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Ostendo Curved Gaming Display – Video

Ostendo Curved Gaming Display – Video

From Ostendo comes a new display that could very well become very interesting for sim racers, providing an alternative to the traditional three-monitor setup used in many simulators.

The Ostendo CRVD is a 43-inch curved gaming display, using a 32:10 aspect ratio with a 2880×900 pixel resolution. The result is very interesting for racing simulations as the display shows what’s happening left and right of the car without any distracting frames or seams.

The only problem is the price tag as the CRVD currently sells for more than $6000. More info on the display can be found on the Ostendo website, this type of screen may very well be the future of gaming in general and racing simulations in particular.

Of course, even the Ostendo-concept can be taken to extremes as the video below shows a three-CRVD setup in action with Need for Speed Shift.

  • ermax18

    Cool.. I want to run 10fps like in that video. 🙂

  • Mitos

    Response time – < 0.02 milliseconds?! I doubt… very doubt…

  • orubasarot

    THREE 24″ monitors are $500, damn near quadruple the resolution at one tenth of the price. The bezels are not such a big deal, try it, your brain blocks them out.

  • eddiespag

    orubasarot… you are correct. but the future can be exciting. I’m hoping for ‘trickle down’, baby!

  • lowenslow

    Looks cool, but the $18k it costs for the 3 screens shown will buy some very, very nice “real” cars. That’s about what I paid for my used Porsche 911! 😯

    That being said, I’m looking forward to the price coming down.

    I also have to wonder how well the screen works for normal computing; it seems to me that one would need to be at a very specific distance from the screen to use it most effectively.