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Oran Park Laser Scanned – Preview Video

Oran Park Laser Scanned – Preview Video

Below is a first preview video of Brendon Pywell’s Oran Park, the second-laser scanned track to make it into rFactor.

Using techniques such as Aerial Laser Scanning (LiDAR), Real Time Kinematic GPS, and Robotic Total Stations, the track is made with a special edition of Bobs Track Builder and will incude the following features:

  • A track surface that fits to within 2cm of the point cloud data.
  • Terrain that follows the flow of the Aerial data.
  • Walls, fencing and rails that flow with the land.
  • 3d saw toothed ripple strips placed according the GPS-RTK data.
  • Grass, Track Markings, Advertising signs.
  • Hundreds of tyres placed using new String-Object feature to be available in v0.6.
  • Over 100 rubbish bins.

Located outside of Sydney, the real track is planned to be demolished despite being a popular Superbike World Championship and V8 Supercar venue. Check out the HD video of the virtual version below, soon coming to your rFactor installation.