curbs reflection on the air conditioning holes in GT6

  • Anonymous

    AC won this IMO. Pcars still has got that arcadish moments in the physics and the track doesn’t look very accurate. GT6 comparison isn’t fair so I wont judge it.

  • manhunter

    why does pcars look faster with same fov settings?

    • LogiForce

      I think it’s because of the fact that there is no input lag, so every minute input gets immediately transferred into a change in game. Especially the steering input here makes pCARS look more alive and response, and as a result faster.
      The other games look like they lag a bit.

      Disclaimer: I have not driven the Huayra in AC or GT6 yet, so this is just from what I see in the video.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        Explain me can you see input lag if you`re not seeing the input device?

      • LogiForce

        Minute corrections and driving style. In pCARs they translate into car movement, those minute changes. Considering he has used the same driving style in both other games and the car is reconstructed with hard manufacturers data about suspension geometry and steering rack data, and the track is well respresented in all games; considering all that the driver AdrianF1 has to use the same minute corrections in the other games as well. Which you can see, but either there is little directional change or the change happens with a slight delay.

      • Skytrill

        I have another theory; the FOV between these games is not as identical as we thought.
        If we take into consideration that the seat position are identical, the
        left mirror in AC is much closer to the left side of the screen which
        mean the FOV was probably lower, thus explaining the lower sense of
        speed in AC.

      • LogiForce

        I found pCARS to feel faster than GT6 as well, and those mirror positions don’t seem to differ much.
        Sure it definitely will play a part in it, but I doubt that that is all of it.

  • Ioannis

    Huayra’s wiperbladers on AC are parked on the left while on the other two are right which is the correct by the way..
    What’s up with that?

    • LogiForce

      Good spot!

    • Anonymous

      Left hand drive => wiper parked on the right
      Right hand drive => wiper parked on the left

  • Maurice Smith

    I have to admit that Pcars Huayra sounds are amazing. AC needs sounds needs work even though it does not sound to bad. GT6 is a whole different story, arcade canned car sounds?! It sounds nothing like the Huayra. Pcars graphics are great and very realistic. The graphics in AC I find to be very good as well and it will get better with time. GT6 graphics are very good also but strangely not as good as Pcars or AC. What needs to happen for AC for the future is to implement actually damage modeling like Pcars.

    • Al P.

      Pcours sounds louder and AC sounds realistic.

      In my opinion

      Track model
      GT6 and AC wins

      Car model
      GT6 and Pcar wins


      AC and Pcar wins


      AC wins

      • Maurice Smith

        Ok that makes sense, but I tend to like the AC car modelling a lot. It still needs to be tweaked a bit more to look more cleaner. You can still see polys in certain areas when zoomed in with the camera..

    • Anonymous

      I think pCars overall has the best sounds atm, mainly due to the extra innovations they are making in the programming and particular cars being spot on incredible. They generally tend to use a lot of brighter and distorted samples too, which are more impressive, but over the course of a race, could be fatiguing.

      Saying that, I do prefer the off-throttle and transmission sounds in AC for realism, even though it’s not as exciting as pCars. They could fix this with the same programming innovations no doubt. AC is missing the ‘thump’ that pCars has when shifting. Externally though, pCars takes the cake, a few chipmunking issues but the extra filtering effects makes a huge difference.

      • Maurice Smith


  • the flock of seagulls haircut

    In external view videos I’ve seen it seems like AC is the only one to
    have actually modelled the active aero properly; from all appearances
    the rest just use the flaps like airbrakes or something, moving them
    symmetrically at all times.

    • Anonymous

      For pcars the Active Aero Parts are on the milestone list in April so yes it’s not in yet for that game.

  • Racing jason

    i find the huayra VERY understeery for a super sports car. with about 100kmh its just pushing over the front wheels like a tank. it might be realistic but i am not experiencing much fun driving it….

    • Deatroy

      Probably you are too fast and dont notice it 😀

    • Maurice Smith

      I feel the same way about the handling of the Huayra, very pushy through the corners. Even though this car is considered a “Hypercar” I don’t expect the car to handle on the dime. It does handle better with the Top Gear tires quite well, but I still have to off the gas in corners where I can full throttle in other cars. I believe that AC did not model the numerous electronic suspension settings the Huayra may have. This goes the same with the MP4-12CMcLaren where you can clearly see on the dash one of the suspension settings put we the users cannot manipulate it as of yet. AC is still early in development so let’s see what happens.